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Billionaire Tamara Ecclestone Literally Rolling in Money [Photos]

Many people dream about having enough cash to burn. You could use hundred dollar bills to build paper airplanes. You could throw bundles of money on the fire to stay warm. You could go all Scrooge McDuck and swim in a pile of gold coins. Or, if you’re like billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone, you can pad your mattress with money and pose for a photo shoot.

Tamara Ecclestone posed for the ever-entertaining and always controversial Tyler Shields in a recent million dollar shoot.

Tyler Shields

Shields writes on his website:

“Tamara Ecclestone is a Billionaire heiress but there is much more to her than money. She is not only grounded, amazing and smart she also loves A1 steak sauce which is my favorite thing in the world. When we me at the gallery I told her I had a crazy idea and that I wanted her to get a million pounds in cash so we could shoot with it. 24 hours later I was sitting in her bed with her and a million in 50s.”

tyler shields

Tamara’s extraordinary wealth does more for her than just land her the occasional photo shoot. According to the Daily Mail, Ecclestone will also be starring in a new reality series, Billion $$$ Girl. Ecclestone said that she hopes the new series will show the world the “real her” and change the public’s perception that she is just the spoiled daughter of Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

Tamara said:

“I enjoyed shooting with Tyler as he is so creative and this shoot was so different to anything I have ever done. In my new TV show I am trying to come across as Tamara, rather than Bernie’s daughter, and I believe the shoot with Tyler will make me be seen in that way.”

Do you think the million dollar photo shoot will help Tamara Ecclestone step out of her father’s shadow?