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Gene Simmons’ Wedding Is Today! Will Kiss Man Vow To Be Faithful?

gene simmons

Gene Simmons is going to get married, but he’s not quite ready to commit to just one woman. Simmons said that he’ll do his best to be faithful to his bride, Shannon Tweed, who he has been dating for 28-years. But a vow? He just can’t do it.

In a preview of the upcoming season of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” Tweed says that Simmons won’t promise to be faithful. The 62-year-old Kiss star could only reply, “I will do my best.”

That doesn’t mean that the former Kiss member isn’t in love with Tweed. Simmons told Clicker TV:

“It is time for me to grow up. I’m 62. I’ve been doing a lot of wacky stuff for an awfully long time — the band, the thing, traveling around the world and all that. There’s nobody I’ve ever loved. There’s nobody I’ve ever said ‘I love you’ to. I even find it difficult to say ‘I love you’ to my mother, but I love Shannon with all my heart and all my soul and always will.”

And the longtime rocker will have plenty of temptations. Radar Online reports that Ashley Madison, the “we make it easy to discreetly cheat on your partner” service, sent Simmons 1 million Ashley Madison credits, which will allow him to “pursue unlimited discreet affairs for the rest of your life.”

Gene Simmons wedding to Shannon Tweed will happen tonight, but you’ll have to wait until October 4th to see it on A&E.

Do you think Gene Simmons will go through with his wedding? Will he vow to be faithful? Maybe Simmons should think about one of these temporary marriage licenses that Mexico City is about to make legal.

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81 Responses to “Gene Simmons’ Wedding Is Today! Will Kiss Man Vow To Be Faithful?”

  1. Leigh Blauvelt

    They have been together 28 years……………. He is who is his, she is who she is.

  2. Aj Hill

    if I even thought you would not be faithful to me /I would not want to be with you I'm a 1 man woman /but you have a life stlye that is different and I guess you think its ok WELL ITS NOT /sHANNON I GUESS YOU DEAL WITH IT CAUSE YOU LOVE HIM SO I WISH THE BEST FOR BOTH OF YOU <3 WHAT EVER THAT MAY BE.

  3. Spring Teeter

    Very Cool, 28 years is a long time, I'd hope to think they know what their doing by now. Good Luck Shannon & the best to both of you :-)

  4. Leslie Mccormick

    don't know if anyone else remembers or not but a few years ago Gene took a lie detector test cuz Shannon wanted to know if he was faithful an he passed(giving this was on TV LOL) But Shannon has been there for 28 yrs an knows what he does prob better than Gene himself Sooo she has to make her mind up whether she wants to put up with his crap or not..personally there is to many dangers out there to have someone cheating on you, not for me.

  5. Anonymous

    Lets see the daughter do some porn- show us her stank box love thang. Who cares about the clown faced, washed up has-been so called "parents" NO ONE CARES- just have Sopie or whatever he name is get naked and banged silly- then you'd have something. Just like "mommy" in the old days.

  6. LaVera Wedekind-Martel

    Why? Why? would a woman want to marry something like that….was she his puppy dog for 28 years? I would have kicked him to the curb , years ago-tongue and all.

  7. Lisa DuBose Treece

    Gene, you best be faithful to Shannon, she is the only woman for you, and you know it, as you said you are 62 years old, make the rest of your life peaceful with your beautiful wife to be and your kids.

  8. Shirley Montgomery

    I guess their tv show is loosing viewers….they are just doing this for media hype…they need to boost their ratings!

  9. Dean Serra

    He should get married in his Kiss make up. Dramatic improvement.

  10. Shirley Fox

    I think shannon has to love him. I know I would blow him out of his boots if he cheated on me.well not really blow but I would leave him like a my butt was on fire. I have been married for 43 years.he is using his daddy leaving his mother has a excuse to be a jerk to his kids mother,.i really like shannon and her kids.good luck to both of them.

  11. Rigel Kentaurus

    Only the F'uglies disagree with this! I mean this is sheer evidence that Men want the Hottest, and youngest women they can afford! And in this case, Gene Simmons can afford to be banging 20 year olds!

  12. Linda Sparr-Glass

    I don't know what happened to dudes good looks, wow! ( is it the helmut hair?) Years ago he was fine, it just is amazing to me! The main thing Is Shannon must see past all that and truley loves him. Isn't that what it is all about? He will probably cheat is in his makeup and he won't stop! She had to have known all those years that he was she wants him to change? If she can accept that about him, they may stay together. I wish them the best.

  13. Troy Haraway

    Gene my brother, my rock and roll buddy, marry your playmate, and never leave the house! You've done em all, make us KISS ARMY fans proud of you. Good Luck Doctor Love!

  14. Maureen Neal

    He is so ugly. If he wasn't a well off rock star, no one would sleep with him thenless he hired them. I hope he has enough sense to stay faithful to a women who bared him two children and has put up with him for the last 28 years. Shannon deserves that and more from him.

  15. Deb Plemel Fayta

    Why shouldn't we expect him to be faithful. He took the lie detector test and passed it saying he never cheated on Shannon. I like the show even though I think the last season was kind of a set up for the whole marriage thing. His kids seem pretty normal and grounded. I think Gene said those things about being faithful to add some drama to the new season.

  16. Li Myst

    Shannon, "CUT YOUR LOSES!"……You raised your childern….It's Shannon time now! You know him better than he knows himself! You deserve better!

  17. Nancilynne Russell

    Congratulations Shannon, Gene, Nick and Sophie! Wishing you all the best of everything life has to offer!

  18. Suzi Smith Mayhew

    What in the world is wrong with you people? Everyone below that has been nasty or ugly~~get a grip! do you think YOU are perfect? Your only as old as you feel and so what they have been living together 28 yr. Time to get married. I DO wish them love and happiness. And you people below, take a good looooooonnnnnnggggg look at yourself when you are their age~And I bet you don't look like a spring chicken yourselves. "He who is with out sin cast the first stone".Does that ring a bell or have you not been raised in a church? They are at last doing what they are supposed to do: Get Married!

  19. Donna Stclair

    wouldn't be funny they get married and 6mo later gene goes off and screws around on her.. and beening with him for 28 years. hum I wonder..anyway hes 62, hes at the age were JR will start to slow down.and might need little help in a couple of years so , he thinking no one will want me if JR don't work so might have to stay with her after all..;).

  20. Lisa Simmons Crosby

    He seems like a nice guy and all, but he was never that good looking and now he's old! He's chubby and his hair is dyed, let's face it he's kind of icky so I can't really imagine anyone having sex with him unless they love him like Shannon does! He should just agree to be faithful already, I mean he's in his 60s for crying out loud!

  21. Lisa Simmons Crosby

    Yuck…he was never good looking-he was always chubby and icky. He and his "wife" should just get married already, I kind of doubt anyone else has sex w/him anyway, I think he just acts that way to keep up his image, just lke Hugh Hefner.

  22. Chris Dontneedtoknow

    cmsent11……your a pig…if you don't have anything decent to say, then please don't say anything at all.
    I with Gene and Shannon the best of luck, I hope he can go through with it and then stick to it.

  23. Cindy Harvey

    let him cheat, Shannon is a beautiful womyn and can dish it right back. Many men wealhy men would stand in line for a date with her. Gene needs to let his ego go. If he can't be fathful then he needs not to get married. Alsohe needs not refer to himself as a "Rock GOD", icon maybe…that's blasphemy.

  24. LaVera Wedekind-Martel

    Once he washes his hair and all the DYE runs out -his tongue shrivels up,etc…he ain't nothing but a thug !!!

  25. Mary Ellen Fonza Hobbs

    I belive he is a man of his word any man who loves his mother like gene dose his kids are great and shannon has been a wonderful mother to his kids and his heart gene will do the right thing /he is a good man after all this t.v. stuff /is just t.v they both want one wants to grow old alone after all. goooo GENE

  26. Mary Ellen Fonza Hobbs


  27. Phyllis N Steve Roberts

    And Men can be BUTT ASS UGLY but as long as they have $ then the stupid or $-hungry girls/women don't care that he's BUTT ASS UGLY!
    I my opinion, sleeping with him just cause he has $ (and as ugly as he is & egotistical as he is) is just like sleeping with a real DOG! He's TOTALLY disgusting!!!!!

  28. David Scott

    He's ugly but may be he's hung like a donkey….And she likes big donkey in the rear.

  29. Lily Rideout

    this guy is making a mockery of marriage he isn't promising to be faithful -well last time I checked that is supposed to be the point of marriage he is only doing this for tv and they should pass a law just for him and guys like him if ever there was anyone that shouldn't be allowed to marry its him.

  30. Jami Boulanger

    Gene's a pompous ###hole, and Shannon is an idiot for putting up with him. As a businessman, the guy is awesome, as a family man, he's beyond absent. It's obvious that he does what he wants, fully aware that it hurts his family, but it's ok in his mind, as long as he makes up for it with money/things/trips. It's sad, but it is what it is, and they put up with it, so it's hard to feel sorry for them. What's the old saying…Cruizin for a bruizin.

  31. Anonymous

    cassfj24 Weak man? And your the dumbd down FOOL that worships two demi-god, Hollywierd manufactured, no-talent CLOWNS all shot up with plastic and botox and that have their faces stretched to look like the JOKER on Batman. You're the one that needs to be committed to a STATE facility. They're NOBODIES and you "act" as if they're your "friends" and that you "care" about them and blah, blah, blah. You don't know the FIRST thing about them- and if they saw a mental patient like you on the street- they wouldn't give you the TIME OF DAY and would have you arrested if you got within 20 ft of um. Oh, P.S. "reality" TV is really FAKE- hate to break it to you Einstein- it's ALL staged and scripted. I know that just burst the bubble of your little FANTASY world you live in- but it's true.

  32. Dawn Mumma

    What happens is between them. Shannon knew when she started dating him that he was going to sleep around, she has let him do it for years, and never balked about it. I do not blame her for asking him for more, she deserves more and honestly he does seem to love her. Whatever his own hangups are she knew he had them when they started dating and all these years. I give him props for attempting to change himself for the one he clearly loves. However with everyone tossing insults and "don't do its" at them what are we really saying? Unless you have walked in their shoes, don't attempt to assume you know what it is like. As for ugly or pretty or handsome, seriously people. Both of them are in their 60's now. And their looks have zero to do with any of it. Grow up.

  33. Greg Grumbley

    She obviously has no self esteem. Run Shannon and don't look back. What an arrogant SOB Gene is. If it wasn't for his success with KISS he wouldn't be able to get one woman to sleep with him. Man is he one ugly mother!

  34. Audra Autumn

    he's a joke like at 62, and he still cant commit to Shannon after 28 years and two kids. he will unlikely change. his demeanor is so unappealing. why doesn't he become a moron then he wont have to commit. sigh. Shannon should've have dumped him years ago. wonder if there is prenuptial likely doesn't want to part with his money.

  35. Charles Burdett

    This is DIRECTLY to Gene Simmons. First your a fool. Second, your egotesticle, and remember this. If you cheat, there are 100 guys that would line up in a second for Sharron Tweed.She does not need you!
    Married or not, she will get half of everything anyway! You kids already see you for what you are, a cheat and they will NEVER have any respect for you.
    Gene your an ugly bastard who looks like the south end of a north bound bulldog! Your hair looks like your head got stuck in an ink well, and over all your ego is is as wrinkly as your skin. What Sharon sees in you is beyond anyones imagination. She deserves someone better than the asshole you are….To say you'll get married and you don't know if you can be faithfull….you are an ass.

  36. Sandra Schneider Hatch

    WHY do we waste our time even talking about this? It is their business, and the show is just fluff..their lives are so disfunctional, not sure if he would even understand what a real marriage was like. We have the option to leave the tv off, or change it to the business channel..or something educational….how about a family home evening with our own families?

  37. Patricia Cranwell

    I think Gene should look himself in a mirror and ask himself how would he like it , if his daughter came home with a guy like himself and did all these things he is doing to his family. How would he feel if his daughter felt all these things her moms feeling right now. Would he still say the same things? Would his answers be like the ones he comes out with?
    Hell Gene, wake up you are 62 thats right 62. Go enjoy your family and your money. You do not need to prove anything anymore. You been there did that. Time to relax.

  38. Gary Mongeau

    LMAO…he gives new meaning to the word "Ugly" Him and his "Steel Wool" Hair LMAO to quote him "He does everything the best?" I doubt his father would agree god rest his fathers soul, Gene you blew that one big time! Loser!

  39. Brandon Dale Paxton

    Gene it is time to grow my man, you have the love of your life right there beside you! Do the right thing and set a good example for your kids! We love you you rock, but shannon is the one who puts you to bed at night! You best be faithful or you will lose her forever, she is not going to put up with your shit forever, give her a break, she the best thingg you will ever have, all them other hoes you slept with only saw one thing and its not you its your MONEY!

  40. Brandon Dale Paxton

    And as for you stupid bitches who are making it easy for him, what goes around comes around and you too will feel the wrath of a cheater, wait to u get married and your husband sleeps with 1000 other women then u will know how shannon feels.

  41. Brandon Dale Paxton

    And shannon remember one thing you got the pussy you got the power! Rock on girl, make him kiss the ground you walk on. You deserve nothing but the best! Good luck cant wait to see u guys on the 4th.

  42. Bailey Williams

    Gary Mongeau Just because you see what you see on the shoe…it would be pretty naive to think you know the feelings he had for his father. I sure hope you are the perfect son and father.

  43. Bailey Williams

    Brandon Dale Paxton Marriage is about religion genius…a devotion to God…whatever God is yours.

  44. Martha Kika Villegas

    SHANNON just needs to stick to her GUNS a ring isn't going to change who he IS, HE needs to come back to reality that hes got the best WOMAN GOD has ever gave him before its too late and she leaves for GOOD this time! STAY STRONG GIRL! YOUR TOO BEAUTIFUL!

  45. Bailey Williams

    Mina Rivazfar-Hoyt I think your wrong…something about the officiant being a religious or court appointed officiant under the guidelines of "so help me God"…would indicate a certain religious devotion….don't be a fool to think that any one person can devote themselves to another individual and it be credible…we're not capable of that as humans.

  46. Ross Steelman

    Bailey Williams Marriage is not about devotion to god. That's what church is about. You can choose to mix the two if u desire but by no means is it required. Saying so only shows your closed minded point of view and makes you no better than the people you are criticizing on this thread for the comments they have made.

  47. Bailey Williams

    Ross Steelman It would show my close minded point of view? Actually…I am stating my opinion…therefor…it can't be proven wrong…and stating that it is not correct…well now that would be you being close minded to my opinion…wouldn't want that to happen now would we? I am entitled to believe in what I want…and you are as well…just don't assume that I am close minded…regardless…why do most people get married in a church…ding ding ding…bc its religion…through and through…and I CRITICIZED NOONE….SO DON'T THINK YOU CAN SAY I DID. BTW…I DON'T SEE WHERE I TOLD ANYONE THAT IT IS REQUIRED…DANG COME TO THINK ABOUT IT…YOUR ENTIRE POST IS FILLED WITH A BUNCH OF CRAP THAT MAKES ME SEEM LIKE I TOLD EVERYONE THEY ARE WRONG…FIRST WORDS I SAID WERE "I THINK" (CAN ANYOONE SAY OPINION?) SO I DON'T HAVE TIME TO ENTERTAIN ONE MORE MOMENT LISTENING TO SOMEONE CLOSE MINDED TELL ME THAT I AM.

  48. Bailey Williams

    Devotion is TO your husband/wife and witnessed BY God…99% of the time.

  49. Diana Hemphill

    Jami ~~ Sophie and Nick both made comment that they would " pick " their mother, if their parents split up because Mom was always there. Sophie even made comment that he has been a good provider for the family ,but not a good dad, and she also said that she didn't have to see him if her parents broke up. So there is issues there too. I think Gene is NOW fully aware that he has hurts his family. I just pray that he finally ''gets'' it. Though really they have been '' married '' in the eyes of the law, in California. …….. I'm just curious as to what his band mates and buisness partners said, when they came over to confront Gene (kinda-of an intervention ?) , not much was seen on tv. …….God bless, Shannon, Gene, Nick and Sophie !!

  50. Diana Hemphill

    Lisa, you may not know this, but people over 40, 50, 60, 70, and yes even into their 80s have SEX ! ( Oh my!) What I use to tell my kids, and now my grandkids …… " Look into a room of seniors,….. they kind-of look alike, right?…….Can you tell , WHICH one was the big foot-ball star, the cheer leader, the beauty queen , the nerd, or the outcast ??? No..??,….well the outside shell, will always change, but its what, is on, in the inside, your heart, that usually stays the same, so make sure you choose wisely " There is always someone for every person, Gene is Shannon's, Shannon is Gene's ….28yrs.

  51. Diana Hemphill

    Wow~~ Lisa, I wish that I had clicked at your name, before I had posted the above ( yes, to others, I know that I can/could delete it) but I will leave it. I'm 54 and your older than me, by a year , so you should know a bit about older sex. I could have sworn by your writings that you were about 13-16yrs, not that there is anything wrong with that. Just a bit taken aback by , but I think you are a bit younger, than you say ,you are on your facebook page. So either way….. I will let it stand. : )

  52. Lisa Simmons Crosby

    D-U totally misunderstood my comment and since I don't want this unimportant shit posted on my fb I don't feel like explaining myself. BTW, must be a typo, you're 10 yrs older than me. You didn't have to click on -not AT-my name, as a matter of fact I wish you hadn't. Take care

  53. Teresa L Allen

    Shannon your so awesome! I know how it is to have been what your going though I hope he changes! your kids are great because of you! I sure hope it all works out for you I love you hang in there.

  54. Bailey Williams

    Suzi Smith Mayhew I would sure like to believe that it is 100 percent not 99 but you have to leave a small percentage to the people who believe in themselves more than God. Unfortunate but realistic.

  55. Farooq Debi

    I love it, i do believe over time, you learn so much about each other, and now that gene and shannon has been through thick and thin, regreting things they cant change from their past, now will be the time you learn from your mistakes, and there for your future as husband and wife will be a piece of cake, learning to trust all over again, i know ins't easy, but after all the thing you both has been through, now be the time to make up for those lost moments.

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