Invention of 2009: Trouser Expander inflates your best asset

Need a bigger package? Want to show off your “chief asset” at important meetings but need a little help. The Trouser Expander could be for you. Its billed as being the perfect gadget if you are feeling a little smaller than normal, and feel the need to inflate yourself.

According to the packaging, for the sum of roughly $7.20 (USD) you can “enlarge yourself to a whopping 8”, with a girth beyond belief!”

All you need to do is inflate the pouch using the handy rubber pump for some impressive enlargements – with no surgery, pain or bogus medications!

Where do you get this fabulous product I hear you asking? IIt’s ok I know you only want it for a friend. You can order them here.

I was also impressed with the:

Willy Care Kit

The WIlly Care Kit contains a silverware “fluffing brush”, styling “shears”, a silverware “sprucing” mirror and a metal “bracelet” complete with mini medallion, for that special evening wear occasion (it is, in fact a very upmarket “willy care kit”). All these items come packed in a luxurious, hard, leather look case to add a touch of class to this fine, personal (very personal) groin grooming collection.

Another must have is the Gentlemen’s Ball Scratcher.


Silver plated and crafted in the shape of a delicate female hand, with a nine inch handle and the benefit of five fingers the Ball Scratcher is ideal for getting to those hard to reach places. Another plus is it’s dishwasher safe! Order one for every man in your life!