Rolling Stones ’14 On Fire’ Tour Joined By Karl Denson On Land Down Under Leg Of Concerts

The Rolling Stones have been one of the hardest working bands in the world since they formed in 1962. Frontman and lead singer Mick Jagger can still run marathons after 52 years with the group. The Inquisitr tells us that Jagger became a great-grandfather, and if you have ever been to a Stones concert it would be impossible to not be completely blown away by the raw energy and stamina of Jaggers’ performance.

The Rolling Stones keep their summer concert series — 14 On Fire — in a timeless state of mind with the final 9 concerts of this production happening in the Land Down Under, Australia and New Zealand.

The summer series launched their Asia-Pacific Tour with performances in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

Jambase tells us that the shows just reached the ultimate in cool with the addition of sax player Karl Denson, who hopped on board for the dates scheduled October 25–November 22.

Longtime buddy and playmate Lenny Kravitz recommended Denson to Mick Jagger for the Rolling Stones tour and here we are. Anyone lucky enough to grab tickets to a performance will never quit talking about it.

Karl Denson, best known for his funk-jazz band Tiny Universe, cancelled 6 concerts of his own in a hurry in San Diego, Calif., to hop on board the Rolling Stones tour for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to play with one of the most famous bands in the world. After this tour, Denson will surely be thinking about expanding his Tiny Universe to Gigantic Universe. Stranger things have happened.

U-T San Diego reports that the Rolling Stones know they are injecting another top-drawer player into their already spectacular lineup, which includes Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ron Wood. The Stones seriously have ‘time on their side.’

The Rolling Stones hold the decadent title as rock and roll’s ‘bad boys.’ The West Australian tells some saucy stories about a concert series the Stones held in Australia in the early 1970’s. Jagger became so incensed over the antics of saxophonist Bobby Keys that he was suspended from playing with the Rolling Stones for 10 years.

Bobby Keys has apparently been forgiven and will be putting on the hits with the Rolling Stones and its elite touring lineup.

In preparation for the last leg of the Rolling Stones tour, the band has taken to social media and are using their Twitter account to invite their fans to help create the playlist for their shows. The Sydney Morning Herald says The Rolling Stones last shows in Australia were in 2006, and are helping pave the way for a record-breaking attendance.

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