Hamas charter

Hamas Charter Calls For Destruction Of Israel And Genocide Of World Jewry

Hamas has been at war with Israel ever since taking power in the Gaza Strip following Israel’s pull-out back in 2005.

The organization, which is considered to be a terrorist entity officially in Europe and the U.S., has been locked in indirect negotiations with Israel in Cairo for over a week. However, it has broken the latest ceasefire agreement by firing rockets on the Jewish state earlier today.

But how can Israel, a democratic state which holds human life and western values dear, negotiate a deal of any kind with a viciously extreme terrorist group which aligns itself with other radical Islamic groups such as the Muslim brotherhood and ISIS?

If you look at the official Hamas Charter, which is translated into English on various websites, you might be surprised to read what you see there.

Right from the get-go it is patently obvious what Hamas wants, and that isn’t peace, of any sort with Israel, which it doesn’t recognize as the homeland of the Jewish people. The charter is long and detailed and is peppered with Islamic sources from the Koran which extoll the virtues of death and suffering.

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