Clash of Clans screenshot.

Clash Of Clans Went Down — But Not For The Reason You Were Hoping

The popular mobile MMO strategy game Clash of Clans was down today but it wasn’t for any reasons players can be excited about.

According to Product Reviews, Clash of Clans fans were desperately hoping for an exciting Halloween update to the game to bring new or exclusive seasonal features. But Clash of Clans wasn’t down due to the developers working on an updated version of the game. There was an issue with the Clash of Clans servers, so Supercell had to perform maintenance to fix the problem.

One of the major features removed from Clash of Clans was the Gem boost resource. Devoted Clash of Clans players hoping that the maintenance was happening to re-instate the Gem boost feature will be thoroughly disappointed. The official Clash of Clans Twitter page tweeted an announcement about the game’s maintenance, writing:

“Hi Chief! There’s a hiccup on our servers and we need to have a maintenance break to fix it. Thank you for your patience!”

Product Reviews is convinced that the Gem boost could return to Clash of Clans with the Halloween update finally does arrive, so hang in tight.

In other Clash of Clans news, some recent 30-second trailer spots for Clash of Clans were released, depicting the popular wizard character in an entirely different light than players are used to seeing. Read more here.

Clash of Clans has become immensely popular in a very short time, earning the spot of third highest game in revenue earned via Google Play and the Apple App Store. Check out the Clash of Clans TV commercial below.

If you’re already an avid Clash of Clans player, The Fuse Joplin recently released a list of the five best tips for making an impenetrable base. The most important of these is conserving gems, which is especially necessary without the Gem boost. But The Fuse Joplin also points out a Clash of Clans tactic you can use to entice a low level opponent to attack your base, which will earn you a free shield upon defeating him. Finally, keep your troops constantly at the ready with plenty of backups, try to combine all of their attacks at once and don’t upgrade your town hall too quickly.

Good luck and have fun!