Kid Rock Concert Punch Could Cost Live Nation, Others $150 Million

Despite the fact that Kid Rock is going to be a grandfather soon, it appears that his concerts can still be rowdy affairs. A $150 million lawsuit has been filed against concert promoter Live Nation—and several other parties—by the family of a man who was punched after a 2013 Kid Rock show by a drunken fellow fan, who allegedly inflicted permanent mental impairment.

The Buffalo News reported that 44-year-old Jason McNeil, originally from New York but now residing in Alabama, insists that one punch left him with debilitating brain damage. The incident occurred at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, near the town of Darien in Western New York. His loved ones said McNeil was sucker punched as he and his wife were leaving the Kid Rock concert that took place the day after the Fourth of July.

They added that the perpetrator—who they claim is Craig M. Lawson of Ontario—was clearly drunk as he came running out of nowhere and delivered the single blow to McNeil’s head. McNeil was knocked out instantly, and his head slammed into the ground as he fell.

A year after the event, Jason still finds it difficult to walk and talk, and his lawyer, Donald Chiari, said he will be unable to work for the rest of his life.

Chiari added, “all his family wants is to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Indeed, they hope their lawsuit, filed against Live Nation as well as the performing arts center and others involved in organizing the Kid Rock show, will force promoters to pay more attention to safeguarding the well-being of concert attendees.

They also say Live Nation and the other defendants were negligent when it came to enforcing stricter drinking rules at the show. The family said lax alcohol consumption standards allowed Lawson to get drunk enough to commit such an act.

In addition to the money they hope to get from the lawsuit to cover medical expenses for years to come, McNeil’s family also created an online fundraising campaign to raise money to pay for his bills.

Live Nation didn’t comment on the lawsuit, but released a statement saying their medical staff helped get McNeil airlifted in order to get him treated quickly.

McNeil, along with his wife Pam and their two daughters, have since returned to their home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Do you think Kid Rock should do something to help Jason McNeil and his family?

[Image via Billboard]