Scott Disick Burger King Chicken Fries

Scott Disick Thanks ‘The Lord’ for Burger King Chicken Fries

Scott Disick is so obsessed with Burger King chicken fries that he forked over more than $200 for them on Wednesday, purchasing enough to feed the entire Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan. Burger King is sponsoring Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend to promote the fast food favorite, so he spread the word on Instagram, telling his almost 5 million followers that he thanked “the Lord” the popular snack was back on the BK menu.

Known as “Lord Disick” to fans of the E! reality show, Scott shared a photo of some of the 45 9-piece boxes of chicken fries he purchased. Next to the boxes was a receipt for $205.28, the price he paid to indulge in 405 fried strips of white meat chicken. There is no doubt that the money Burger King is paying him as a sponsor more than covered the tab.

Disick captioned the photo “Thank the Lord @BurgerKing #ChickenFriesareBack #bkpdpartner” along with the tell-tale hashtag that indicates that he is using his celebrity status to promote fries for cash.

A celebrity endorsement always helps to get a product noticed, but it’s likely Burger King didn’t even need Scott Disick to get people to run out and buy a box or two of their own. The Consumerist reports that the tasty chicken fries were taken off the menu in 2012, seven years after they made their debut. People were not pleased.

There was quite an uproar when the fries disappeared from the menu. Fast food fanatics and celebrities took to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in an effort to persuade Burger King to bring chicken fries back. Most notable was comedian Daniel Tosh, who pretended to torture the old BK mascot (warning: video NSFW, foul language and hand gestures) so BK would bring back the popular box of fried chicken strips.

Fortunately for those who couldn’t wait another minute for Burger King chicken fries to come back, the fast food chain listened and they returned to the menu on August 14, 2014. Rush to your local BK to grab a box before Scott Disick buys another 45 boxes for himself.

[Image via:, Scott Disick Twitter]