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Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus In Near Death Experience, Asks KKK Leader Why God Is A ‘N-Word’

Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus In Near Death Experience, Asks KKK Leader Why God Is A 'N-Word'

A report is alleging that a racist boy named Billy Landers experienced a near death experience where he saw Jesus Christ in Heaven. The part that was upsetting to the Ku Klux Klan was the claim that Jesus was noticeably black in his skin tone. But is this report real or just a hoax?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it may sound like another hoax or a lie,but the the actual KKK leadership want to partner with African Americans in order to organize support for patrolling the Mexican border in order to prevent more illegal immigrants from entering. The timing of this report about the near death experience also happens to coincide with the recent release of the new comedy Black Jesus, which has Catholic groups sort of approving the portrayal of their Lord.

The story about Billy Landers claims the boy is a son of a KKK member in Mobile, Alabama. The 13-year-old Billy supposedly suffered from a liver failure and was technically dead on the operating table for three minutes before being resuscitated. Sounding almost like others stories saying Heaven is real, the boy claims he saw visions of Heaven. But when Billy allegedly told his Ku Klux Klan family the details they were flabbergasted.

“It was all [n-word],” Billy said. “There were a few white people, but they were just entertaining the blacks, like playing basketball. There were lots of [n-word] angels watching them play basketball. Jesus was a [racial slur], too. Jesus wasn’t white like Daddy says he is. I asked my father ‘Why is Jesus a [n-word]?’ He couldn’t answer. I’d been taught that God and Jesus hate [n-word]. That God cursed them by turning their skin black. That they were ‘mud people.'”

Supposedly, the KKK father was disturbed by the stories and stated that “clearly my son is suffering from some sort of schizophrenia or something” and “I’m going to have my boy put on antipsychotics medications.” This particular detail had a hip hop website called B106 opining that Jesus would realistically have darker toned skin and that modern Americans would not appreciate this fact.

“What makes this story sad and funny is that dad is going to put his son on anti-psychotics medicine. It’s not “Wow Billy you saw Jesus in heaven”? It’s let’s put him on anti-psychotic drugs because Jesus can’t be black. How do you know. Spoiler Alert: If you believe in God and all the bible. Jesus’s was born in Bethlehem.The town of Bethlehem is in the West Bank, some six miles south of Jerusalem. Here’s something to think about. If Jesus showed up here in the states. He would be killed or even worst crucified again. All because of the color of his skin.”

The original story has since gone viral through social media but understandably many question the veracity of the report. The website claims that the local news channel WKRG interviewed Billy Landers for the story but does not provide an external link. WKRG does in fact cover news in the Mobile, Alabama area, but a search of their website does not find this article or any mention of Landers. At least one person has attempted to ask WKRG about the story on Facebook but there has not been an official response although some on social media claim it’s true.

It’s possible that WKRG deleted the original story on their servers due to the racially sensitive nature of the story, but it’s also possible that created the story as parody news similar to the website The Onion. But the other stories aggregated by do in fact refer to real events and the website itself claims they report “the craziest, stupidest stories in the world, stuff you just can’t make up.” A search of reveals that they have not yet investigated whether or not this report is real or fake.

What do you think about the claim that a young member of the Ku Klux Klan saw a black Jesus in Heaven during a near death experience?

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44 Responses to “Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus In Near Death Experience, Asks KKK Leader Why God Is A ‘N-Word’”

  1. Terry Gabrich

    Jesus Christ was a white man, he wasn't black. The blacks are not Israelites or Hebrews. According to the Bible they are the beasts of the field or brute beasts. God is right now eliminating them. Luke 19:27, Jesus said, "And as for those enemies of mine, those that don't want me to rule over them. Bring them here and slay (kill) them before me." Blacks are being eliminated. AT one time the population in America was 15% black, now it is down to 10% black. Blacks are destroying themselves through this nonsense. I wonder what blacks will do when they go back to Africa. They will be slaughtered by their own people, and they will wish that they were back in America. He is dead wrong. There is no such thing as a black Jesus.

  2. Asia Jones

    Are you serious? Blacks or the Ethiopian people, were the first people God made and were the first people on all the new world civilizations. Read

  3. Asia Jones

    @ Terry. Read the text, ' The American Promise: A History of the United States, and certain Caucasian Pastors have also confirmed this. We are responsible for most major new world inventions as well as being the 1st Scientists, Surgeons, mathematicians, Statue of Liberty, etc. Read Read Read. Sorry, As the Bible points, Jesus has feet of brass and hair as of wool

  4. Asia Jones

    Blacks were Kings and Queens and Christopher Columbus was of African descent as well as the Biblical people: Noah, Moses,etc. The pale color originated from a curse. We did it, Caucasians hid it. They twisted and his history. This is why they detest is because they know the true history. The true history, has been whitewashed.

  5. Asia Jones

    The devil has your mind all twisted the way you choose it to be. Do your research: ask Historians ms some Caucasians will give you the truth. Jesus was of African descent, the Ethiopian people were the first people God made like him, the curse came throughwith the pale skin

  6. Cecilia McElroy

    Asia Jones I hope you're a troll. If not, you need help. Jesus wasn't white but he wasn't African. The Bible doesn't say anything about what you're saying.

  7. Jake Malone

    Wow I guess the description in the bible wasn't good enough so he had to cross over

  8. Fdsfsf Fsfsdf

    He asked him why is jesus an N word? That makes no sense. Jesus is nice. Jesus is neat. Jesus is from Nazareth. What is the missing word. No Jesus cannot be a nagger that's not true !

  9. Fdsfsf Fsfsdf

    Keep on telling yourself these lies. LOL Without the white man yall would still be smoking on feces to get high. Oh yall built the pyramids but cannot grow your own vegetables. LOL

  10. Fdsfsf Fsfsdf

    Oh last but not least blacks are the only race just about on earth that do not have their own language but yall invented something. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  11. Fdsfsf Fsfsdf

    Asia Jones we know Jesus wasn't black he was greek. You would have to tell a million lies and still no one will believe you.

  12. Fdsfsf Fsfsdf

    Uh lay off the drugs because other races cannot come from black people. You make no sense at all.

  13. Ryan Ceo Johnson

    You guys don't know much of what your talking about . Because for one god that name has been transliterated from its original name and when u transliterate u change the whole meaning. So for those who call upon such are calling on satan himself . Discrediting the real fathers name , which appeared more than 2000 times in the first scripture known to man the 5 Dead Sea scrolls,

  14. Caseyboy Caseyboy

    The Bible was rewritten to hide the truth about who us blacks in powerful we really are, you say jesus. Was white how you certain in this man you call jesus is a Hebrew they say, but they don't even know what color are the original Hebrews. So how you certain this man you call jesus is white??? Got great news for you his name wasn't even jesus the letter j didn't exist till the 1500s. So how is his name jesus I recall horus. Aka jesus was the son of isis. Aka Mary who conceived horus from her brother Osiris and dad was named geb. King of I I guess your white jesus is really a devil… facts remain we was worshipping a high in power god till they forced Christianity on us.. God is black in so is the world dark just like the rainbow you can mix all the rainbow colors in a bucket in stir them up it will turn black. . Have a nice day

  15. Reno Gambino

    Let me give you the facts. The White Man originated from a curse that was placed on Ham's Fourth Son Canaan <Aramaic Meaning Lowlander> Genesis 9:18 the Aramic/Hebrew word used for curse in Genesis 9:25 is the root word Awrar which means to curse, curse Be He Canaan was cursed because his father Ham looked upon his father's Noah's nakedness. The story goes as follows. In Genesis 9:22 after The Ark rested on Mount Ararat, Noah planted a vineyard Genesis 9:21. Noah was one of the first farms and because the flood destroyed all life from the face of the earth, the condition of his family was very critical.

    They had consumed all of their food supply and were on the brink of starvation. So Noah began to plant seed and harvest the land in hope that it would provide food for then. Noah reaped the grapes. He planted and made wine and drink it in Genesis 9:21-24 .. Note: The Hebrew Word for Nakedness in Genesis 9:22 is Ervah <er – vaw> under the Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #06172. And it means shameful, or nakedness as opposed to the word Ayrom <Ay-rome> under the Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #05903 which is simply used for Nakedness or Bareness. Therefore, this could read "Ham looked upon his father's shame and told his two brothers without. Since Ham just had an argument with this wife Haliyma and was in a weak state. It made it easy for the devil <Azaazil> to take over him.

    Used him, and possess him. So while in his father's tent, Ham mocked his father's Nakedness or as the Hebrew states Shame – Genesis 9:22 common for them to get confused between nakedness Ervah Shameful and nakedness Ayrom Bareness. Almost all Christian ministers can only depend on the English Translation of the Bible. The King James Version of the Bible or the newer version of the Bible that are even worse transition taking you further and further from the original meaning of the Words. This was purposed done so that they won't see the right translation and the Whites that are calling themselves Jews today won't help them. And the Story continues in Genesis 9:24.

    Now reading this verse without knowing the Hebrew Language one would believe that Noah's younger son is Ham. However, when you look at the Hebrew word for younger, the word there is Qaton Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #06996 and means Lesser. As in less in quality unimportant, insignificant. And doesn't mean younger as in age. The same Hebrew word is used in Genesis 1:16 and we see in that verse the Hebrews word being used is also Qaton and means Lesser. As in less in quality or lesser light. It does not mean in Age or Younger as in the word Tsawowr Strong's Hebrew Lexicon #06810 which means youngest, little or small one. Why am I pointing this out to you? To show you how easy it is to misinterpret the verse is actually saying if you don't take the time to study the Original Languages that the Scripture were written in.

    Now Ham was not Noah's youngest son because the order in Genesis 5:32 where Noah's sons are first mentioned states: and Noah was five hundred years old; and Noah begat Shem, Ham and Japheth in that order. That would make Japheth the youngest one of the three sons because, Not Ham. The problem comes in because those who cannot translate the Hebrew can't see Genesis 9:24 ….This is not talking about Young in Age and most definitely is not talking about Ham, which has been misused for decades by Gentitles Caucasians who wish to convince you that the Hamites were cursed to become black – skinned because there was no way of getting around the fact that Ham became the Father of Egipt. But not merely Egipt because the Bible calls Egipt Mizraim.

    Ham is Sudan. A word meaning Black or the two blacks and includes all of North Central Africa which can bee seen on any Map of Africa today. There were many great Empire stretch from Egipt to Morocco, all the way down to Ethiopia and around which back then also included Arabia And the Sinil Peninsula. According to the Bible, an Empire stretched from the White Nile and the Blue Nile all the way to the Tigris Euphrates Valley Genesis 2:11. With these facts being known the early Caucasian Gentiles trying to find a place for themselves in the Bible and after intensive research finding that the curse on Canaan was Leprosy and was in fact the White Race.

    They shifted the curse to Ham as it states before, the Jehovah Witnesses admit this in their book titled Did Man Get Here by Creation or Evolution on page 407. It states that the "Black Race From Cush, not due to Curse on Canaan, whose descendants were white they are telling you right there that Canaan and the Canaanites were not The Nubians/Black or Negroes, but rather The Caucasians. In The Teachers Bible Commentary written by H. Franklin Paschall and Herschel H. Hobbs Copyright 1972 A.D. published by Broadman & Holman Publishers, located in Nashville, Tenn. This book which is registered with the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 75-189505, on page 21 Second Column it states and I Quote Nubians/Negro/Blacks are NOT Descendants of Canaan,

    who was white, but are descendents from Ham, the curse was not predicated upon all Ham's descendants, but only upon the canaanites, please note that the 25 contributing Editors of this commentary are all Caucasians, thus they all agree with the contents of this book. (This has nothing to do with Racism I'm only Quoting from Books Authored by Caucasians) The curse of Canaan is on the Canaanite Race. Not the Nubians/Blacks/Negroes Race.

  16. Tsaddiq Ban Yasharahla

    Cecilia McElroy Sorry, but she is certainly right. And so were all the disciples. Moses and Abraham were, too, as it is historical fact that white people didn't even exist on the earth at that time. Only people of dark skin. And it is well-known that life began in Africa, as well. Stop being in denial and do some research. The Bible states this and so does secular history.

  17. Melionioa Johnson

    terry i have to say you are indeed stupid, no where in there did Jesus say he was eliminating blacks he said he was eliminating the enemies of his. no where in there does it say blacks, he could be talking about people like you, cause you don't believe in his word. no where in the bible does it say blacks are beasts. last time i checked whites killed Jesus for "false claim" blacks were the ones who were spreading the news that Jesus was going to arrive and was very meaningful to his people. its 10% black now because we were never really free this country is full of hidden racists and they put us out as the enemy. i'm black am i gonna die? no i'm not because i believe in Jesus and his words. i'm sorry that Satan has a grip on your mind. Jesus is black, sorry a lot of people can accept this but when the day comes people like you and cecilia will be left on earth for when the 13 years of Satan reigns and all who did not believe in jesus will be left behind. once again i am terribly sorry Satan has you and cecilias minds. read the bible over more or are you just too scared and didnt read parts that you didn't like? smh

  18. Melionioa Johnson

    you tell them, its a dog on shame people are too afraid and ignorant to except Jesus how he is, for goodness sakes when he came the first time they chose a murderer over jesus. Every race on this earth has a black ancestor, but people are too ignorant to accept it. and those who do not will be lost. cant help them

  19. Anonymous

    Jesse was born in Bethlehem, and Bethlehem is located in Asia, not Africa….! The current location of Israel and Palestine. That region people were not white or black, their skin color was olive shade, darker than lighter. By no means He was not white or black…! Stop forcing and changing the history…! Jesus according the scripture was born in Bethlehem and had dark olive skin color…!

  20. Carter Carter

    do you mean like green olives or black olives? And yes, if you really look at it Canaan is north east Africa, right next to Egypt.

  21. Leo Johnson

    Your stupid read your bible he had hair of wool and brunt bronze skin oh and Asians come from blacks hidden colors if you don't know it look it up

  22. Set A Part

    It's true!! The black people in America from the Atlantic slave trade are of the tribe of Judah!! They are the real isrealites they were cures for breaking the covenant!!

  23. Set A Part

    If you study the scriptures you'll find this to be true. The only way the other nations can enter into The kingdom of heaven is to be slaves to the Israelites! Those who lead into captivity shall go into captivity

  24. Anonymous

    I'm black but if I was born in Korea does that automatically make me Asian? Because I was born there does that make my skin the same color as an Asian? Hmmm lets see. Nope. Just because a person is born somewhere that does not mean that look like those people. I have a cousin that was born in Germany, but she isn't Germann nor does she look it. She's black.. #Oh

  25. Morpheosa Designs

    And, here, I thought I was the only one pondering this. I just designed a t-shirt with this message:

    FINALLY – Religion and Science agree!
    Genesis 1:26 – 27 and Genesis 5:1 assert that the first man and woman were made in God's image. Now Science has traced our DNA back to Africa. That makes God a black African.

  26. TerryandStephanie Smith

    Revelation 1:14-15 King James Version (KJV)

    14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

    15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. ENOUGH SAID…

  27. Mutala Amadu

    All the prophets are all black people no one became white they are all black like Africa people ok white man change the real historical to hide from the truth black people. First American president was a black man call John Hanson not Washington first people with technology was black people not white man lie. And I am asking who even a white man that we are talking .on earth we don't have white people colour is a biggest lie ever seen in my life time. So I think people calling themself means their colour of skin don't have name to call that is why they just prefer the white colour but no we don't have white man on this earth sorry.

  28. Mutala Amadu

    Whites refuse to respect black people like devil Satan refuse to respect black Adam the real first man on this earth. We black s are sorry to white people because they have no history for their false colour sorry white try to respect black people why black s don't have racist on their heart like white people

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