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Mom Accidentally Sends Daughter To School With Gun

Smoking Gun

School officials at a New York School were surprised this week when a 6-year-old girl pulled out a .25-caliber handgun along with her lunch and school books.

The girls mom a retired NYPD detective told her fellow officers that she didn’t mean to pack away the gun and had placed the Taurus pistol in the bag for “safekeeping” and then forgot about it.

One parent who was disturbed by the situation told the New York Daily News:

“No one was hurt—but maybe she don’t know it’s a real gun and bang, bang, bang.”

The girl’s mom Marian Brioso has not been charged with a crime however police officials did report the incident to the Administration for Children’s Services. Police confiscated two other handguns from the family’s home.

In the meantime Marian’s husband an NYPD captain has chosen to remain quite about the event.

My only question is why would the mom believe packing a gun in her daughter’s school bag would be a good place for “safekeeping.” What type of punishment do you think the girls parents should be subject to?

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2 Responses to “Mom Accidentally Sends Daughter To School With Gun”

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  2. Joe Draper

    1st off was the gun loaded? if it was the women should be in jail 4 sure. If not people make mistakes all the time, Look at that cop who mased those young ladies, I think he makes 154,000. a yr. Inspector anothony b. no problem honest mistake.

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