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Gayle King Gay Rumors: Accuracy Of ‘Coming Out’ Speculations Addressed By King [Video]

Gayle King gay rumors are on the rise again after she appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday. The woman, famously known as Oprah Winfrey’s best friend, fired up public curiosity as to whether or not she’s a lesbian.

King was having a discussion with Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose. They were talking to a guest about finding the right mate and Gayle kidded around with Rose by saying the two of them would make a perfect couple.

“I’m just kidding. I’m gay,” Gayle says.

In the second video below, King addresses the gay rumors by denying she didn’t actually say what she did.

“I said ‘I’m okay,'” Gayle insists.

She adds that she doesn’t have any “hang ups” about homosexuality and that if she was gay, she would have came out “years ago.”

TMZ reports that CBS sources tell them King isn’t gay — and that’s not what she meant to imply on the morning news program.

Gossip Cop calls out celebrity gossip websites all the time for their misleading information. Prior to King correcting the media about what she said on CBS, Gossip Cop weighed in on the Gayle King speculations. It notes that if Oprah’s good friend were to “come out” about her sexuality, that this isn’t exactly the way she would go about it.

“… Of course, this is not quite the public coming-out declaration that Perez Hilton and others seem to think it is, especially given the light-hearted tone of the group’s conversation,” Gossip Cop writes.

Gayle King denies being gay in video below.

As Entertainmentwise sums up from a 2011 interview, Gayle expressed her thoughts about the gay rumors.

“I just think it’s so irritating and silly that anybody still questions it, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I think the most troubling thing that bothers me about it is the fact that we would deny it, and we’ve both said this many times, implies that there’s something wrong with being gay. That people would think that we would be gay and deny it like there’s something wrong. I think that’s unfair to gay people. I think it’s unfair to Stedman [Graham]. I think it’s unfair to me and I think it’s unfair to her.”

Gayle is a divorced mother of two children who’s personal life is a mystery when it comes to her sexuality. Is she a lesbian? Obviously, no one knows for sure but she denies it. Her close relationship with Oprah has brought about many tabloid stories that the two are partners. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle are two very down-to-earth individuals who seem supportive of different lifestyles and cultures. Going by what’s known about these women, it’s hard to believe they would mislead anyone into thinking they’re something they’re not.

What are your thoughts on the Gayle King gay rumors?

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