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Diane von Furstenberg’s Unconventional Marriage Raises Eyebrows


I’m not sure what we’ll ever do with this tidbit, but considering that Diane von Furstenberg’s going to be making regular appearances on The City as Whitney Port’s employer, now’s the best time to discuss her “unconventional marriage.”

In a recent interview in Town & Country, Diane discusses how she spends time with her husband Barry Diller, addressing pervasive marriage rumors.. “Barry respects me so much,” she said. “We don’t live together during the week, although we go out together. I live on top of my shop; he lives at the Carlyle hotel. It doesn’t feel strange at all. I just need a little bit of space.”

Fashionologie comments that Diller was presumed to be gay prior to his marriage with Furstenberg. That’s interesting, especially since Diane’s first husband Egon von Furstenberg “intimated” that he was a bisexual to New York Magazine. It really makes you stop and think. . .

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