Penny And Leonard Fight On The Big Bang Theory

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers And Teasers For ‘The Expedition Approximation’: Fights And Flirting

The Big Bang Theory fans better get ready for another ugly Lenny fight and a very sweaty bonding session between Raj and Sheldon.

Monday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory is titled “The Expedition Approximation,” and it will feature two members of the gang going on an expedition. However, Sheldon is no Indiana Jones, and he completely freaks out during his journey beneath the surface of the Earth.

Sheldon has been studying dark matter, and he and Raj are considering joining a dark matter research expedition that will take place in a salt mine. According to the International Business Times, Sheldon and Raj decide to spend some time holed up together inside a steam tunnel to see if they’re capable of enduring the uncomfortable conditions of the dark matter expedition. In true Big Bang Theory fashion, their experiment won’t exactly go smoothly.

As you can see in the first sneak peek of “The Expedition Approximation” below, Sheldon has a bucket-related reason for wanting to back out of the expedition before he and Raj even make it to the steam tunnel. You’ll also learn something strange about Sheldon by watching the clip: he hates the thought of having coitus with Amy, but he enjoys thinking about how mermaid babies are made.

The lack of a toilet isn’t the only difficulty Sheldon will have to face. In a preview for the episode, Penny points out that he had a panic attack when they went through the car wash. This makes it seem as though Sheldon doesn’t like being in dark, enclosed spaces. Raj eventually convinces Sheldon to hang out in the steam tunnel with him, and it looks like Sheldon starts having another panic attack while breathing the stale air down there.

CBS shared a second sneak peek for “The Expedition Approximation” on The Big Bang Theory‘s website, and it shows what could be the start of a fight over Penny’s flirting with medical professionals. Instead of relying on her knowledge and salesmanship to push drugs on doctors, the new pharmaceutical sales rep is using her body to peddle her products. Penny has started wearing low-cut tops to work that show off her cleavage whenever she bends over, and Howard points out that her new job requires a lot of flirting with doctors.

Penny’s flirting will definitely become a problem, but it’s not the catalyst that starts the next epic Lenny fight. Kaley Cuoco’s character is making more money than she ever has before on The Big Bang Theory, and her success is making Leonard feel a bit insecure. After a big argument about money, Leonard and Penny decide to seek advice from Howard and Bernadette. However, the bickering pair probably won’t prove to be much help.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro hinted that season 8 is going to feature multiple Lenny fights about money and their future together.

“They’re happy, they’re engaged and, like a lot of people, they may be engaged for a while. But it does raise issues like money, combining money in the future and who has credit card debt and what that all means. Those kind of issues start to come up, which I find more interesting than the actual wedding planning.”

The Big Bang Theory season 8, episode 6 will air Monday, October 20 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Are you tired of seeing Leonard and Penny bickering on the show?

[Image credit: CBS]