‘The Bachelor’ 2015: Chris Soules Meets Republican Politicians, Hurts Chances Of Finding Wife?

The Bachelor 2015 is in the very early stages of filming, and Chris Soules is already making waves on the internet. Aside from the fact that most fans of the show are thrilled that Soules is the guy taking the helm next season, the Iowa based farmer has also been doing some schmoozing — with republican politicians. According to Time Magazine, Soules met Rick Perry at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 12.

The two men shook hands and chatted a bit — but that wasn’t the end of Soules’ politician meet and greet.

“Perry was hardly the first Republican 2016 hopeful to meet Soules, who has been ubiquitous at the State Fair and around Des Moines in recent days. Earlier this month, Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio met the reality television star at the annual party hosted by Iowa GOP bigwig Bruce Rastetter.”

The Bachelor usually doesn’t take a political stand of any kind, and usually politics don’t play any kind of role on the show. However, there seems to be some chatter about Chris Soules’ affiliation, and some think that he’s going to have a hard time finding a wife if he’s a conservative. While that’s probably not the case at all, people have noticed that Soules has been rubbing elbows with particular people. Perhaps there is an emphasis on this because of the 2016 campaigns that will soon be starting.

“Soules’ political affiliation is not publicly known, but attendees at the Rastetter event said he volunteered that he was a Republican. Soules would hardly be the first celebrity endorser should he announce a preference in the GOP’s presidential sweepstakes.”

Wetpaint points out that Soules could choose to publicly back a potential candidate, which would actually be a first for the show — and it could cause controversy, but it could be great for a candidate.

The Bachelor 2015 hasn’t been officially announced by ABC, but everyone is going on a previous report by Reality Steve that confirmed that Soules inked a deal with the network and has already started doing some filming. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it’s unknown when ABC will make an announcement. Some think that it will happen during Bachelor In Paradise, perhaps on a special segment or on the season finale. ABC is definitely trying to build some major suspense with this one!

Do you think Chris Soules’ political affiliation will affect his chances of finding a wife? Do you think that it’s a mistake that he’s out meeting republican politicians or do you think people really don’t care about that sort of thing?

[Photo courtesy of Chris Soules / Twitter]