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Marriott Hotel Employee Quits Job with a Bang


How do you quit a job especially if the working conditions are horrendous? You quit with a bang. That’s what Joey of Rhode Island did when he quit his job at the Marriott Hotel in Providence.

Joey worked for the hotel for more than three years while going to school full time. The job allowed him to pay for his tuition and living expenses, he said.

According to Joey:

“The working conditions in the hotel are horrendous. In the kitchen, workers are regularly forced to work 10, 11, 14, 16 hour shifts that begin at 5:30AM and last well into the night. Housekeepers are reprimanded if they fail to clean 16 rooms or more in a 9 hour shift. Anyone who speaks up—especially anyone who is openly pro-union—is disciplined or fired. Managers, like Jared, scream down employees daily.”

Because of this, Joey joined his co-workers in organizing a formal union for the hotel, to no avail.

“The hotel has yet to recognize our union, and they continue a vicious union-busting campaign. They punish and fire pro-union workers, spread lies in captive-audience meetings, and generally attempt to scare the workers out of joining the union. Still, through just being organized and threatening to form a union, we’ve won countless victories, including raises, new uniforms, lower housekeeper room quotas, etc.”

So how did Joey quit? He brought his friends, who are members of a marching band, informed his boss Jared that he’s quitting, and the trumpets and cymbals erupted as Joey walked his way out.

Joey stressed though that his action was an individual decision and had nothing to do with the union.

If you’re in Joey’s shoes, how would you quit your job?

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11 Responses to “Marriott Hotel Employee Quits Job with a Bang”

  1. Erik Maikkula

    I worked at the Providence Marriott in college and it is a crappy place to work. Never had a good day there.

  2. Anonymous

    What about the people that are stuck there, and have families, that will now have to deal with an irate boss? Bet this KID didn't think about the people he left behind when he pulled off his little self serving you tube stunt. This twenty something generation is full of self centered, arrogant punks, with no respect. If you leave a job, leave like a MAN, not like a spoiled little BRAT that didn't get his way.

  3. John James Beronio

    I can't wait to stay at that Marriot after hearing they won't allow employees to unionize. That kid is a punk who personifies the coddled, entitlement mentality of today's youth.

  4. Matt Mcbride

    that spoiled little brat was a full time student working his way through college. i can't see why he'd give a sh!t about of the people he "left behind". pgman2123, what a dumb comment.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Inquisitr, if you actually watched the video, you'd see it is not the "Marriott Hotel" in Providence. That's a couple of streets away. This is a different hotel not run by Marriott. But hey don't let facts get in the way. Just attack innocent people running a completely different hotel. Lawsuit coming from the Providence Marriott Hotel on Orms St. in 3, 2, 1…

  6. Vincent DeAngelis

    Respect is a concept that most folks don't realize is based around reciprocity in the workplace. If you're in management and make a point to treat your subordinates like dogshit, don't expect them to respect you enough to give you a formal resignation with notice. If anything, this guy's "I quit" stunt was quite tame considering the more malicious routes some folks take.

  7. David T Jones

    He worked at the Renesance which is owned by Marriott, but they are 2 different hotels. Poor Baby, I started my hotel career in Room Service, automatic 19% gratuity plus whatever else the guest adds on. The people working in the room service department made more than any of the servers or bartenders in the hotel. It must not have been too bad for him since he worked there for more then 3 years.

  8. Elaine Jones

    He paid his way through college which most students can't do. Some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope.

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