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Kenan Thompson of SNL is Engaged to Model

kenan thompson engaged christina evangeline

Saturday Night Live funnyman Kenan Thompson is engaged, several sources have reported.

Thompson, 33, rose to fame in the 90’s on Nickelodeon’s teen comedy lineup before landing a spot among the not ready for primetime players. The actor is set to wed model Christina Evangeline, and the rumors indicated the couple will be tying the knot on November 11th, 2011- or 11-11-11. (A date some consider lucky.) While that was speculative, it appears there was a grain of truth to the tale.

Over on Christina Evangeline’s Twitter, the model has addressed the rumors twice, saying:

o____O huh RT @Creole_Bonita: Omg wow I found out thru the US Weekly twitter @MissEvangeline. Congrats baby girl!!!!!! Awwww  

@Creole_Bonita we are. just don’t know how people are finding out. especially the date. wow lol

…so it would appear the date has been tacitly confirmed by the model. Thompson recently returned to his Nick roots to appear on the iCarly and Victorious crossover iParty. Of his appearance, Thompson said:

“Well, I play myself – or a celebrity version of myself, I guess! One of the kids on the show wants to have a party and uses my ‘quote / unquote’ mansion to have a party in.

“I come home and I join the party too, then there’s a panda running around chasing me. It’s been following me to different places and apparently it found my new house and it’s giving me problems. There’s just wackiness going on like that.”

Thompson isn’t too cool for kids’ TV- he says he “owes a lot” to Nickelodeon for his success.

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13 Responses to “Kenan Thompson of SNL is Engaged to Model”

  1. Luis Angel Gonzalez Jr.

    He owes EVERYTHING to Nickelodeon. He didn't become a household name because of Heavyweights.
    Also, he's getting married in 2001?

  2. Amenei SandaliusChild Madira

    I'm confused lol! He's getting married in 2001? Is time suppose to reset itself?

  3. Naomi Guiney

    where do yall get 2001 I see 2011 both times it mentions it.

  4. DeLano McRavin

    that's a crappy picture of them…they didn't release some happy engagement photo?

  5. Jeremy Hagen

    wait a minute…Why is he funny? and, if he wasn't on t.v. would he have a girl like this?

  6. Kris Kyle

    Um…how did HE…get a girl that looks like THAT? He's either great with money, was with her through a crisis or VERY endowed!

  7. Calvin Boone

    people always have something to say a fat black guy get a girl like that..swear ya'll some stupid ass people on everything..sit ya'll asses behind the computer and keep up loads of shitz..have gutz to do it in real life see if you don't be laying on pavement..anyways congratz mr.thompson how you have a blissful marriage may you be bless.

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