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Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Michael Moore Scrap it Out Over Bin Laden [Video]

Elisabeth Hasselback Michael Moore The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Michael Moore locked horns on Wednesday’s episode of The View, engaging in an entertainingly heated debate over the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Things kicked off when film-maker Moore argued that bin Laden should have been put on trial by the U.S., pointing out that “we did a very smart thing putting the Nazis on trial.” Hasselbeck returned fire, pointing out that the Nazis were tried in peace time, while the U.S. was “still at war.”

“No, we’re not, actually,” replied Moore. “(We are) spending ‘billions’ of dollars of our money on something that has nothing to do with a real threat. The way we show the world that we’re different that we give even the most heinous person their day in court. If we start to say that we’re afraid to hold trials because terrorists might hurt us, we look like a bunch of wussies.”

Hasselbeck seemed genuinely angry at this point, snapping back with, “You’re telling me Osama bin Laden deserves a trial, but where, in New York City at the site of the slaughter of our own 3,000 on 9/11? Absolutely not. How dare …”

Afterwards, Hasselbeck Tweeted that the two had “passionately agreed to disagree,” and they would grab lunch together. You can check out a video of the full debate below.

While I don’t agree with all of his views, I’d have to side with Moore here: giving even the most despicable individuals their day in court (and no, not “in New York City at the site of the slaughter” as Hasselbeck emotionally screeches) is the sign of a mature, confident nation that believes in sticking to its core values. What do you think, readers?

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52 Responses to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Michael Moore Scrap it Out Over Bin Laden [Video]”

  1. David Daly

    9/11 was the near inevitable result of the theft of the executive branch in 2000, basically an act of civil war, there is not a single reasonable person anywhere who believes the official story was anywhere near accurate or even possible. The myth of projected strength through the ongoing "war on terror" only demonstrated the profound weakness involved, beating on these 3rd world nations like they were easy targets. Iraq had been completely pacified at that point, North Korea allowed our inspectors, Iran had an actual democracy, and Afghanistan was simply not where you find 19 Saudis in the first place, and certainly not where we found Bin Laden. The last 10 years has been a disgusting exercise in waste and mass murder, and the previous administration's dragging of NATO through this muck has nearly broken the entire planet. The people who needed to go on trial are currently on tv making millions while everyone else is starving. Waking up from this total fiction might even have been possible if not for the billions of enraged individuals out there tired of wondering when our planners will grow up, and no longer able to trust our intentions. I salute Admiral Mullen for finally getting out of there. I'm sure somewhere in there he agrees that the troops Bush wasted deserved better. People forced to listen to Hasselbeck's drivel also deserve better. While the current administration is still beholden to the heinous treason they've inherited, because backtracking might only have produced serious safety concerns, we are all hostages to these mealy mouthed tv witches and their schizoid ranting, their willful destruction of due process, and their insipid Aryan aesthetic. The cost of plucking that bitch's eyebrows would feed a normal person for a month. Sticking a gag in her mouth is free. I hereby volunteer to do this.

  2. Buck Byers

    elizabeth is a good looking girl but she's a twit, on a lot of her views, espicALLY THINKING oBAMA IS THE SAVIOR OF OUR NATION WHEN IF RE-ELECTED WILL B OUR DOWN FALL.

  3. Marcus Ford

    Really MOORE? I wonder would you still have this same opinion if your wife or kids had been the TWIN TOWERS. I can say, probably NOT. You would want "Osama Bin Sent to Hell" dead just like all the rest of the American People. There is no rule that said we had to give OBL a trial. I love all you people hating on Obama, but why don't you all place the blame where it is suppose to be. Bush messed this country up and they knew it would take 15 years to correct if not longer. But of course that is soon forgotten. Obama inheritted a shit storm and now its being thrown all over the place. So naturally he would be blamed for EVERY problem this country has. It took this country 10 years to get in this mess, but the American poeple now expects to be out of it in 4 yrs. NOT going to happen. No matter who the President is, the USA would blame that person for everything wrong. When clearly Bush had 8 years to screw up and he did it royally. Remember his 27% President rating the lowest every for a President. Buck Byers, please understand ALL the facts before placing blame someone else. My opinion is not based on he and I both being black. IT'S FACT!

  4. Debbie Everett

    EH doesn't believe Obama is the saviour of our nation. she is a replublican…a hard line republican…get your facts strait!

  5. Louis Ventrella

    Bin Laden got just what he deserved. He didn't deserve a trial, as the whole world knew he was guily of mass murder.
    He also didn't deserve a burial at sea. He should have been creamated and his ashes scattered in a pig sty……

  6. Steve Watkins


  7. Jason Benton

    We did the right thing by killing him. If we had imprisioned him and had given him a tril, we would have had every jihahist in the world trying to get here and kill Americans and trying to ssve their leader.

  8. Jeremy Valdez

    Buck…you are such a twitt. Moore it the goofball you should be worried about.

  9. Tami Smoot Yancey

    Yea right, terrorists consider us and our right to breathe while minding our own business. Sure, they put all those murdered people on trial first. Gimme a break.

  10. Cinnabar Levendakis

    Only you believe Obama is our Savior Buck''. So stop putting words in our mouths buck''. Take your loser hatred else where like getting a LIFE.. America knows who our Savior is.. Each day we will pray to be more like him and used the examples he taught us to live by before he want up in Heaven.

  11. Daniel Kerberos

    seriously people Lehman goes bankrupt, millions affected, economy on vthe verge of economic disaster and no one goes to jail, and you think that putting Bin laden on trial is the real issue ! first take care of the safety of our society / economy with the proper regulation and than worry about terrorist. personally i believe Bin laden was found when they wanted him found.

  12. Missy Wright Anderson

    absolutely disagree with the writer! we did the right thing! Letting people like that murderer know that the USA is not going to stand by and treat them with kid gloves, but that we are going to go after them full throttle, find them and kill them is the best policy. They want to act like animals – we'll treat them like animals.

  13. Todd Anders

    I agree. we need to get the loudmouth knuckledraggers Beharand Goldberg off. they are lowering the show's IQ

  14. Feral Shade

    A trial would have been the right thing to do. It would have sent the appropriate message to our foreign allies that our presence in the Middle East was calculated and well-conceived–and that we weren't merely conducting a jihad ourselves. You clearly overestimate bin Laden's importance is his organization and underestimate our ability to safeguard our soil for such an event. Besides, due to the political weight of the trial, I highly doubt there would be sufficient time for a 'jailbreak' to be carried out (or even planned).

  15. Cynthia Franklin

    Okay, so no more killing soldiers on the field. Our forces should arrest everyone and haul them to the US and our taxpayers should pay for each one to have a trial. Are you saying there wasn't enough evidence that Osama Bin Laden was a leader of terror against our country? I think the videos he made for the world were his "trial."

  16. Fox Temple

    Yes I have to agree with Moore We have spent billions on defending other individuals of the same status as Bin Laudin. My question is why. Okla spent over 10 million escorting Mcvey in the Okla city bombing so we could kill him. What is wrong with this world? Where is Judge Roy Bean when you need him.

  17. Kathy J Smith

    I would have liked to seen him on trial then seen him stabbed shot and hung they drawn and quartered.. but on trial first..

  18. Karl Anderson

    Why can't people get this through their thick skulls. Bin Laden didn't want to surrender. Think of it as the extermination of a rabid dog. The victims of 9/11 didn't get a trial. Stop whining. The s.o.b. is dead. Be happy about it.

  19. Kyle Kribbet

    With that logic, we wouldn't have been able to capture him because of extradition from Pakistan. Bin Laden was not a wanted criminal in the US, he was a target of our military because he declared war on our country. With Moore's logic we should be capturing everyone we do battle with and bring them to trial. Where on earth could Bin Laden have gotten a "fair and unbiased" trial? He was killed in an act of war because he was a direct threat to our country. Michael Moore just wants to be controversial to gain exposure and get media coverage. I can't believe I'm in agreement with Hasselbeck, but I am.

  20. Kyle Kribbet

    Daniel Kerberos You're insane. These are two completely different issues. The amount of cover up needed to know where Bin Laden was, but not get him until it is a benefit politically, would be staggering and impossible in today's information age.

  21. Jim Barker

    He is good at eating. He should devote his life to it. Spend a month at each fast food place, 5 meals a day. Start at McD's, then Taco Bell, then BK, followed by Pizza hut and so on.

    How long before he becomes Jaba the Hut and how long after that before he has a massive coronary?

    Not soon enough for my taste.

  22. Teresa Huddleson Hopkins

    Although they say we have the best court system around, everybody has to agree how flawed it is. After OJ and the Florida trial 2 people getting away with murder we cannot say we can trust the court. And this was a military battle, where you don't stop and give rights to people trying to kill you. You cannot do battle and then treat them as civilians. I agree with Elizabeth.

  23. Kim Alessandro

    My dog isn't, either, Rob…but she could still out-debate Moore…

  24. Jim Barker

    Sorry Rob, I wasn't aware that being Mensa was a requirement to voice an opinion. Furthermore, she has more balls than any other woman I know (short of Kim) for facing those shrill nasty sagging tarts every day!

  25. Marc Crownover

    What does it matter whether or not a war is over? If you catch a war criminal you either put them on trial immediately or you incarcerate them until you put them on trial? Why does she keep saying "The war was over"? That makes no sense and has nothing to do with ANYTHING. Most of the Nazi criminals put on trial in were caught while the war was still being waged.

  26. Jason Benton

    Feral Shade Firstly, I believe in healthy debate.

    To say that they couldnt carry out a jailbreak isnt taking in consideration what they did accomplish with taking down the World Trade Towers, and changing our lives forever. Now I understand that this plan took years to train, plan, and carry out, but there are plenty of options that would be as devastating, if not more so, i.e. a dirty bomb, that would not take nearly as long to plan or execute – plenty of credible sources have said that they have "dirty bomb material" in our country, waiting for the time to use it.

    While I believe in being civil, I even more so believe that the evil people of the world need to know that there are life threatening consequences if you kill thousands of our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. I dont want them to look forward to "their day in court". Our allies need to know that when, not if, the next Hitler/Yomamato/bin Laden leader is ready to attack our country that we will defend our country, and will spend trillions to kill the leader(s) of their gov't.

  27. Buck Byers

    she my b a republican, BUT I have heard her defend OBAMA on more than one occasion,& to b honest I don't vote republican or democrate I vote on who I think will do our country the best job, it just happens that they've all been republican,

  28. Matthew Bratton Roper

    Why deal in hypotheticals? A team of fine Navy Seals served him justice. Hell they were even under orders to capture him alive, though he chose otherwise. He deserved to die, if nothing more than for launching an attack on the country with the most resolve to see a war through, the most money to wage a war, and the best army the world has ever seen. The bin laden guy get's the here's your sign award.
    That bastard got what was coming and is something we should never apologize for. By killing that guy and sticking it out ten plus years in Afghanistan, shows to our enemy that we have a resolve that far outlasts anything those crazies could ever throw our way. You know that even now Alqaeda is, from an operational standpoint non-existent. This all because we went after them harder than they could have ever imagined. The same thing happened to Germany, Japan, and the U.S.S.R.. So I say don't cower in some I'm better morale standard but, take a stand and show you are not scared. Face your enemies in darkest of places s that they cannot meet you in your places of light.

  29. Michael Black Ritter

    Lol, and by killing him you think you don't get any Jihad-Fanatics that will bomb your ass when you less expect it? This is so simple minded, I can't believe it. Good, that I never have to put my feet on the Jihad-Poisened grounds of the US, so I'm not in danger and can laugh over here.

    You write: "evil people of the world need to know that there are life threatening consequences" … Which proves, that you simply don't get it at all! A Jihad warrior just doesn't care about it (his life), so what kind of bullshit argument is that?

    But, it all doesn't matter, as the monetary system's bubble will blow up before Jihad-Warriors would even see the need to kill you, and then you're "dead" anyway, as you're also living in a tent city. löl

    Enjoy! 😀

  30. Feral Shade

    I had a well-thought-out and frankly, intriguing, reply…however, 3 paragraphs (45 minutes) into it, I backspaced a few words…and during this, someone tweeted and this caused the backspace key to instead be the 'back button' for this page…so my entire response was erased.

    So, I apologize, but I'm obstaining from this debate (god I hate twitter :/ )

  31. Michael Black Ritter

    Ahhhrgs, yes, this is always bad, and the reason, why I always mark all and copy it, from time to time, when I write more than one sentence in some form, so just in case, I can paste it back in.

    At times, this saves you some headaches! 😉

    It's a more or less "nonsense" discussion anyway, so have a nice week there.

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