Ice Cream Sandwich Android Update Appears On Ebay Phone … Two Months Before Launch [Video]

Has Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest Android update, been leaked? The video below, sent by an anonymous reader to Engadget, seems to suggest it has.

The story of how Engadget’s tipster got the update is pretty odd – he claims Ice Cream Sandwich simply came loaded on a Samsung Nexus S he bought on Ebay. When he powered up his new handset, he realized he was getting a sneak preview taste of an update that is only due out some time in the next two months.

The video looks like the real deal, and the fact his phone has since been remotely locked and wiped by Google adds credibility to the claim. As for Ice Cream Sandwich itself, well, it looks quite a lot like Honeycomb. Engadget talked readers through the tweaks:

“There’s a new Google Apps icon which opens up a tray containing a number of featured services put out by the search giant, and long-pressing the home button brings up a vertical Honeycomb-style multitasking menu. The notification bar, camera UI and other menus also have a much different look. Granted, all of this could just be a custom ROM built to emulate the latest Google dessert, so we can’t be a full hundred percent certain that it’s authentic.”

You can see the video of the leak below, so let us know what you think, Android owners. Is this really Ice Cream Sandwich? And how much do you actually want an ice cream sandwich after reading this post?