quadruple homicide in Guilderland

Bodies Of Four People Recovered From Guilderland, N.Y. Home, Investigations Ongoing

Police officials from Guilderland, Albany, are investigating an incident of quadruple homicide after they found the bodies of four individuals inside a home on Western Avenue.

According to CBS06, Albany police officers were called to the 1800 block of Western Avenue on Wednesday afternoon by locals. The house is located in a busy commuting route. An unidentified local made the initial call to the police, saying that there was a medical emergency at the house. The call was made at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday, reports CBS News. Initial reports say that the dead include two adults and two children.

While the identities of the people who have been killed have not been revealed, there are reports of a language barrier that is preventing police officers from investigating the case further. Reports add that police officials have called in a Chinese translator to aid them in the investigation. This also indicates a possibility that the four victims could be of Chinese origin. Police officers are currently trying to piece together the evidences, and are talking to the relatives of the people killed in the incident with the help of the translator.

“We are getting translators from all over the state due to this significant language barrier which is keeping us from giving you any information,” said Guilderland police chief Carol Lawlor.

Several officials from the State Police, FBI, and Guilderland Police Department were on the scene of the incident following the recovery of the bodies. Officials have shut down one lane of the Western Avenue as preliminary investigation begins on the case. Officials have not received indications of this being the handiwork of a suspect, and have not issued warnings to other residents of the neighborhood.

Captain Cox from the Guilderland Police Department explained, “We don’t have any reason to believe that anybody would be in danger.”

According to Amy McGeady, the Public Information Specialist for Guilderland Central School District, they have decided to lock down local schools following the quadruple homicide incident as a move of caution. The Guilderland Elementary, Westmere Elementary, and Farnsworth Middle School were put on lock-down at 3:45 p.m., which was lifted an hour later after consultation with the police.

Meanwhile, people staying nearby gathered around the home as police officers investigated the scene, reports Albany TWC News. Some residents revealed that the inhabitants of the Guilderland home were all of Asian descent, and that they mostly kept to themselves. They also added that the house was home to three kids aged 7, 10, and 12.

[Image via Capital News 9]