Teen Marries Stray Dog

Teen Marries Stray Dog: Girl, 18, Marries Stray Dog So He Can Protect Her In Unusual Way [Video]

Hearing that a teen marries a stray dog sounds like a bizarre form of seeking canine protection to feel safe, but this actually happened. Metro UK reports that Mangli Munda, 18, walked down the aisle with a stray dog that her father found, named “Sheru.” Villagers in the Jharkhand state of India are convinced that by the girl going through with this ceremony, it will ward off any curse that causes the death of a man who eventually marries her.

“I am not happy with this marriage,” Munda says.

The animal shockingly arrived in his own car driven by a chauffeur.

The wedding of a young woman and a dog is traditional in the village before marrying a human man because they believe the marriage will be blessed with longevity.

“We have to spend money on this wedding,” Munda’s mother says. “That is the only way we can get rid of her bad luck and ensure the benevolence of the village.”

Nuptials are performed as a Hindu wedding. The marriage isn’t legally binding, but it’s a ritual the people follow. Now Munda can find the right man, according to the report.

She says:

“Yes, I will marry a man one day. Every girl dreams of marrying a prince.”

In a completely separate ABC News report, a 4-year-old girl married a stray dog in India because it was suggested by an astrologer to her father, Subal Karmaker, that the Hindu ceremony would transfer “evil effects” of the planet Saturn from the young girl onto the dog.

The girl, Anju, had experienced a series of bad luck that included several illnesses, fractured bones, falling in ponds, and burning her hands in the kitchen.

“The astrologer said the evil effect of Saturn can be countered by marrying the child to a dog,” Karmaker said.

Hindu priests were chanting hymns, according to the report. About 150 of the 250 village residents witnessed the wedding that took place about 35 miles north of Calcutta.

Not all of the villagers took the ceremony seriously, however. The report notes that the mostly illiterate village celebrated in the event, but thought it was ridiculous of the girl’s father to make her marry a stray dog.

“He is superstitious, but why should I care if he wants to waste money and give us a feast? I enjoyed the rice, meat, curd, lentil and sweets,” said Karmaker’s neighbor, Fakir Chand Durlab.

Hopefully the teen that had to marry a stray dog will soon find a real man and they can be in true love.

[Image via Metro]