Josh Murray Makes Bold Move Over Andi Dorfman Rumors: ‘Andi Murray’ Baseball Card

Josh Murray has been staying out of the spotlight for the most part since proposing to Andi Dorfman on the season finale of The Bachelorette. Unlike couples prior to them, these two have been spending time together in Atlanta, learning what life is like after becoming famous on a television show.

Of course, Andi and Josh Murray have done several interviews to talk about their future together, but their lack of presence in the media has created a wave of negative reports, including stories that they are on the verge of breaking up. And no matter how much Andi and Josh tweet about how much they love each other, reports simply claim that they are putting on a front to prolong their time in the spotlight.

According to a new tweet, Josh Murray is now making a bold move to set the record straight about their romance. While Dorfman keeps saying that nothing is wrong in their romance, Josh has been taking the high road and ignoring the rumors. Now he is ready to make things official and hopefully stop the rumors.

Josh Murray recently added a customized baseball card to Twitter, revealing that the name on the card was indeed Andi Murray, not Andi Dorfman. The two are super excited about spending their lives together, so it isn’t surprising that he is making bold moves to show the world that they are indeed going strong.

Perhaps the inspiration for this customized baseball card came after Dorfman showed off Josh Murray’s baseball card earlier this week on her Twitter account, saying that Josh does go with her everywhere, even if it is just in her wallet.

According to The Inquisitr, the two have also been sharing their excitement over their upcoming wedding. Dorfman has revealed that she is super excited about marrying Josh Murray and becoming his wife. It is no secret that Murray feels the same way. If he was questioning the relationship just a little bit, he probably wouldn’t have proposed, and he probably wouldn’t go as far as making an “Andi Murray” baseball card for the world to see.

It is unknown when these two will tie the knot. Some have speculated that Josh Murray will marry his wife on national television in a Bachelorette wedding special, but it is unknown whether this will actually happen. The couple may choose to do a smaller and more private ceremony with friends and family.

What do you think of Josh Murray’s bold move?

[Image via Parade]