Xbox Live coming to PCs with Windows 8

Major Nelson took to his blog earlier this afternoon to announce that Microsoft is planning on bringing over Xbox Live to PCs with the launch of Windows 8, due out sometime in 2012.

Little else is known at this point beyond the fact that it’s coming, but Major Nelson did mention that Microsoft is aiming at making it easier for developers to create games for Windows 8 that are able to take full advantage of Xbox Live. He promised more info in the “near future”.

Apparently, Microsoft seems keen on porting over Windows Phone features to Windows 8. Beyond using Xbox Live, which Windows Phones have, Windows 8 will also be using a UI very much similar to the Metro UI found in Windows Phones.

The obvious question here is, what does this mean for Games for Windows Live? Will this new Xbox Live replace it entirely, leaving the “Games for Windows Live” for branding purposes only? Or will they work independently of each other, or even together?

For now all we can do is speculate on that, but Microsoft should be letting us know more details soon.

Source: Major Nelson (via ThisIsMyNext, Joystiq)