Tom Hanks Divorce: Rita Wilson's Music Career Reportedly Putting Strain On Marriage

Tom Hanks Divorce: Rita Wilson’s Music Career Reportedly Putting Strain On Marriage

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have reportedly hit a rough patch in their marriage due to Wilson’s rising music ambitions, with sources saying the couple is even thinking about divorce.

A source close to the couple claims that Rita has grown too ambitious for her husband, prompting Tom to worry about her music career and its implications for their future together.

“He secretly fears this his wife’s growing ambitions could be disastrous for their relationship,” an unnamed source told Star Magazine. “Rita is hoping to tour the country next year. Tom doesn’t want her gone for that long, but she’s tired of her career taking a backseat to his.”

For Rita Wilson, singing has been a life long dream. The actress said she fell in love with groups like The Beatles and Janis Joplin in the 1960s and 70s, even taking a job as a ticket taker at what was then known as the Universal Amphitheatre to see acts like Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor, and The Eagles.

“I would watch these artists on stage and ache from wondering, ‘How can I get up there?’ How can I get to do that? ” Wilson recalls. “I had no idea how. I was a first generation American. We didn’t know anyone in the music industry. Acting and modeling kind of happened to me. I went with the flow because the opportunity was terrific and I could make a living, but I thought you had to play an instrument and be able to write songs to be a singer like so many of the ones I admired.”

Rita has since released a debut album, AM/FM, work she said is heavily influenced by the music she listened to in her teens.

“That time period was hugely influential on me as a kid and as a teenager,” she says. “I’d spend hours and hours lying on my bed, holding up the albums, reading the liner notes, and learning all the words to these songs that expressed exactly what I was feeling. They were like a little road map of human experience.”

But many found the latest report of marriage trouble for Tom Hanks to be strange, considering that his wife has always supported his acting career. Hanks had been seen as a supportive husband himself, encouraging Wilson to follow her drams of singing. This is not the first time that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have faced divorce drama, however. This summer, there were reports that the couple had been living separately, and only reunited after taking a vacation to Greece together.

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