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Scientists Say E=MC2 Might Be Wrong, Say Neutrinos Are Faster Than Light

Albert Einstein Using Chalkboard

Physicists working at CERN believe they may have discovered neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light. If the discover is validated it would mean Albert Einstein’s special theory of relatively marked as E-MC2 would be incorrect. Einstein states in his theory that notice is able to travel faster than light.

Adrian Cho at Wired didn’t sugar coat the discovering, claiming:

“If it’s true, it will mark the biggest discovery in physics in the past half-century.”

The reason the discovery is so significant is that the modern world of physics is based around the notion that light travels at the fastest possible speed in the universe.

Tests are being duplicated to prove the assertion correct with a CERN spokemans noting:

“The feeling that most people have is this can’t be right, this can’t be real.”

With such a huge potential discovery Chicago’s Fermie lab has begun immediate experiments of their own in an attempt to duplicate the discovery.

Anyone worried that innovation will stop or that physics will be set back by years need not worry, Einstein’s theory of relatively has allowed innovation to travel at breakneck speeds since being published and a new faster particle would only help physics develop into a more robust study of the universe and how it operates.

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87 Responses to “Scientists Say E=MC2 Might Be Wrong, Say Neutrinos Are Faster Than Light”

  1. Demetrius Fair

    Well it's not truth unless it comes from God. That's why people need to crack that Bible open and start reading. Might find something more interesting and far more reliable than "science". God never mentioned science anywhere in the Bible (although the Bible IS 100% scientifically correct). He said "Let there be light." and there was. Simple. Jesus said "Peace be still." no science there. So where do we get off going based on what man finds and what man tells us is true? Man is not perfect at all. Even if 100's of people believe and tell you the same results, THIS is a prime example.

    I can't wait to hear these results. If the government doesn't hide it from us like many other things.

  2. Andy Fischer

    So you wouldn't use a computer then, right? Unless God gave you those things, I mean. Otherwise an arrogant human wasted his time with science to build them for you, so they're tools of liars and atheists. So where did you find your computer, on the beach? In a quarry? Fight a leopard for it in a cave?

  3. Andy Fischer

    For those of us worried about wrong equations, they're certainly right for virtually everything else. For example, Newtonian mechanics are "wrong", in that they don't effectively describe small physics terribly well and they neglect quantum altogether. However, that's still where we start learning physics – even though they're incomplete, they're still widely useful.

    You almost certainly grew up learning the wrong equations, simply because the universe isn't "solved" yet, at least not as physics is concerned. But if it's never worried you before…

  4. Bisma Hashmi

    Syed Usman Ali haha..agreed…but this is definitely a big discovery i would say..

  5. Thomas Chauncey

    Does this mean the stars in the sky are now closer then we once thought?

  6. Niaz Mohammad

    Well, to my understanding, nothing in this universe can be considered as to be "Absolute"… "WE HUMAN DON'T CREATE RATHER WE DISCOVER NEW THINGS" and that's just what happened throughout the life-span of humanity.

  7. Niaz Mohammad

    What I meant to say is that it could be very well that Neutrino takes the place of photon as being the fastest(relative or as of now or in near future until something else waiting to be discovered and thus replace Neutrino) elements in the universe…So in short, each invention or discovery does not make previous inventions worthless or wrong, it just gets added to our knowledge…..each invention takes us one step closer to discovering yet another!

  8. Robert Barbour

    (although the Bible IS 100% scientifically correct) Is that what you really beleive? If so your mind is warped… go read up on Evolution. @Demetrius Fair

  9. Makeba Ellis

    Doesn't matter really, becuase right or wrong we still learned something. We still moved forward because now we know something we didn't know before. For me truth is greatest breakthrough, not who was right about whatever.

  10. Demetrius Fair

    Robert Barbour Evolution? There is no such thing as evolution, well except how the human brain has been dumbed down in the last few decades by the powers that be so people like you can believe in evolution.. I didn't say that scientists are dumb or else they wouldn't have discovered what is around us and how to make all of those things work together to invent things. I am saying this:


    Bottom line. Change your ways, repent and get in line with God's word. It never fails. Never.

  11. Felicia Wong

    Science is a great thing for mankind to study. It has brought much ease and freedom to everyday living. Maybe E=MC2 is correct; maybe it is wrong. Science changes its conclusions with new discoveries all the time but scripture never changes….it is the standard for truth.No one can live free without truth…yet so many of us don't see the immediate benefit of studying the bible. Be amazed by God as he reveals his unchangeable self to you. You just may find that God gives us more than just things that wash up on a beach…he gives us ideas….like love your neighbor as yourself.
    Isaiah 29:14,"Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish."

  12. Jason O'Toole

    Demetrius Fair , you do know that there's proof backing up the theory of Evolution. Hints why the majourity of the scientific community belives in it.

  13. Demetrius Fair

    Jason O'Toole Funny how this is suppose to be about the article above. And what's the proof? Oh yeah, what another human told you. We believe ANYTHING as humans.

    In the Bible, it tells us God made MAN. Not monkey/ape. MAN. In HIS image. You telling me God's image changes? Evolves. No.

    If you don't agree with the Bible – thats you. My argument is 100% Bible based.

  14. Demetrius Fair

    Either way, Humans told you E=MC2, and I feel with the possibility of THIS not being right, why not consider Evolution being not right. As you say, its scientific proof that evolution happened. Wasn't there scientific "facts" when Einstein figured E+MC2? I'm not saying he didn't know what he was talking about but the sheer fact that it's challenged, says enough.

  15. Jason O'Toole

    Rofl I replied to "your" comment to this post. It's funny how you jump all over the place with your insults. You mentioned how Evolution does not exist with your earlier post and I just pointed towards legit proof that backs up the theory. Don't understand the article??? Please… I just saw something that bugged and I had to clarify your remark.

  16. Seven Johnson

    This is fascinating, the scientific community at cern finally figured it out. The speed of light calculation has been wrong since it was determined through means associated with the atomic clock. The new cesium means would get them further in their studies. Thus, the neutrino does not reach the speed of light, as it does essentially have a mass. Therefore their insight above merely accounts for an inaccurate speed of light determination. Effectually they will not determine the speed of light through the cesium clock either, as it lacks a few minute seconds due to the equipment used. Due to the fact that scientist have little knowledge of how to utilize photon energy or manipulate it, because it has no mass/weight equation, they will remain confused as to the central understanding of actual speeds of light and the effect it has on matter. Quantum physics can only be used in terms of, and by application of, atomic matter with mass. A subatomic particle, such as a photon, and speed of light configurations relevant thereto, do not fit within quantum mathematical equations. IT HAS NO MASS. Back to the drawing board CERN. Neves

  17. Josh Cha

    and this is coming from a 15 year old. The thing is, the theory of relativity does not have a profound effect on life as it is: what I'm saying is that life goes on even if the theory of relativity has a slight error.

  18. James Johnson

    Josh, it's not about having an effect on life as an "entity", as the article states its about having an effect on Physics which it most definitely would.

  19. Jack Moran

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EVOLUTION?! are you retarded. i will accept that there is no such thing as MACRO evolution. But to throw the theory of evolution in the form of micro evolution out the window would be the work of a down syndrome child. There is too much evidence for micro evolution.
    Also, where are dinosaurs in the bible, i could of sworn they were real? or are bones and fossils not enough evidence for you being the dipshit you are?
    The only reason you say the bible never fails, is because the bible is very vague. Obviously there is light, theres evidence for that, however wheres your evidence that God made it.
    Science fails due to it constantly changing and more things being discovered. The bible doesn't 'lie' as it is too vague and most the words can be twisted to whatever the reader wants them to mean.

  20. Shaun McDowell

    It seem to me that if E=MC2 is a true statement then the notion of the light speed barrier is wrong from the statement itself, ie: C2. If the speed of light "C" is the upper limit of the speed of matter or energy, how can you square it?

  21. Michael Luo

    You guys do realize that the scientists at CERN believe that they themselves are wrong? They're trying to see where they may have gone wrong in their experiment.

  22. Michael Luo

    "although the Bible IS 100% scientifically correct" Because you can transmute snakes out of sticks. K.

  23. Seven Johnson

    Quantum physics is, I believe, not a foundational study for individuals attempting to solve problems involving photons, as they simply cannot be confined to any mathematical equation other than geometry. And in this, only when the geometric shape involves containment of such photon. Advancements in science should not be kept on the shelf at CERN on the basis of lazy human beings stck in all ways that were incorrect for such subatomic particle.

  24. Seven Johnson

    Wrong equations is right young Lady. It will not be found in math, therefore new discoveries will not preside in common quantum physics. A photon travels at the speed of Light, 190,00, not 186,00, and does not require a deduction of E=MC2, as 2 represents a constant (Planck), which with weight, represented by M, requires a constant speed of two times the speed of light. A photon requires only a state of which can be properly calculated to reach at one times the speed of light. In other words, the proper calculation would be E1=Antimatter, in and of itself, without containment issues.

  25. Seven Johnson

    Wel thats if you understand the bible beyond what the preachers explain when you were a kid. Remember this. Where do you think all this knowledge comes from? The Spirit. Each contributes to the Truths in the bible, not by reading it, but by exercising what the Spirit gives you. Ever read corinthians? Do you really believe the Genesis story, or the actual Truth of creation? That Truth is not found in that section. It is found in Job where God himself reveals His science. How do you think He circumscribed the World? He knew the science of every nature and structure in space and on this planet. The mathematical proportions carry a very unique signature that blends with all scientific discoveries for thousands of years. No one man or women receives knowledge but through the matrix.

  26. Michael Luo

    Seven Johnson If God was real, then why would he make Athiests? There are many people who have died without even hearing of God. The majority of Asia before year 500 is a start, so are the Aboriginals of Australia and North America. If God were real then he would have given those people a fighting chance to make it into heaven. After all, you can't make it to heaven if you don't repent, and to repent you have to know who God even is.

  27. Ahsan Mustafa

    every thng v study is outdated after evry 6 mnth nvr belev on science : )
    just enjy ur lyf : ) hav a nice tym einstine's time over nw :)

  28. Andy Fischer

    Seven Johnson Actually not even geometry does a very good job. Quantum particles are capable of "leaking" out of their container.

    The best you can ever do in quantum is say where something is likely to be, not guarantee that it's there. Also, quantum is usually not relevant unless you're dealing with photon (no s), as Maxwell and the like did a pretty decent (but technically also incorrect) job with large groups of them.

    My point was simply that things that are true nearly all the time still aren't true all the time. If you'd like to get into whether something is unknowable or not I'd be happy to, but I'm not convinced it's related.

  29. Nabeel Khalid

    Bill Stratford Its just a theory, as there is no definite in Science, Earth may turn out to be flat one day 😉

  30. Nabeel Khalid

    Michael Luo Can't you see wink sign at the end ? I was being sarcastic.

  31. Michael Luo

    Nabeel Khalid Lol sorry, like Sheldon from the big bang theory, I have way of telling wheter people are being sarcastic, especially on the internet.

  32. Luke Sticka

    Demetrius Fair The Bible is a pretty cool book if you're a dude. Try being born with a vagina and read that book again. Then you can start talking about its truth and wisdom.

  33. Daniel Fielding

    Correct me if I'm wrong please!
    Computers compute data at the speed of light and can read data at the speed of light. Therefore if something travels faster than the speed of light, the computer would be unable to read it. it would take such an amount of neutrinos to go the speed of light, the energy required according to the laws of motion would be astronomical. Therefore either the scientists made a mini sun go super nova or they got something cool from area 51.

  34. Daniel Fielding

    1:if god created all men equal, please give me his thoughts on the DIVINE RIGHTs of kings :)
    2: "Thou shall not kill" flood time :) :)
    3: "Thou shall not kill" go have a crusade
    4: Jesus is gods son, pretty lame dad!
    mind over matter 😉

  35. James Johnson

    Current computing systems actually don't transfer data at the speed of light, however Intel has worked in recent years to create systems that use light beams in place of copper wiring and other components (such as Fiber Optic cables). One of the main issues is being able to store information in a light form (as it would constantly need to be moved to keep the information retained. Quantum computing brings the hopes of "speed of light" computing to the forefront but still has a long way to go.

  36. Louis Vigniero

    Your kidding right? E=MC2 is a theory and never was said to be the truth or fact

  37. Dino Thomas

    Demetrius Fair, The bible is always right? So do you really believe that there's NOTHING morally and scientifically wrong in the bible?And I mean Absolutely NOTHING???

  38. Jan Seidler

    Reality (materia) can only happen with the materialisation of the Ilusion (anti-materia). The Ilusion can only manifest through Reality, that is in a progressive sense.

  39. Elric Anibal Bey

    Light speed is not the conversion point to energy. The conversion point to "pure" energy is at a speed equal to the distance to go all the way around the perimeter of the universe. The equation E=Mc^2 is derived from two postulates of Special Relativity. Since the universe is expanding, the the perimeter of the universe is constantly changing; which means the "rest" energy of any mass is constantly increasing, because we THINK the universe is expanding and NOT contracting. That proves the 1st Law of Thermodynamics would be broke. False.

    Try to figure out what the "speed equal to the distance to come all the way around the universe perimeter and not take the time to do so" and you will get INFINITY. Dividing a finite number, finite equation means assuming the universe is finite, which means "how could it expand" by 0 (undefined).

    They say "c" is a Constant. The only way "c" will have a correct value is for a "certain" E and a "certain" M. Change any two values and the "c" also changes.

    Any "physics" formulas that involve Constants are wrong. Pi is also a constant. How can anything be a constant. A tree is not a constant. It cannot walk, it cannot move on it's own, but it constantly growing which makes it a non-constant.

    Read more:

  40. Elric Anibal Bey

    Well, to put it bluntly, there is no such thing as a mass-energy relation. What does exist is a mass-energy-momentum relation. The equation Einstein came up with more than a century ago can be considered a degenerate form of the mass-energy-momentum relation for vanishing momentum. Einstein was very well aware of this, and in later papers repetitively stressed that his mass-energy equation is strictly limited to observers co-moving with the object under study. However, very, very few people seem to have paid attention to Einstein's warnings, nor to any of the more recent warnings. Even worse, the vast majority of authors of popular science books take great liberty in applying E=mc2 to objects moving at speeds close to the speed of light, and then declare mass to increase with velocity in an attempt to recover consistency in what has become an incoherent mix of relativistic and Newtonian dynamics. Theoretical physicist Lev Okun refers to this practice as a “pedagogical virus”.

    What I consider truly amazing, is how few people are aware of the mass-energy-momentum relation. In contrast to the widely popularized equation E=mc2, the mass-energy-momentum relation is a direct result of the fundamental principles of relativity theory, and provides true insight into the basics of relativity. Moreover, and contrary to what one might expect, the mass-energy-momentum relation is far from complicated. In fact, the mass-energy-momentum relation does not even need a mathematical equation, a simple drawing with annotations suffices.

  41. Elric Anibal Bey

    In physics the term theory is generally used for a mathematical framework—derived from a small set of basic postulates (usually symmetries, like equality of locations in space or in time, or identity of electrons, etc.)—which is capable of producing experimental predictions for a given category of physical systems. One good example is classical electromagnetism, which encompasses results derived from gauge symmetry (sometimes called gauge invariance) in a form of a few equations called Maxwell's equations. Note that the specific theoretical aspects of classical electromagnetic theory, which have been consistently and successfully replicated for well over a century, are termed "laws of electromagnetism", reflecting that they are today taken for granted. Within electromagnetic theory generally, there are numerous hypotheses about how electromagnetism applies to specific situations. Many of these hypotheses are already considered to be adequately tested, with new ones always in the making and perhaps untested.


  42. Balvinder K K Singh

    einstein is a man discribe and simlify the teory of relativity…
    so he proven wit his eq wich is e=mc2 is not easy..2 discover…
    light is a component wich diffuclt 2 hendle..itz hving large amount of energy….due 2 itz tiny mass.
    if the scientist discovered the speed of nutrinous.
    is gonaa be very slighty diffrent……..not easy 2 handle a small quantum mechanic like how einstein did…

  43. Abhay Pokle

    science is nothing but illusion.
    it also based on assumption noting more than that…

  44. Keith Graham

    Demetrius Fair
    The bible isn't always right… Did David kill 700 Arameans (2 Sam. 10:18) or 7,000 (1 Chron. 19:18)? Did he buy a threshing floor for 50 shekels of silver (2 Sam. 24:24) or 600 shekels of gold (1 Chron. 21:25)? In Mark 14:30, Jesus tells Peter that before the cock crows twice, Peter will have denied him three times. In Matthew 26:34, Luke 22:34, and John 13:38, Jesus tells Peter that he will deny him three times before the cock crows once.

    Didn't the bible say that the sun stopped (Joshua 10:12-13) because it was assumed that the sun revolved around the earth. You would have thought God would know it didn't or it could have slipped his mind.

    And how can you scientifically prove this longevity…“When Adam had lived one hundred thirty years, he became the father of a son in his likeness, according to his image, and named him Seth. The days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were eight hundred years.”— Gen. 5:3-4 ?

    There are so many mistakes in the bible I could fill my computer screen.

  45. Omar Francis

    Oh great. Religion is discussed on a science website. Now there's a pointless argument…sheesh…

  46. Paul Petrin

    There is only some evidence that "suggests" neutrino's even have mass. I would be quicker to assume this phenominon may be evidence that neutrinos are massless than to claim E=MC2 is incorrect. I can theorize that a subatomic particle which has a true zero mass may be capable of travel at a velocity faster than that of light with the right catalyst. Look at what happens to photons passed through a cesium tube with cooled cesium for example…

  47. Michael Reilly

    The bible was written by man. not god unless god somehow appeared and sat down and wrote it all down, then translated it without losing any meaning which is impossible with translations. so by your own words you have admitted the bible is false. got to love logic and reason, two things the bible does not promote.

  48. Akansh Gaurav

    every thing is right…the wrong we can say are these words [ GREATEST, FASTEST, LARGEST, SHORTEST ]….nothing stays still every discovery is right because it gives us a reason to discover more….so atlast I can say that science is not a permanent thing which stays still…it keeps moving on. :)

  49. Stacy Anthony Fjörkké Pesola Jr.

    If you cant trust science, stop posting here, put down your phone. Never touch technology again. It is the very set of equations you say we cannot trust that have allowed us the progress we commit to every day. It is not that the equations are wrong, it is that they are the best possible outcome of what resources our ancestors had to discover them. Thus, they open up a path for us to observe greater truth and make the necessary improvement. They aren't the truth, but a gateway to the truth; as much we discover and understand today will most likely be found incorrect in our discoveries, but thanked for discovering a gateway to the next "truth".

  50. Stacy Anthony Fjörkké Pesola Jr.

    If you cant trust science, stop posting here, put down your phone. Never touch technology again. It is the very set of equations you say we cannot trust that have allowed us the progress we commit to every day. It is not that the equations are wrong, it is that they are the best possible outcome of what resources our ancestors had to discover them. Thus, they open up a path for us to observe greater truth and make the necessary improvement. They aren't the truth, but a gateway to the truth; as much we discover and understand today will most likely be found incorrect in our discoveries, but thanked for discovering a gateway to the next "truth".

  51. Anonymous

    Rehan Rules, it isn't wrong. You do know that this was actually because of an error don't you?
    You can trust science BECAUSE it changes and is willing to admit when it is wrong. Something like religion which always denies or hides mistakes is what you cannot trust.

    All of you guys, this think was a MISTAKE, an ERROR in the calculations, E=mc^2.

  52. Aaron Long

    it was never said to be a fact because scientists are as pedantic as religious people are circular. they only dont say fact to cover their asses. not because they believe it to not be

  53. Anonymous

    its not *WRONG* in the sense that your thinking. Einsteins theories and mathematics simply break down at the speed of light and at black holes. we will use Einsteins math, equation's, and theories up to the speed of light. we will probably develop special mathematics for anything going over the speed of light.

  54. Stu Tickle

    Incorrect, the scientist who comes up with the theory does not deem it fact. The peer review board decide whether or not to publish a paper, this paper is then read by more scientists who then try to replicate the results, if the results turn out to be accurate over time or reinforced by other means it is then deemed as fact, if not it remains a theory, if flaws are found it is retracted from the paper. People come to retarded conclusions like yours because they do not understand or attempt to learn how scientific process works.

  55. Dhananjay Janorkar

    Subject:- Research on Point, E=Mc2 Instead of E=Mm2, Speed of Light = 22,32,00,00,000 mile per second, Soul & Exact value of Pi, Pi = 3.141592653 and Om, Aatmaa and also both research.
    Respected sir,
    My father Shri. Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar has worked out the accurate numerical value of Pi=π, Pi = 3.141592653 is exact value and also research point:- Evidence of existence of point and it´s from.E=Mc2 formula derived by Hon. Albert Einstein is wrong & it´s evidence proof,E=Mm2 is new formula.Soul:-Evidence of existence of Soul, it´s form and nomenclature.
    In mathematic´s the value of Pi = π, which was wrongly known to the mathematician is roughly limitless, in-comprehensible, incalculable, transcendental irrational.Circumference divided by Diameter = magnitude of regular polygon (Roughly circumference) divided by Diameter is wrong. Today’s world class mathematician was assumed that the circumference is a magnitude of regular polygon. (there fore) they do not get exact value of Pi= π, for this my father made whole life time research and calculated the exact value of Pi= π which was 3.141592653 and whole research was made in Marathi (Devnagri) language.
    In 15th of September 1998 publication of Pi=Gobacha Swayam Siddha Siddhant Launching ceremony was arranged by me in a city center at Mahan Dist.Akola at 6:00 pm on 15-09-1998. This function was presided over by senior Journalist, Radio and Television reporter late. Shree Dadasaheb Mankar,Dr.K.S.Adhau, Head of Department of Mathematics Amravati University, Amravati Published theorem book. And the launching was over by Hon.Dr.T. M.Karde,(Dean,Faculty of Science, Nagpur University Nagpur, President of Einstin foundation internation,Nagpur) Shree. Bhagwantrao Ingle, President of District Journalist Union, Dr.Mujumdar, Head of department of Engineering Dr.P.D.Krishi Vidyapith,Akola Dr.Burghate, Dr.Asole, Deputy Education Officer,Shri.Wankhade,Adesh Deshpande, Baban Daberao, Prof. Pundkar Dr.Ghorpande, B.D.O. Shri. Borde, were present on dais.
    Hon.Dr.T.M.Karde (International pamed mathematician):- Dr.Karde admitted the new thought about the principal of static & Dynamic is brought by this theorem. In spite of all, he do not comment on this issue instantly, but the assured that, the discussion will be made on the same in next conference certainly.
    Hon.Dr.K.S.Adhau (Head, Department of Mathematics, Amravati University):- Dr.Adhau thought that it would be fast to give any remark on this theorem.
    Hon.Dr.Mujumdar (Head, Department of Engineering Dr.P.D.Krishi Vidyapith, Akola):- Today, this has been provide that research work is not limited to university expert person. But a farmer can also do a research work. There is no end to research work. This research work will guide the future generation.
    Hon.Late Dadasaheb Mankar (Senior Journalist):- Professor Mankar stated that this result is hard work / dedication of 20 years and he expected such Hero should be born from this earth only.
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    I humbly request to you where in the validity of this claim Can be scientifically established. Whatever steps are considered necessary in this matter. So,I again request you to do needful in this regard.
    Thanking you, Yours faithfully
    Dhananjay Shantaram Janorkar
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    Research on Point,E=Mc2 Instead of E=Mm2, Speed of Light = 22,32,00,00,000 mile per second, Soul , Exact value of Pi = π = Goba = Pi = 3.141592653 ,Om,Aatmaa and also both research, look at google site,Twitter,Orkut,Rediff mypage,Digg,yahoo mypage,Facebook, name of Dhananjay Janorkar and Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar.

  56. Greg Supersaiyankinley Bianchi

    Aarøn Long I don’t think you fully comprehend the scientific method. Let the mathematicians and scientists handle issues like this. It’s what we do. Who cares if it’s wrong?

    That would be COOL. That simply means that we have MORE to learn. MORE to do. MORE fun to have. If science were as finite as that moron above is saying Pi is, then we’d’ve discovered everything as /fact/ looong ago.

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