Louisville Purge

Louisville Purge Threats: Is Detroit Next? Reactions On Social Media Intensify

Police have responded to purge threats that are coming out of Louisville, Kentucky. As we reported, residents of Louisville are now taking precaution as are police officials.

According to The Courier-Journal, threats of a purge is a priority this weekend as threats of a violent outburst is expected to take place later in the evening. This act of violence is based on the sequel movie The Purge: Anarchy, which shows individuals performing grotesque acts of violence during a 12-hour period. In the film, this purge is sponsored by the government, but in reality this is a threat that police officials are taking seriously.

The threats of a purge in Louisville, Kentucky, is believed to have started on social media, and reaction to this purge has only intensified since it’s been brought to attention by multiple outlets. According to the report the “Louisville Purge” will take place on 8 pm on Friday and end at 6:30 am on Saturday.

In addition to Louisville, Jeffersonville is also being monitored if an outbreak of violence happens later in the evening.

In an interview with Complex, New York native and director of The Purge: Anarchy, James DeMonaco, analyzes violence in America:

“When I was growing up in Brooklyn and Staten Island, I’d say nine out of 10 people I knew had a gun. I noticed a different relationship to guns in France. Then, I was in Canada and had the same exact kind of feeling. That was followed by the mass shootings here in America, and I saw these reality shows about families who make guns. All of that combined into this idea of a holiday where Americans could legally murder people.”

According to Louisville’s police spokesman Sgt. Phil Russell, officials “take any threat that would incite violence on our community seriously.”

As stated, the news of this purge has received widespread reaction on Twitter.

Rumors are also spreading that there is a purge in Detroit for Saturday evening. According to Heat World, the Detroit purge threats are linked to boy band One Direction’s scheduled performance at 5SOS for their Where We Are tour.

For those in the rumored purge areas — stay safe!

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