Shia LaBeouf in Need of Anger Management Counseling?

Actor Shia LaBeouf needs help overcoming his anger problems – at least that’s what his friends are reportedly suggesting.

Following a drunken street fight outside of a bar last weekend, LaBeouf’s friends are urging the 25-year-old Transformers star to seek help in the form of anger management counseling, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

During his recent bar-fight incident, Shia was beat down by a shirtless, hairy man outside the Cinema Public House in Vancouver, B.C. – where LeBeouf is current filming “The Company You Keep” with Robert Redford.

It’s been alleged Shia began arguing with a man inside the bar, when the unknown individual reportedly insulted the actor’s “manhood.”

Instead of ignoring the man, Shia and unknown bar patron took the argument outside, which is where the two began fighting.

“Unfortunately, [Shia] let the guy get under his thin skin — and he followed him out into the street, where the man knocked him down before Shia’s friends broke things up and helped cool it down,” a source told the Sun-Times.

The source pointed to alcohol as the main cause behind LaBeouf’s unruly behavior.

“These things can happen when Shia’s been drinking. He can turn nasty so fast…” the source revealed. “He’s like Sean Penn. One moment he can be totally charming, and then he’ll lose it and go off on someone – especially when it’s a nut in a bar who is looking for a fight.”

via Sun-Times