Incredible video Miroslav Ermakova

Incredible Video Of 64-Year-Old Woman Lucky To Be Alive — You’ll Never Believe How She Keeps Her Cool

Is everything really crazier in Russia? So far, we’ve brought you videos of crazy Russian drivers and even a crazy Russian cat. But how about this Russian senior citizen? Watch this video and you’ll see crazy in action.

Or, should we say, crazy “inaction.” Because what makes this video, and the woman in it, so crazy is what this 64-year-old does not do, rather than what she does.

As with most of these videos out of Russia, this one was shot from the dashboard camera of a car. Dashcams are standard equipment in Russian vehicles because with insurance fraud running amok in the country, drivers feel the need to record visual proof of any possible mishap.

And what a mishap this is. A truck, for reasons that aren’t quite clear, explodes into flame at the end of an otherwise quiet street in Saransk, the capital city of the Russian Republic of Mordovia, about 400 miles east of Moscow.

Watch to the left of your screen, however. That’s where you’ll see Miroslav Ermakova, minding her own business as she waits for a bus.

Suddenly, without warning, the flaming truck explodes, turning the street into a war zone. The blast sends a fearsome and deadly piece of shrapnel — the truck’s own hood — flying through the air directly in Ermakova’s direction.

And what does she do? Well, nothing. Is that crazy — or is that crazy?

“It was such a long way away from me I didn’t think I was in any danger, and then all of a sudden it went up like a bomb,” Ermakova said later. “I saw something flying through the air getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it landed with a tremendous clatter right at my feet. I didn’t even have time to move.”

Amazingly, not only did Ermakova emerge unscathed from the frightening near-miss, the truck driver and his passenger also got out of their burning vehicle with no serious injuries.

Police are investigating what caused the explosion, but they believe that a gas can in the truck blew up after the truck caught on fire. What caused the fire in the first place remains a mystery.