Amy Lee from Evanescence

Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Releasing Solo Album

The lead singer of the rock band Evanescence, Amy Lee, is returning to the spotlight and announcing a brand new solo album. Amy did an interview for Rolling Stone magazine this week in which she opened up about the material on the new record.

The solo album is titled Aftermath and it’s a big departure from Amy Lee’s previous work in Evanescence. According to Up State Live, the album will be available on August 25. The music is basically the soundtrack to the movie War Story, but the album works independently as a piece of original music by Amy Lee. Seven out of the ten tracks were collaborations between Amy Lee and composer Dave Eggar. The other two were written by Amy alone and performed with the help of singer Malika Zarra.

In the interview with Rolling Stone, when asked why the music was so different from Evanescence, Amy Lee explained:

“I wanted it to be completely different. I didn’t want it to be like Evanescence just because I’ve flexed that muscle so much, I wanted people to see different sides of me… But it’s one of my first chances to show another side and this definitely plays with a lot of the same emotions I played with in Evanescence, but instrumentally.”

Amy goes on to explain that the music on Aftermath is not intended to be mainstream like the songs released by Evanescence. However, Amy did acknowledge that her past and the music she made in Evanescence did influence her solo work.

“It comes to mind in a positive way, like when I was writing ‘Lockdown,'” Amy told Rolling Stone. “At the end I was like ‘You know what this needs? Drums and guitars.’ So I thought of my past in the creative stages, because I was solely focused on pleasing myself and doing the right thing for the film. That’s always got to be the root. My mantra is ‘If I make something that I love, other people will love it.'”

Amy also explains that she isn’t sure if she will be touring with these solo songs yet but that she “totally would” and “probably will.”

To listen to a teaser of Amy Lee’s solo album Aftermath, check out the YouTube video below:

Evanescence has been on a hiatus since 2012. Amy’s band hasn’t put out new music since then or toured in two years, which was the last time The Inquisitr reported on Evanescence. Check back for more updates on Amy Lee’s solo project.

[Image courtesy of Rolling Stone]