Justin Bieber To Sing National Anthem At Maidana Vs. Mayweather Fight In Las Vegas

Justin Bieber To Sing National Anthem At Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Marcos Maidana Rematch

Justin Bieber is set to sing the National Anthem at buddy and unbeaten champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s rematch with Marcos Maidana on Saturday, according to a Friday tweet by Boxing Insider.

We’re reliably told that the same account said that Bieber would sing last year, and he did not. So, that tweet could be a little tomfoolery for #Mayhem, and a sign that the Biebs is finally having some fun with his anti-hero persona in American pop culture, à la his gutsy Fashion Rocks strip.

If, as we suspect, Bieber walks Mayweather out to the ring — and victory — for the fourth time at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand for his clash with Argentina’s Maidana, surely that would be enough excitement for the 20-year-old to not need to sing?

We say that more for Bieber’s sake than anything else. What with him being Canadian and his hijinks of late, we’re thinking it might be best for Justin to completely avoid singing the National Anthem at Saturday’s pay-per-view rematch — American or his own.

Justin Bieber And Floyd Mayweather

(Photo: The “Baby” singer hanging with Floyd backstage in Vegas for his Maidana bout in May 2014.)

The event promises to be high drama after Maidana disputed the judges’ 117-111, 116-112, 114-114 majority decision to Mayweather in his May 2014 Welterweight title unifier meet. By far, the toughest 12-rounds of Floyd’s, dazzling, 18-year-plus career, Marcos will be gunning hard for the win.

Likewise, “Money” had stern words for Marcos’ “dirty” fighting. Yet, The Guardian reports, the five-division champion – who is set to earn $32 million tomorrow before percentages – appears to be approaching the rematch with a good deal of humor, considering tomorrow could be the day his unbeaten 46-0 record chalks up one against.

These were the weigh-ins late Friday:

It’s said Mayweather is promising a masterclass fight for the public. The 37-year-old has a couple more battles left under his six-fight deal with Showtime. He’s also been declaring to all and sundry that he’s looking to retire after his September 2015 face-off.

So, will he and Bieber — and, whoever else is joining them for the walk-out — be pulling out all the stops tomorrow?

And no, that doesn’t mean we’re having second thoughts about Justin singing the National Anthem. That’s still a very, very bad idea. But we’re convinced it’s a joke.

Back in May, Justin flanked Floyd with rapper Lil Wayne who performed “Believe Me” from his Tha Carter V album. What’s on the playlist this year?

And now that Bieber’s gone public with girlfriend Selena Gomez, will the Latina starlet be in Las Vegas with the rest of the MoneyTeam?

So far, online opinion on the prospect of Justin Bieber singing the National Anthem hasn’t been kind.

And so on.

Meanwhile, opinion on whether Maidana has what it takes to dent Mayweather’s shine in the rematch is divided.

Either way, it should be a riot to watch both fighters bring their talents to the big night.