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Stroke Risk Sets in Earlier, is Three Times Higher For Smokers, Study Says

Newsflash: smoking is not a health supplement.

Okay, by now pretty much everyone walking the planet knows that one of the most damaging things you can do to your body is pick up a cigarette and start smoking it. (That adorable little smoking Indonesian baby probably even knows that.) But one of the scarier aspects of smoking danger is that with all we know about the practice, new and scary things emerge every day detailing all the inventive ways smoking can kill, maim or seriously disfigure you.

Take for instance, strokes. Everyone knows that smoking can seriously raise your stroke risk, and it’s not very uncommon for young smokers to suffer or even die of stroke-related causes. A new study has detailed the stroke risks along with smoking and as per usual when it comes to the practice, the evidence is even scarier than you might expect.

Smokers not only have a far higher stroke risk- nicotine addicts are three times as likely to experience a stroke- but the risk sets in ten years earlier for those who like to light up. The study included 950 people who had suffered strokes, 700 of whom turned out to be smokers. And of the smokers who suffered strokes, the average age was 58 as opposed to 67 among the non-smoking study participants.

Researcher Dr. Mike Sharma said:

“Stroke is preventable. This study highlights the sizeable role smoking has on stroke. Quitting smoking, controlling blood pressure, following a healthy diet and being physically active significantly reduce the risk of stroke.”

Stroke risk among smokers returns to non-smoker levels between 18 and 24 months after quitting occurs.