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Christina Hendricks Wants to Play Wonder Woman

2010’s Sexiest Woman in the World as voted on by Esquire, Christina Hendricks, has expressed interest in expanding her fan base to adoring tweens and comic book fan-boys.

Henricks, 36, recently gushed to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush about a role she’d like to sink her teeth into- Wonder Woman. (A page for a projected 2015 Hendricks-led edition film edition of Wonder Woman is already up over on iMDB.) The buxom Mad Men star has said that should her Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn have the opportunity to make the film a reality, she’d jump at a chance to star.

A film version of Wonder Woman has long been a dream for fans, but Wikipedia says the project has been stuck in “development hell” in the very early stages for years. The most recent attempt to revive the Wonder Woman franchise occurred for TV this year, but fan hopes were spectacularly dashed when NBC passed on the show’s pilot back in May.

Still, as Hendricks illustrates, there is lots of interest in bringing the character back – she says:

“I think [Nicolas] thinks I would be good in that role… I loved working with Nicolas so much, he’s such an incredibly talented director. If he gets to direct ‘Wonder Woman,’ then I would love to do it with him.”

The aborted NBC pilot was directed by David E. Kelley and starred Adrienne Palnicki as Wonder Woman. Hendricks is up next in the Sarah Jessica Parker-led film I Don’t Know How She Does It, out later this week in theaters nationwide.