Zac Efron

Zac Efron: This Is The First Look At The Actor As An Aspiring DJ – Looking Absolutely Confused?!

Zac Efron used his official Facebook and Twitter pages to release the first picture of himself behind the turntables as an aspiring DJ.

According to the caption of the black-and-white photo, Zac Efron is preparing for his upcoming role in the highly-anticipated EDM film, We Are Your Friends.

#ZacEfron prepping for his role as Cole in #WeAreYourFriends

As you can see from the photo, Zac Efron definitely looks, well…confused. In many of his past movie roles, the actor has had to sing and dance. However, this will be the very first time that he is stepping behind the turntables for a movie role – and this picture proves that he is way out of his element. Before you start to judge the decision to cast Zac Efron in this leading role, there are a few points to consider first:

First, the actual movie hasn’t even been filmed yet. One report claims that production is not scheduled to start on this film until August 18th. Secondly, this is just one black-and-white picture showing him preparing for the role; just wait until the first teaser trailer is released so you can see him in action. Finally, if Zac Efron is out of his element, he will at least be in great company (Don’t forget the ‘Blurred Lines’ video actress Emily Ratajkowski will also be featured as the female lead in this film for her big-screen acting debut)

We Are Your Friends will be focused on the journey of an aspiring DJ by the name of Cole (played by Zac Efron) who has been trying to make it big as a professional DJ his whole life. However, when Cole ends up falling in love with the forbidden girlfriend of another man (which is where Ratajkowski comes into the picture), things become very complicated.

Even if the movie does not perform well and Zac Efron fails miserably on screen as an aspiring DJ trying to fulfill his dream of making it big in the industry, chances are that is not going to matter very well because millions of people will still be head over heels for the former High School Musical child star. No matter what he does in his personal or professional life, it seems as if Zac Efron will always have his loyal fans ready and waiting for him to pop up so that they can drool over him. Take a look at some of these recent tweets that prove just that:

What do you think? Will this movie put Zac Efron back in the driver’s seat of a successful movie career? Or is just another crash-and-burn just waiting to happen (especially since he won’t have Seth Rogen or Michael B. Jordan here to save him this time around)?