Bezos passed the challenge on to some of Star Trek's biggest names, who he referred to as "childhood heroes."

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Dares ‘Star Trek’ Actors To Ice Bucket Challenge

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took part in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge Friday (August 14), passing it on to three iconic Star Trek actors who are among the most recognizable faces in social media.

Bezos accepted the challenge from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, according to Geekwire. Standing in an inflatable kiddie pool at an Amazon all-hands meeting in Seattle, Bezos doused himself onstage, in front of images of the Star Trek cast members who will be among the next to take it. Prior to his frigid soaking, Bezos contemplated extending the challenge to several other well-known figures. Edward Snowden was an obvious choice, he claimed, although an equally obvious joke about leaks brought a groan from the crowd. The Pope and Queen Elisabeth were also out of consideration, Bezos joked, as “those people wear hats.”

Instead, Bezos settled on “real childhood heroes” of his. Amid iconic photos of the trio, the Amazon CEO revealed that he was passing the challenge on to Star Trek actors William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and George Takei.

Bezos isn’t the only high profile CEO to accept the ice bucket challenge, which began as a fundraiser for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, before becoming a viral sensation on the internet, as The Inquisitr has reported. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft founder Bill Gates have also taken the challenge, standing under a bucket of freezing water to raise money and awareness for the disease.

At least one of the Star Trek luminaries has already accepted Bezo’s dare. William Shatner tweeted that he would be “sopping wet by nightfall…or at least that’s the plan.” The original Star Trek captain had already been called out by country music star Brad Paisley on Thursday, as relates, but had yet to engage in the festivities.

After the challenge from Bezos, the Star Trek trio have just 24 hours to douse themselves or donate.

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