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Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain: From Skinny to Curvy to Fat?

christina aguilera

Can this genie fit back in the bottle? Christina Aguilera’s body has gone through several stages since her career began. From her sultry look at the start of her career, to her luscious curves as she solidified herself as a diva, to whatever showed up at the Michael Jackson tribute concert last weekend.

Aguilera has been slammed for her weight gain over the last couple of days. But is it really that bad? Maybe it was just the skimpy outfit she chose to wear.

Aguilera belted through Jackson hits like “Dirty Diana” and “Smile” during the tribute concert, but all anyone was talking about after her performance was the way that she looked.

Here is a video of Aguilera performing “Dirty Diana.”

A lot of news outlets have reported on Aguilera’s weight gain, which according to the IBTimes has only been 15 pounds, but people are being cautious about calling the singer fat. That doesn’t mean that people are refraining from hurling insults at the singer. Buzzfeed even did a post about the “5 most frightening” pictures of Aguilera during the performance.

Some celebrities have also insulted Aguilera’s figure.

Kelly Osbourne, who was a little bitter about being teased about her weight, said:

“[Christina] called me fat for so many f—ing years. F— you, you’re fat, too. Maybe she is just becoming the fat b—h she was born to be.”

What do you think about Christina Aguilera’s weight gain? Has the star stepped into Axl Rose territory? After all, she did run up an $8000 bar tab after the concert.

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85 Responses to “Christina Aguilera’s Weight Gain: From Skinny to Curvy to Fat?”

  1. Thomas Nancy

    I think she looks great! Especially dealing with excesses of being a star.

  2. Shelley L. Tillett

    I don't really want to be mean… but….she should have thought about the weight gain and gone with an outfit that would have flattered her instead of making her look like a blob!

  3. Leah Jayne Sell

    If she is fat then every woman I know is a cow. Seriously? This is the best you can do inquistr? Lmao. Something as petty as a has-been late 90's pop star gaining weight? Lmao.

  4. Jessica Mae Parnell

    Why do we care? don't get me wrong I love Christina but everyone has weight problems, even when they are famous, so why should we care? Why make her feel bad, when we absolutely love her?

  5. Briseida Villalba

    Leave the girl alone! She is beautiful and very talented. If she's fat, then where does that leave the rest of the women? Society with their superficial crap sucks!

  6. Tracy Pawling Harrower Fallon

    Every woman's body changes after giving birth, she is rounder than we're use to…so most people are a bit taken aback by her appearance. In my opinion, yes she could lose a few pounds, but so could I. So who are we to jdge?

  7. Barbara Verville

    Really people why even go there? BUT if she did indeed call kelli osborn names for being overweight then she is just getting it back and she has a mirror so I'm sure she feels bad enough already! Weight issues are not fun for anyone!

  8. Sharon Thomas

    Maybe she stopped with the drugs and crazy starving herself and liposuction and all the other crazy things entertainers do to keep the weight off.

  9. Teresa Harvey-Michael

    @ jessica mae parnell…I agree. Why is it any of our business.

  10. Tammy B Mcdaniel

    She is too chunky and one definitely should not dress like that when they look like a whale! I don't care how fat she gets, but dress appropriately for your weight. She most certainly is not a sex symbol anymore!~.

  11. Rana Davis

    With all the problems we are facing in the world (and at home) right now, this is NEWS? Shocking and shameful, leave her alone. 100 Lbs, 130, 150, the girl is beautiful and actually TALENTED…sigh…can we say the same about her detractors?

  12. Deborah Boring

    I don't know why it's such a big deal, she is still a beautiful woman. Everyone has weight problems at sometime in their life. The woman can sing!

  13. Bob Newman

    Christina is one of our greatest Divas but she should know better than to wear an outfit like that, given her current weight. She has earned the right to add any weight she wishes but should dress appropriately for her size. I adore Christina and love her at any weight. She is still a very sexy and desirable woman.

  14. Kathy Davey-Sherman

    For God sakes! Who cares? Leave her alone! If she was too thin, everyone would be bitching and complaining. Is this what is news today? The world is in chaos and people care what Christina weighs? Why don't you care about her voice? The girl has serious talent. She was there to respect Michael Jackson let's leave it at that..Geez..

  15. FawnStar Harris

    Seriously can I be as "fat" as christina? She don't look bad…people need to woory bout themselfs and quit raggin on these cecelebraties. I swear people are acting lik she is 300 lbs! I love her..her voice is amazing!

  16. Chris Brace

    looks like Christina ate Cyndi Lauper……

    if she gave Kelly Osborne so much crap back in the day…then she deserves every comment she gets now.

  17. Angi Clarke

    I don't like the outfit anyway, because I think modest is a better choice. But she's fine, healthy, and looks good. Leave her alone. If you don't like her singing, which is what she does for a living, say so. Otherwise, let her be her healthy self and stay out of her business. Criticism like that sounds so juvenile!

  18. Sharon Walker

    Our favorite stars…and Christina is one of my favorites….are going to go through changes. I love her for her voice, NOT for her image. I think the image thing is way overrated for people who have phenomenal voices such as hers. Do you think that we should be making fun of Aretha Franklin too? Image means zilch when you have a great voice like these women. My only concern is that our great singers keep themselves healthy. Girls in the spotlight sometimes try desperately to stay thin by picking very unhealthy ways to maintain it…such as drugs, anorexic behaviors, or just working out way too much. We should celebrate her voice, not make her feel terrible by commenting on a little weight gain.

  19. Danielle Wright

    I personally am not a fan but Hollywood has a very twisted idea of what fat is. Her face does look really bloated though and she needs to fire her stylist, why pay someone to dress you if that's the best they can do? lol

  20. Rhoda Auerbach

    I say, join the majority of Americans, overweight because of the poor choices of food we are offered. And fans, get over it. Who cares if a performer is fat, skinny, tall, disjointed, what's important is their performance. Do you enjoy hearing them? Remember Heart? Remember Linda Ronstadt? Remember me? I was 103 pounds at age 27 and now almost 180. Who cares, I'm having fun. Just stay healthy and don't waste time judging people. Sing it out, Christina!

  21. Janet Meyer-Perez

    anyone consider mayb shes goin thru a rough time and is eatin way thru depression it happens to the best us no1 knows what's really goin on the singer it doesn't change her voice. so ok yea she coulda pickied a better lookin outfit and something less frizzy w her hair but hey we all have our good days and our bad. give her a break.

  22. Justine Amerault

    It's just those fishnet stockings. They make everyone's legs look heavier than they really are. I think she's got a gorgeous figure.

  23. Gloria Polis

    So she has a few extra pounds….she's still a MEGA talent and I'm jealous! I'll take her body AND her talent in a heartbeat!

  24. Karen Johnson Powell

    I think people need to stop being so critical of people who cares if she gained weight, she's still an awesome singer, and kelly osbourne needs to shut up and remember what it was like to be overweight and learn from that.

  25. Erin Michele Grossbach

    Her body isn't that big, but her face looks really chunky, almost unhealthy. I love her, and I love to watch her perform. As long as she is healthy everyone should leave her alone. Let the woman be…

  26. Nancy Child Moss

    She does get a A+ for chosing black as it IS slimming. The rest not so good.

  27. Debbie Fatgirl Anaya

    you know what people need to knock it off I am a proud FAT GIRL I can careless what a person looks like on the outside its all bout how u act how u treat others that counts.

  28. Kristina Barker

    this is horribly petty and ridiculous. The woman looks great. she isn't a size 2 lil thang like she was in the 90's, but she was only a teen then. she looks like a woman now. This really is stupid. Women are curvy, vuluptuous and that is what I see there in that picture. she doesn't look fat at all. How completely silly is this article. For real? I am surprised at the trash I have been reading on here lately. Attacking everything from Christians not wanting to celebrate Halloween, to Christina Aguilara, and her very feminine physique. I am worried………isn't there more more pressing matters to report on? Or do you really just NOT have a life at all?

  29. Mia Suarez

    kelly osborne has no class anyway and she got some nerve. she cant sing and might be to nuts to even have kids. christina just needs a bit of pick me up since her divorce. it will be fine.

  30. Sabrina McGrath

    Good Lord! With the money she has, who does she hire as a stylist? A zookeeper? She looks a like sow! Gross! Even women larger than her look better and know how to dress! She looks swollen and depressed. Hard to watch.

  31. Lauren M. Doucette

    What does anyone give a damn about her weight? Honestly, ragging on someones weight no matter HOW talented they are sheds light on what we feel is important.

  32. Stephanie Moratzka

    She is human just like the rest of us, her body is changing the added stress of tours, music, shows, you name it is going to cause someones weight to jump up or down. Leave her be, and worry about your own damn life if you don't like her, leave it be! I never understood why people spend so much time hating a celebrity when they could focus on the ones they DO like. Or how about this, on issues that are far more important then someone gaining a few pounds! smh

  33. Carli-Jo Sell

    If you're fat why not where skimpy clothes?? You're fat regardless, might as well show it off. MY OPINION. & atleast she's secure with her body. AYY. Just sayinn. People gonna hate whether you're doin bad or good and as far as im concerned I'm glad she isn't an anorexic stick like the rest of the celebs today. Get real. She had children!!! SHEEZUS.

  34. Jennifer Laatz-Micek

    Carli-Jo Sell I've had children too and your point is? BTW being thin and in shape and anorexic are very different from each other. Why is it that when person puts in the effort on being healthy and looking good fat people talk shit? SO instead we are supposed to encourage obesity??? OBESITY=The only disease cured by salad!

  35. Carli-Jo Sell

    lol woww if that is obese then holy crap! We are in trouble.. what do you call 200 pound people then?? lol jennifer my POINT IS that some people lose weight quicker than OTHERS. whatever your little attitude problem is i dunno. I was stating my opinion. Americaa, land of the free. (; gotta love it.

  36. Carli-Jo Sell

    in other words I'm sure she's TRYING to lose weight. It doesn't happen over night plus she's had a crazyy time the last year or two so please for the sake of anymore troubles READ UP on some things first.

  37. Carli-Jo Sell

    Uhm, okay.. lol I don't know, you are very shallow and self centered. Hard to get through to your kind so I will stop. "She gettin money, don't be mad, now stop, jennifer, hating is bad." (; Have a great day jennifer.

  38. Leah Jayne Sell

    Jennifer Laatz-Micek not that I don't get where you are coming from, which believe me I do. But do you think it is becoming for a grown woman to really loathe someone more fiscally successful than oneself (or for that matter arguing with a pubescent girl on facebook? I mean failing to empathize with another human being strictly on the basis that he/she makes more money than you is a very spiritless chip on one's proverbial shoulder. The fact is that none of us knows the struggles that any other person goes through on a daily basis. Money- no money. It doesn't matter. What this is really about is you are unhappy with an aspect of yourself- and you need to rip Mrs. Rich-and-famous a new one in order to feel good. What concerns me is that people can deflect feelings of inadequacy from themselves and to a more publicly available candidate with SUCH contempt, as if that person killed their puppy or gave their child AIDS. It is the basic human's desire of escapism that drives the need for articles like this. Such GARBAGE as this. That answers the question "REALLY Inquistr?" I know the answer so why even ask? This causes me to seriously doubt the capacity of the human race. People like this give me no hope for mankind. Bill Hicks, I know what you were talking about.

  39. Leah Jayne Sell

    Because of a pathetic need of some of our less brilliant counterparts to escape their own pain by enjoying the exploitation of another person's imperfections.

  40. Leah Jayne Sell

    Jennifer Laatz-Micek WHAT did Ms. Xtina do to you? WHY do you have such CONTEMPT for her? WHY? The reason I have been given for your hatred is money and physical appearance, and ma'am that is a worldly, piss-poor excuse to dislike anybody.

  41. Jill Valentine

    Tammy B Mcdaniel ,Takes a whale to know a whale,lady.You aren't exactly thin either.

  42. Jill Valentine

    I think it's just a really unflattering picture.No one would look good from that angle.You can BARELY see her at all in the you tube video though, so it's hard to say.

  43. Melissa Rose Patience

    She's not even that big, this is a horrible picture. But who the fk cares. She's still the amazing singer she was when she was "perfectly skinny". She's still gorgeous as hell, if anything she looks better now then before. There ain't nothing wrong with a little chub. Society has driven that thought of needing to be skinny in order to be beautiful in everyone's head. She's proving that thought wrong. If anything she's inspiring girls to be themselves, and not to be pulled into that crap.

  44. Nicole von Furstenburg

    ehhh I dint thnks she's fat. she's just much bigger than we are use to.

  45. Mona Vialli

    What do I think? I think that it's scary. I had the same evolution like Christina. I was sickly skinny when I was a teenager and now I can't stop packing weight. There is no magic diet and no sport to stop the weight gain. The weight is controlled by unknown mechanisms: the hypothalamus is one of them. I take sleeping pills and this is probably one of the reasons I keep packing weight, but I have to choose: dead or fat. She might as well take all kind of drugs. Singing on stage isn't easy. Also the food is very artificial and we will become a planet of fat pigs. Very few can preserve a normal weight nowadays. It's funny though that all kind of chicks make fun of something that is completely unknown, like are the mechanisms that control the weight in an individual. If she made the mistake to take some drugs in order to get skinny for her sexy videos, that might well have caused her rapid and more severe weight gain afterwards. Happened to me after a cure with Xanax (Alprazolam). It's a shame because she has such a wonderful voice and face. But say God forbid and pray that it won't happen to you!

  46. Venus Firecracker

    After Britney and Jessica and Janet J., and Mariah C., don't these chicks know how they are going to be tortured when they get up onstage, overweight and in a skimpy outfit?

  47. Suzi Smith Lynch

    Since when does your weight make a difference in your voice, never, I would guess. So leave her alone, let her sing, enjoy it and get past it and yourselves for pointing a finger at someone who actually looks more normal than the half starved celebrities walking around!

  48. Gina Milick

    Um…I don't see the point…fat, skinny, round, thin, big, frail, robust, they're all adjectives. Why do we get so offended when we hear the word fat? I just don't get the negative connotation and perhaps never will. I have no care or concern what someone else looks like, and no one has a right to hurl insults. Even if someone does insult someone for the way they look, don't let them make you feel bad, it's because they aren't comfortable in their own skin and have to put someone else down to feel better about themselves.

  49. Alexia Goddess

    Oh my god stop obsessing about her weight. Leave Christina alone. Who cares how much she weighs, focus on her art not her image. She is an incredible artist, truly one of the greatest in music history, she performs live, she is an incredibly beautiful, strong and confident female who knows what she wants and is proud of her body and is deserving of respect.

  50. Jessica Lopez

    Who the hell cares if Christana gains 100 lbs shes still beautiful and talented. Society is stuck on this un realistic immage of what a woman needs to look like to be beautiful and its sick. The average size woman in the US is a size 14. The women they show on tv are from size 0-4. That's less than 5% of the population of women in the world so why strive to be like the 5% when we can just be ourselves… Happy. We don't have to strive to be thin, just healthy. Wear clothing that fits to your body type not a stick figure cuz then that just creates rolls and lines where they shouldn't be. Start with correct fitting undergarments and go from there. YAY to curvy women.

  51. Sarah Blaisedale

    She chose to be a in business that is all about image, so she should stop with the skin-tight dresses and the fishnet hose. She's a pretty girl, but she's had a baby and she clearly enjoys her food. She should cover up a little more, because really, nobody wants to see flab hanging out.

  52. Anonymous

    lmao, no she cant fit back in the bottle. Fat cow. Well, fat, ugly, piggish cow with a voice that sounds like a pig giving birth.

  53. Sherry Ridge

    Does anyone remember that she's had a child? She doesn't have the same body she used to!

  54. Phillip Hardin

    Christina Ag's weigth prob is not a problem at all. She can still sing, and I think better than ever. She is a maturing woman who is not superficail. She is a recording artist, not a runway model.

  55. Tara Weiss

    Leave her alone? She knocked Kelly Osbourne for being fat for years… Karma's a b**ch. It's great that she is "so comfortable in her own skin", but she needs to start looking in the mirror. This outfit is horrible.

  56. Susan Hoh

    Leave this girl alone..its not that she's all that fat its her outfits are too tight…when she was all bone she put down and remember she has a small frame and is short so any weight really will show up when you not 6 ft. No matter how she looks she can still belt out any tune and not have to lip sync…funny when Beyounce puts on weight no one says anything or any of them…I'm sure Christina could care less what any of us think..she isn't 19 and had a kid and isn't a straving artist anymore…play fair people…it not our business how much weight anyone puts on.

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