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Madonna’s Brother Anthony Ciccone is Homeless


The material girl lives in a material world. Her brother, Anthony Ciccone, does not. Madonna’s brother has been homeless for more than a year and he doesn’t know why his superstar sister isn’t helping him out.

Ciccone, who has been living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan, told the local newspaper:

“My family turned their back on me, basically, when I was having a hard time… You think I haven’t answered this kind of question a bazillion times — why my sister is a multibazillionarie, and I’m homeless on the street?”

The Daily Mail reports that Madonna’s personal fortune is hovering around the $650 million mark, which makes her one of the most successful entertainers in the world.

Ciccone said that he had a job working at his family’s winery, Ciccone Vineyards. Anthony helped the vineyard by selling bottles of wine, which included five Madonna related varietals. Ciccone lost his job last year at the winery and eventually found himself without any where to live. The winery, Ciccone Vineyard, is run by his father Tony.

Ciccone said:

“I don’t have any income. I’ve got to go collect bottles and cans, do odd jobs. If you spend enough time on frozen concrete without proper insulation you will get frostbite… You have no idea how gruesome it is. You get nerve damage. That’s the milder stage, in the severe stage you have tissue damage, that is when you lose parts of your body.”

Do you feel bad for Madonna’s brother? Does Madonna have an obligation to help Anthony Ciccone just because she is successful?

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78 Responses to “Madonna’s Brother Anthony Ciccone is Homeless”

  1. Jax

    No I dont feel sorry for him. My guess is if he lost his job with the family business and his sister and family are not helping him there is a reason. Madonna helps people all around the world. Maybe he needs to hit rock bottom for a reason? Splattering it all over the media isnt the answer. Doing the right thing is.

  2. Pam

    It doesnt sound like we are hearing the entire story. He got fired from his job in the family business??? Sounds very suspect to me. Having lived with someone who “feel on hard times” and helping him as much as i could was emotionally and physically draining. I watched him burn bridges until his demise. As much as I loved him I could no longer help him. So in answer to your question, Yes I dont feel sorry for him in a sense that he didnt get his self together when he had the help of his family. I also feel that Madonna is NOT obligated to help her brother especially when he may have burned that bridge already.

  3. Carolyn Stewart

    What did he do to lose his job? probably more to this story than states. He may be a user or lazy? Madonna has worked hard to get where she is. Need more info on his background!

  4. Lauren Bloom

    I would like to know WHY he lost his job before ever making a desicion. but seems like he didn't something to deserve to loose his job, so no just bc you have money doesn't mean when your family makes a big mistakes doesn't mean you have to be the one to hold there hand the entire way or just throw money at them bc they cant take care of themsevles and make good life desicions.

  5. Rowan Canterbury

    I can't imagine she is just doing it for spite..I think there is a story here we have not heard, and the whole truth is usually the tie breaker. I know people that just don't give a crap and mooch until it hurts..perhaps she is hoping he grows up and would be willing to help him if he helps himself..sometimes humble pie is a needed meal. Besides..she may feel her generosity is better served to those in true need…it is HER money..after all.

  6. Mary Sue James Sipes

    if she had money she would get her brows waxed and her roots done….LOL.

  7. Kelly Nix-Bowman

    No matter what the reason it is her brother and she has more than enough if she only bought him a camper or something I think she is SCUM!

  8. Dottie Henderson

    I just feel if someone needs a little help, their family should be there, I had no family I lived in 8 different foster home, lost my mother in a fire, wheni was 11. My family now is my partner Dawn and her brother and his son. Maybe h doesn't deserve it, but hrow him a bone. Just my opinion,

  9. Pat Cameron

    She can't help him if he's not going to help himself. There must be a reason for losing his job in the FAMILY winery.

  10. Paula Morlan

    Sounds kinda strange to me. I'm not a big fan of Madonna's, but I doubt she's that heartless. She's probably gotten fed up with helping him out and him only wanting more and more. Why hasn't he gotten a job somewhere and why did he lose the one he had?

  11. Michelle Harris

    There is not enough information to go on, for all we know she could have helped him out before and he keeps coming back for more. He was working in the Family business and got fired so there has to be a good reason why his own father fired him.

  12. Mike Reidel

    I`m with ya on this . She broke her back side and she`s suppose to hand it over to brother dear ? Hey I`m a believer in tough love

  13. Teresa Lewis Burtner

    Didn't he make enough money off of the book he wrote about MaDonna? Just curious! She should help her family, but if you read Anthony's book (which I recommend by the way), you will find she doesn't help anyone, especially family members! So sad! =(

  14. Sheena Kittle-Baniaga Karr

    Your Father dose not fire you unless you got caught doing some really messed up stuff… dad must have felt that there was no other hope but to let this man hit rock bottom… many people find them selves without a job and home these days but usually it it the result of the failing economy not because we snorted 1,2 million dollars worth of daddy's money while still drawing a paycheck from him as well… when does the family's obligation to support you end? Your a grown man, act like one. Face your issues and get well and go home and apologize for what ever happened even if you still think you wasn't the only one at fault and ask for a job again.. any job, scrub toilets if you have to and prove your back and better… work hard and mind your finances so you can live within your own means… geeez I thought it sukt being low income… wow the rich really have it bad. smh.

  15. Lydia Blessing

    it seems like there has got to be something more serious going on, considering it was his own father that fired him, so obviously there is afamily issue here. If there was no issue, I think it would be nice of her to help her family, I know I would if I were rich, but it also depends on the situation. She must have a good reason or I believe she would help him.

  16. Marri Slottzz Martinez

    She does nt have an obligation to help him ot but because she has so much what harm can it do.We don't know the whole story we just know what oneside has said. We ar e noone to judge either way, but yea, if you have the means, it is ALL good to help someone out especially if they need it.
    If she has helped him ourt before and it did no good and he just taking advantage then yea he has to learn the hard way. despite how much she is worth, she was given a talet and she put it to use and that y she is who she is and where she at. Gotta get both sides to the story in the same story.

  17. Lulu Patxot

    GO TO A SHELTER! the only way a shelter or another job wont except you is if they know you have a bad background check or are using. I come from a family with money. They ain't millionaires but I still fell better working for what I got. He should do the same. TRY making IT on your own and don't depend on your dad and sister. MAN UP!

  18. Terrie Costello- Coats

    I think more information would have to be disclosed to weigh in. Mr. Ciccone is not entitled to his sister's wealth just because he's fallen on hard times. I would guess the reason he lost his job from his father at the vineyard and isn't being helped by Madonna, is probably because he has some other issues he needs to address (drugs, alcohol abuse, etc.). Perhaps his family enabled him for many years and are done doing so.

  19. Martha Mahan

    Well we are a very close family so yea if my brother had drug or alcohol problem I would turn my back on him to make him stand on his own two feet and see his problem. But if he lived on the streets in the cold I would make sure he got a warm place to go but still not take care of him till he turned his life around. Then I'd back him all the way.

  20. Jenny Brigham Bruce

    I bet there's more to this story then we are being told. Sounds like a bitter Brother to me! He got fired for a reason and I bet the family has helped him out for years. But now he can sell his story to some magazine and make some money off of it. Really bet he is just wanting to live off his sister's money and not work himself. I think we all have one of them in the family!

  21. Susan Dennison

    Hard to say, but it may be he has some sort of substance abuse problem. If so, maybe she isn't willing to contribute to his demise. I have no clue though. Maybe she will make a statement some time on this subject.

  22. Sherman N. Glasco Sr.

    There are three sides to every story; his side, her side & the truth! Before I begin any form of criticism, I need to know the whole story. there has to be a reason for his entire family to turn their backs on him. He is not telling the whole story.

  23. Carol Corbley Soos

    Since they may have enabled him, they are part of his problem too. Should have helped him by getting him whatever help he needed then, if that was the case. Otherwise, no she is not obligated except for moral obligation. How many strangers has she helped and not known them personally? Blood is thicker than water.

  24. Connie Whikehart Valdez

    Just because she is successful, doesn't mean she owes him a handout…I would imagine there is more to this story then we know..I will not judge either one of them as I don't know what put him where he is…

  25. Carolyn Stewart

    I understand – but I have a feeling this is not the first time for him. Maybe they decided to make him stand up on his own. He seems to be a person that wants to take what other ppl work for. AND – how did he become so destitute so fast? Something happened to make him lose his job and home. I'm sure Madonna has helped him in the past.

  26. Lori Patane Jensen

    Look at the comments… hmmmm do any one of you agree with the Wall St protesters? Did anyone of you vote for Obama? if so… your all hypocrites…. I think she should buy him a small house… condo or a trailer… give him x amount of money… and then walk away… the rest will be up to him…. He is, afterall, her brother…

  27. Bill B Zilar

    I'm guessing he has been presented with more than one opportunity to change things and chose not to…hope it gets better for him though.

  28. Falyn Ecret

    #1, Lost his job that FAMILY runs. From my experience working with family its got to be pretty darn bad for you to loose that job. #2 Why the hell is he on the freaking news or in any kind of advertisement boo hooing about being homeless? Pity party much? #3 It may be to teach him a lesson. When it becomes more difficult to suffer than to change, you will change or die. I hope people don't start donating to this guy.

  29. Nancy Pellegrino

    perhaps not a finacial obligation but come on… its your brother there are others ways to help hin beside directly handing him cash….forgiveness…come on madonna what is kabbalah teaching you?

  30. Shannon Palk Mathis

    well I think like the other comments touched on about not enough info is true..if the brother is trying and just honestly fell on hard times then I don't think it would break her to lend a helping is family..who's to say that someday madonna may not be as blessed as she is now and her brother may save her? hes homeless for godness sakes@madonna buy him a double wide trailor then you can write it off as a tax exemption..hes your bro!

  31. Amy Collins

    funny, the same story was on the today show this morning and they reported that the brother said he doesn't want any handouts from his family and that the local churches take care of him fine. and that he isn't interested in writing a tell-all book like another brother did. I don't feel sorry for him at all. and HOW do you lose a job that your family owns? I don't get it!

  32. Karen Bloomquist Blume

    Sounds like he had some serious issue within the family…. maybe drugs, alcoholism, theft who knows but something that eventually became intolerable. If his family is making a concerted effort to make the change to get him better and not continuing to "enable" him, it sounds like the right thing to do. If his family were just greedy I'd suggest differently but the circumstances lead me to believe that he was on a self-destructive path.

  33. Sonya Bowman

    I'm sure she and the family has tried helping him before. I suspect he's an addict or something, had to be something bad for his own family to fire him. I think maybe she could send him to a rehab, to get him off the streets and offfer him a chance to get his life back together, but I don't think she's obligated to just support him just because she is able too.

  34. Mary Ennis

    What did he have to do to get fired from the family business (family being the important word in that sentence) You answer that and maybe you have the answer to why she isn't helping him.

  35. Love Out Loud Elena

    I think that this guy is in crack or some kind of drugs that made him lose his job, and his family all together. What Madonna is doing is pure tough love to see if he gets out of it. I know people that do this for the own good of their family member, I'm sure this or something similar to it is the reason for her not helping him. His the bad guy here.

  36. Oma McCabe

    Absolutely Sheila, even if she rented him a single room, and enough $ to purchase food for a month no matter what that is her brother…

  37. Christy Benson

    Normally I would agree with sentiment "she borke her back,,, blah, blah". But since she advocates for redistribution from the "wealthiest to the poorest" a la M.Moore style…SHE should supoort her own brother, not you and I.

  38. Ruth Vaillette

    I think she could find a way to help. With limits and maybe a consertivorship. That way his bills are paid and only a small allowance could be abused or blown, no matter the problem, it is her brother. She could help him with at least food and a roof over his head. Counseling and medical should be available. With as much as she has, she has no excuse not to arrange something for him.

  39. Vanessa Ortiz-Perez

    Where is his father? Isn't he running the winery? Parents have an obligation to help their children, no matter what, unless that child is a threat in some form or a drug addict!

  40. Melanie Berg

    McDonalds is always hiring if he's so down on his luck. I mean if you REALLY wanted a job. Take what you can get.

  41. Alexandra Cvejic

    pretty disgraceful…whatever happened to the idea that "charity begins at home"..regardless of "what he did to lose his job" family should come first..esp when one is a multi-millionaire..even if I did not get along with my brother I would ensure that he had a roof over his head and food..

  42. Jamie Weed-Hessel

    Way to go Madonna! I have a new found respect for her. She helps plenty of people, there's no reason she should have to help her bum brother.

  43. Linda Miller Thomas

    I hope someone is making sure he gets proper meals, a person cannot make any good decisions while starving….she needs to make him a loan, how heartless is she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Lauren Bloom

    Linda Miller Thomas-sooo because he got himself into this she should just throw money at him every time he boo-hoos and makes a bad choice…lets just say he was stealing, drugs, drinking, or just plain mooching of the buisness… people have tried to help him (obviously bc they gave him a job at the FAMILY winery) and he basically kept screwing up…its ok bc they should make sure to keep giving him money and takeing care of his issues for him??? instead of making him grow up?? there is a time to help someone and a time when they need to learn to take care of themselves! i dont know if your religious, but God only helps thoughs who help themselves.

  45. Earlene M Gatlin

    If his father had to let him go from the family business, there was probably a good reason. Some people want total support not just help.

  46. Ville Häkkinen

    Well, it's not as if she's not a famously cold and callous narcissist. And part of the reason she fell out with her other brother was that she employed him and then tried to wriggle out of paying him whenever possible.

  47. Tamara Vasquez

    It sounds to me, as if her brother is looking for a hand out and playing the victim role with the violin playing…If you worked for your family business and your own father fired you, it is obvious your family has tried to help you. He has probably taken advantage of his family several times and banks on a hand out! I don't feel sorry for him, besides if you have been working that long, why aren't you receiving unemployment? why aren't you in a Shelter? Why are you living under bridges a year later instead of steady looking for work? Sounds like he the type that want things to be handed to him without any efforts on his behalf. Hey, I see it like this I'm a Women with 4kids wit no help of family member or for that matter rich family, I was laid off along with a lot of others, due to business closing. But, I have yet heard from anyone who last worked with me that there living under bridges we all have taken on challenges to keep above water as well as I have, I'm currently going to school and work doing side jobs, to try to keep up along with unemployment, N I’m not under no bridge… if I can do it so can him….Cry me a river.

  48. Virginia Bryant

    If you can't make it at the family business…the company that will take more BS from you than anyone else, what are YOU doing to alienate yourself? We need the REST OF THE STORY to make any judgement.

  49. Kevin Buddy McCourt

    We should believe that Madonna is Heartless? AND Her dear old father? Perhaps being homeless is the humbling he needs. If I don't pay my rent, I'll be homeless. Most of us would be. THAT'S why ya don't screw up a job, especially when your family owns a vineyard, for chrissakes!

  50. Kay Hutson

    Maybe she has helped him in the past and finally said no more. Was tired of being used who knows I don't know the whole story. But maybe she has a good reason for not helping him.

  51. Kathi Grace

    Let's remember he was fired from the winery by his own father…some part of the story we are not getting from the brother and other family members are not ratting him out. Is he a druggie, and alcoholic? Who knows? I will refrain from judging Madonna b/c I know that I do not know the whole story. My Aunt a sweet lady tried to help my father who was an alcoholic but he was a mean and angry drunk and she eventually had to give up the apartment she tried to share with him. We are all responsible for our own actions whether we acknowledge that responsibility or not…

  52. Mary Kaufman

    can we talk, it's stacy, I couldn't remember what happend. It was just that I was guessing. I never meant to hurt you. I've had a long time to think about it and I like to tell you what happen. please hun I don't want you to think falsely of me. I'm about to tell you something really good about the past. I've moved and got a new car and I've had alot of good things happen to me. I wasn't happy where I was. my mom's been on my ass all the time and things got really bad. I tend to take things out on people and I'm truly sorry. I don't expect you to be my friend again, but I just do want to have a guilty conscience. Single moms need to stick together. Don't worry about the past and let's start over. I can't be under any stress anyways. I'm at risk of a stroke.

  53. Mary Mckendrick

    Only one side of the story ; you can't help someone who won't help themselves. Madonna is not responsible for his problems there comes a time in everyone's life where they must take responsability for themselves.

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