Portal free on Steam, here’s your chance to rob Valve

I can’t imagine that anyone on the internet who has at least a modicum of interest in gaming doesn’t already own Portal, but on the very off chance that you don’t, Steam has made the first-person puzzler available for free on Steam for a limited time.

You have between now and the end of day on Tuesday, September 20th to take advantage of what is essentially robbing Valve of one of the greatest puzzle games ever made. If you’re worried that your PC may not be able to run it, don’t; Portal will run on just about any rig made over the past 8 or so years, albeit with low-end settings.

Even in that case, it’s still absolutely worth the download. To get the download started, head over to this link – or, if you prefer, simply boot up your Steam client, browse your way over to the Portal store page and get to downloading.

Seriously. Download it. I mean it. If you do, I’ll give you some cake!

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun