Star Wars Episode VII Millennium falcon

Star Wars Episode VII: Wait – Who’s Got The Millennium Falcon?

Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon are as inseparable as George Lucas and his mountains of money, as inseparable as Jar Jar Binks and the word “annoying.” So why are some people saying Star Wars Episode VII starts out with the iconic Star Wars ship in the hands of somebody else?

As with most things involving Episode VII and the rest of the new Star Wars films, this one is totally based on hearsay and conjecture, so big grain of salt. That said, Latin Post carried a story today wondering exactly what roles the original Star Wars cast will play in the new trilogy, and that piece had this interesting little bit in it.

“[Rumors hold] that Han and Chewie are not in possession of the Millennium Falcon when they supposedly meet Ridley’s character at the start of the film.”

Wait, what? We’ve already seen that Episode VII will definitely have the Millennium Falcon in it, thanks to spy shots of the ship on the set of the new Star Wars flick. Is it possible that Han lost his pilot’s license? Maybe lost it in a bet, just as he won it off of Lando?

There’s no telling, but word has it that a good portion of Han’s role in the next Star Wars film might be centered around the retrieval of the Millennium Falcon. If that’s the case, there’s of course the question of whom Han would be retrieving the ship from.

As you saw up above, current speculation holds that it might be in the possession of a character played by Daisy Ridley, but some are thinking it might also be in the hands of Oscar Isaac’s character. Those are two of the new cast editions we’ll see in Episode VII when it hits screens next year, but we’ve got no idea what those two – or anyone, really – will be doing.

We do know – or, we think we know – that Isaac’s role is related to Han Solo. That’s because when Harrison Ford injured his ankle earlier this year, rumors held that Isaac was going to see an expanded role as the studio tried to work around Ford’s injury.

All of this really just ties in to the mystery of just what roles the older, original Star Wars cast will be taking on in the new film. There’s been quite a fuss and much publicity over the original cast returning; more than one would think if they were just making cameos.

How wild is the speculation? Some people are saying Han and Leia won’t be together when the opening credits roll. Some are saying Han will have been taken prisoner and be in need of a rescue… again. Smart money, though, is on Patton Oswalt’s take.

Hey, it’s more believable than Episode VII having Luke joining the Dark Side. Kind of.