Tom Cruise and crew

Tom Cruise Reunites With Original Mission Impossible Crew

The filming for Mission: Impossible 5 is underway, it appears, as set photographs from director and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie show the original four stars of the film, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames standing shoulder-to-shoulder on set. Officially, announcements have also placed Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson, and Sean Harris in the film.

A tweet from McQuarrie (above) showed the four, Tom Cruise at center, in a comradely pose together. This means that the original crew of Benji, Brandt, Ethan and Luther will all be together again for this fifth installment. The big news is that Rhames is back in the franchise, having been a pivotal part of the first four films and the only co-star of the four to have been in all Mission: Impossible movies in this new MI franchise.

_1410491808It wasn’t until Mission: Impossible III that Pegg’s Benji Dunn was brought in for comic relief, but he proved a strong addition, making it a trio of stars for the film. The last film, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise and pals with Brandt added in. This also makes it appear that the fifth installment in the franchise will continue the storyline from Ghost Protocol, which will be a relief to many Tom Cruise fans like Cinema Blend.

The script for Mission: Impossible 5 has not been released, so nothing is known about the storyline specifically. Slash Film is just glad to see Rhames on board.

“We certainly don’t get anything new from this pic, other than the fact that Ving Rhames remains impeccably surly. Stay true, Ving.”

A similar photo was posted to Facebook by Jeremy Renner and titled “Big Day on MI5. THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!” Some Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt fans will note that the character of Jane Carter, played by Paula Patton in Ghost Protocol, is absent from the lineup. It’s unknown whether she will be back. Official releases have said that Rebecca Ferguson will be playing the lead female role opposite Tom Cruise and that Alec Baldwin will be playing the head of the CIA in this film.

As for himself, Tom Cruise is badly in need of another hit movie and Top Gun 2 may not be it. His latest film, Edge of Tomorrow, was a box office dud. Cruise came out of the equally disappointing Valkyrie and Knight and Day with Ghost Protocol, the highest-grossing film of Tom’s career to-date. He may be hoping that another Mission: Impossible will push him past that fiasco.

As it is, fans may not be willing to take a substitute for Ethan Hunt if Tom Cruise were not to appear in an MI film. For that matter, an MI film not involving Rhames may be equally as disastrous.