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Rare Alpha Black Lotus Worth $27,000 Found In ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Starter Deck [Video]

Before card games were associated to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other kiddie cartoons from Japan, they were first utilized in a game known as Magic: The Gathering. With its initiation back in the early 90s, the game has since then lasted the test of time and continues to be a draw at conventions. The Inquisitr – believe it or not – has actually reported on the card game, specifically the fact that the latest installment of Magic: The Gathering – Duel of the Planeswalkers released first on Xbox One. However, we got even bigger news, especially if you’re a fan of MTG!

According to Geek, vintage MTG cards are considered both rare and expensive, and anyone who has them are known to own the cream of the crop; there are cards from back then that were considered rare, even back then, that would be considered even more rare now. Coming across such would be like finding a monumental piece of history. For MTG collectors, the Holy Grail is the Block Lotus.

For those unfamiliar with Magic: The Gathering history, the Black Lotus originates from the Alpha and Beta sets of the game (sets that came out before its official release). Out of both versions, the Alpha Black Lotus is more expensive out of the two due to its limited printing of 1,100 copies compared to the Beta Black Lotus at 3,300. This card is also part of the “Power Nine” which is a set of early-run cards that were only printed for a few months between 1993 and 1994. Also, the “Power Nine” are also cards considered to have abilities that are so powerful, they give an extreme edge to players who are able to draw it early in the game.

The Examiner also reported on the amazing find in which they report sales figures for MTG Black Lotus cards. Alternate art for the Black Lotus by Chris Rahn usually sells for about $16,099 on eBay but if you were to sell an Alpha Black Lotus card on the bidding site, you may get a nice hefty chunk of change. Back in November of 2013, the card sold for exactly $27,302 on eBay. Not bad for a card that probably cost a few cents to make right?

Now that you’ve seen the video about the rare Alpha Black Lotus in Magic: The Gathering, what are your views on it? If you had one, would you sleeve it and save it, encase it in glass and display it, or sell it? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Image via Magic: The Gathering]