Jordi Roco - Perfume Pastry Chef

Dessert Scented Perfume Debuts, Becomes Instant Success

The smell of lemon sponge cake might be best discovered in a bakery or after dinner in a restaurant but now you might be soon grabbing a whiff of the tasty treat on your co-worker or the person next to you at a movie theater. Spanish pastry chef Jordi Roco has been baking perfume smelling desserts for years and now he has announced a new bottled spray that he uses to enrich citrus notes in desserts.

According to Time the perfume known as Núvol de Llimona (Lemon Cloud) is being snatched off shelves at hundreds of bottles per week. The pastry chef tells the magazine, “I’ve been amazed” while adding “We thought it would just be this whimsical thing.”

Jordi began making scented desserts 7 years ago after he discovered that many off-the-shelf perfumes use everyday cooking ingredients to create their signature scents. The chefs desserts include the inspirations of Calvin Klein’s Eternity, Lancôme’s Miracle, and Hermes’Terre among others.

Chef Roco says it hasn’t all been successes:

“We’ve never been able to get Chanel No. 5 to taste good,” while adding, “Too many aldehydes.”

If the success of Roco’s perfume continues it may lead to more offerings although his sister has discovered one side effect:

“I love the way it smells,” she says. “But it makes me hungry.”

Are you willing to wear a sweet smelling perfume that might make you crave sweet foods all day?