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Lamar Odom Claims He Was Set Up By Khloe Kardashian Outside L.A. Nightclub

lamar odom unhappy

Lamar Odom may have split from his wife eight months ago, but technically the couple are still married even though Odom has done his best since the split to disassociate himself from his ex and her family.

The latest news headlines reveal that Odom feels like he’s been tricked by Khloe — and on more than one occasion. The former Lakers star’s first allegations relate to the way he feels his split with Khloe has been used by the family in their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as it makes for a great storyline.

Celebuzz reported that he is now also claiming that the Kardashian family set him up when he arrived at a club in L.A. which Khloe Kardashian was going to, and the cameras were rolling when he arrived. He said Khloe knew he was coming but acted shocked for the media anyway.

When Lamar Odom showed up at the club, where Khloe’s new boyfriend rapper French Montana had been performing, the latter appeared utterly shocked in front of the cameras at his arrival. A source told Radar Online that the whole thing was an act:

“Lamar was extremely upset, because Khloé was the one who had told him where she would be that night. Lamar was only in Los Angeles for a few days, and did want to talk to her. He had no idea that there would be cameras from the show there, and he felt like she set him up.”

Apparently during a phone chat the couple had the next day, Khloe admitted to Lamar that she was fully expecting the cameras to be there, before the confrontation even started.

The same source revealed that Lamar Odom was apparently “beyond furious” for being portrayed as a “loser” on the show. “Lamar couldn’t care less about French Montana… If Lamar had been granted entry to the club, there wouldn’t have been any altercation,” the source said.

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48 Responses to “Lamar Odom Claims He Was Set Up By Khloe Kardashian Outside L.A. Nightclub”

  1. Anonymous

    He should be happy to be away from the cancer known as Kardashian. They are a menace to society. She just looks like the pig she likely is. He should have taken the opportunity to get his (act) together and reinvigorate his career, instead of ruining it with cocaine. What a waste.

  2. Daejha Milan

    I knew Lamar before all of this. He is a really nice person and he got a raw deal from this family all the way around. His career and life was just fine before he got with her, if you remember right. I hope he can get bacc on the right tracc and do the most with his life again.

  3. Achyuta Chaudhuri

    Lamar, you are a talented basketball player. So my unsolicited advice… get back to what made you so successful. I still believe you have a couple years of game left in you.

    Just follow Rory McIlroy's philosophy "he believes his separation from Caroline Wozniacki improved his game of golf because now he has more time to concentrate on his game".

  4. Julie Kilday

    khloe got a raw deal…………and for him being mentioned on the show………….HE broke HER heart………..why would she not mention him…………druggies are paranoid and continue to be after drugs…………….

  5. Julie Kilday

    khloe got a raw deal…………and for him being mentioned on the show………….HE broke HER heart………..why would she not mention him…………druggies are paranoid and continue to be after drugs…………….

  6. Patty Crosby

    I love khloe to death,she's the only sister that isnt fake

  7. Jim Jax

    The Kardashians are pathetic and would sell their souls for media attention and a buck.

    I dont know who is more pathetic; the Kardashians or those that watch them on tv.

  8. Jacqueline Briscoe

    I dont know them so I cant speak about them credibly. But I find it interesting that he is blaming others for his actions. Only one person decides how we act and/or react. #mirror

  9. Janet Frankfother-Johnson

    I don't know if she set him up; but, I hope not. I would believe her sisters or Mom would have before Khloe. Maybe Khloe told them? Khloe, Omar & Rob are the only ones I enjoyed watching. They all seemed "real", unlike all the others. I certainly wasn't impresse when I saw French Montana that night. He looks a lot older than all of the K youngsters and not close to handsome as Lamar. I am a Mavs fan & was disappointed in him, but he may have had personal problems we didn't know about. He and Khloe seemed "real" but Khloe acts totally different now. A Gram from Flower Mound, TX

  10. Katie Price

    Remember how everybody thought Kris Humphries was a loser soon after him and Kim split? That alone and the way the family treated him should've been a HUGE SIGN of what was yet to come. Every single guy that has dated/married any of those Kardashian hoes has been used for publicity and smeared to look like losers. Kanye will be next…he's already looking stupid as it is and Jay and Beyonce don't even interact with him because of Kim.

    Lamar should be thankful that he did not reproduce with her and he can walk away from that trashy family.

  11. Victor Steele

    I just can't believe that either one of them have the time to even go out, with all the research they're doing to cure cancer and stop wars.

  12. Connie Nunyun

    Julie Kilday they both did drugs together. This is their m.o. prime example Kris Humphries. Do you honestly think she lost that weight from those diet pills they were pushing on television (they ones people sued because they didn't work).

  13. Connie Nunyun

    Is it me, but every man who hooks up with them have problems.

  14. Jeff Conway

    Daejha – Yea, blame everyone but Lamar for his actions. So did you do coke with him and "other things." You look like the type. You got about 2 years left before you're washed up. How are those crows feet that are already starting to appear around your eyes working out for you? It's a shame your dad abandoned you, look how you turned out. Pathetic

  15. Connie Nunyun

    Julie Kilday Isn't she dating a married man. Just because your separated doesn't make you single.

  16. Tara Levay

    Julie Kilday, I agree with you 100%, Khloe I think did get a raw deal she loved him so much to hide what he was doing with the drugs and the cheating and from what anyone sees she has tried to make her marriage work. Lamar knew what he was getting into marrying into the family I don't think she set him up if that is the case why is he not on some talk show talking about it. I remember him and one of his friends rapping about Khloe trashing her. Wether what others say she did drugs with him or not she doesn't look like she was on any who knows how she lost weight she is tall and is not fat. People have no problem watching the show I agree thou Julie people need to stop trashing her. All I see that she is trying her hardest to get on with her life after he ruined it

  17. Tara Levay

    I think she is lucky she didn't have kids with him because she would end up being a single parent and he would do what his dad did to him being a deat beat and drug addict

  18. Tara Levay

    Connie Nunyun , How do you know how she lost her weight were you therethere are other ways to lose weight besides diet pills maybe she works out she does like to compete. give her credit

  19. Mark Mills

    Tara Levay listen shut up, you must be on some serious meds. id rather my parents be janitors than any of the slutdashians

  20. Donna Johnson

    Julie Kilday What about Khloe? You think that she is not doing drugs? Also, I'm not blaming Khloe for Lamar's failure, but she got several million dollars out of marrying a man she only dated for less than two months, plus the multi-million dollar house that she sold for doing nothing, the prominence she gained as the ugly duckling who someone actually married and then built ratings for her show. Also, Kim revealed that the episodes where Khloe claimed to be trying to get pregnant were fake; she had no intention of having the guy's kid. Which leads me to this. We always had only one side of the story — the one told by the Khardashians, so really we don't know what happened between them.

  21. Donna Johnson

    Get off the dad thing. This girl would have had a baby if it means she could tie down money the way that her sister did with Kanye. I have never seen a mother so disconnected fom a child.

  22. Jeff Conway

    Um, he had more time to concentrate on his crack cocaine habit. This is probably the only time I will ever say the Kardashian's were good for someone. He had the world at his feet and completely blew it. Khloe did really appear to care about him.

  23. Donna Johnson

    Did you read the piece? He never blamed her for his actions. He blamed her for acting like she did not know that he was coming to the club after he'd spoken with her and she knew he was coming, and being there with cameras. My only criticism is that he knows how that family gets down. How could he be so naïve as to think that there would not be cameras. This girl, like all reality stars are always looking for a storyline to make them interesting and relevant and they will pull anyone into their mess.

  24. Donna Johnson

    Or so you believe. We don't know any of them. I find it suspicious that she notified media on the last day of her prenup agreement that she was going to file papers for a divorce and had them there, where she promptly announced that her prenup has ended and she can now legally separate from Lamar without losing the millions that she contracted for. I thought she was more genuine up until that point. She may not be as pretentious as Kim, but honest or not fake, I don't know.

  25. Anonymous

    Donna Johnson, I have always thought that Khloe did not really have fertility issues and she just didn't want to get pregnant. It is a lot easier to say that you can't get pregnant then to admit that you don't want to have your drug addict husband's baby. In the beginning of their relationship there was a time she thought she was pregnant and then she started her period while out to eat with her fam. I have also always believed that she had a miscarriage. I know reality tv is not actually reality, but I don't think that someone she pretend to have fertility issues. There are a lot of women who actually do suffer from fertility problems and would love to have access to the types of help that she has access to. There is no need to lie about it. She could have just said they didn't want any kids right now.

  26. Donna Johnson

    I don't know where people read that he is blaming her for his behavior. He simply called her out for pretending that she did not know that he was coming to the club when they'd spoken earlier and she knew he was coming, and for being there with a camera. He never said anything about their marriage, which I presume you are speaking of. It's funny when a person in the blogs sees something about someone they don't like they actually make up the story content so that they can express their negative views about that person. How classy is this?

  27. Jacqueline Briscoe

    Donna Johnson Heres a quote from the above article "The latest news headlines reveal that Odom feels like he’s been tricked by Khloe — and on more than one occasion."

  28. Mary Mclean

    If I were Lamar I would sue the pants off the Kardashians.
    The Kardashians only know how to make money off of gossip, which includes set ups. I sure as hell wouldn.t want the famil;y to continue talking about me if I were out of the picture. Continuous slander of a person when your no longer involved and broadcasted intentionally on T.V.
    Deformation of character Go for it Lamar.

  29. Daejha Milan

    Jeff Conway Them's purdy big words for someone who don't know the person they're speaking of. Let me guess, u wake up everyday and take the bus to the same minimum wage or slightly above, job and are complacent in your lifestyle. U wouldn't say chit if you had a mouth full to someone standing in front of you but, you are a BIG MAN online. GTFOH. 2 things: I've never done coke, I smoke blunts BUT apparently you do cuz that's the first thing that came to your mind. You will never be successful cuz you lacc the one thing successful people have, a positive and uplifting attitude. Get off the Kardashian's pussy. Nan one of them GAF about you.

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