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Viral Video Shows What Happens If You Don’t Wear Sunscreen, Ultraviolet Light Shows Skin Damage [Video]

Sunscreen importance

A YouTube video titled “How the Sun Sees You” was uploaded just two days ago and has already received over 717,000 views as of this posting. The video records everyday people as the world sees them and as the sun sees them through an ultraviolet light.

Thomas Leveritt is the YouTube user responsible for the video, and notes that he hopes that people watching the video will “put on some d*** sunscreen already.” In the video, we see seemingly normal individuals approached by the camera. Many of them appear to have beautiful and blemish-free skin. However, when placed under the ultraviolet light, the years of sun damage can be seen.

The damage looks different for each individual, but most of the sun damage appears as dark freckles under the ultraviolet light. However, the freckles can only be seen under the ultraviolet light. When looking at the skin on a normal video camera, the skin looks smooth and evenly colored. However, once the ultraviolet camera is turned on, most faces become blotchy or freckled.

The camera crew also catches some images of young faces. Babies, toddlers, and small children appear almost the same under the ultraviolet light as they do the normal light due to limited sun damage. The video points out that almost all skin starts off healthy.

Another interesting twist in the video is the application of sunscreen under the ultraviolet light. Though the sunscreen typically appears white when applying in normal light, under ultraviolet let, the sunscreen looks black. The reason for the black appearance is that the sunscreen is blocking out all the UV rays, hence why sunscreen is an effective barrier to sun aging and damage of the skin.

What do you think of the viral sunscreen video? Does it change your mind about sunscreen application?

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5 Responses to “Viral Video Shows What Happens If You Don’t Wear Sunscreen, Ultraviolet Light Shows Skin Damage [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    S­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­a­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­ w­­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­­rk­­­­­­­­­in­­­­­­­­­g a­­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­­­­ ho­­­­­­­­­m­­­­­­­­­e w­­­­­­­­­it­­­­­­­­­h G­­­­­­­­­oo­­­­­­­­­gl­­­­­­­­­e! It­­­­­­­­­’s by-­­­­­­­­­far­­­­­­­­­ the­­­­­­­­­ best­­­­­­­­­ j­­­­­­­­­ob­­­­­­­­­ I’v­­­­­­­­­e ha­­­­­­­­­d­­­­­­­­­. ­­­­­­­­­Last­­­­­­­­­ Thurs­­­­­­­­­day­­­­­­­­­ I­­­­­­­­­ go­­­­­­­­­t ­­­­­­­­­a ­­­­­­­­­bran­­­­­­­­­d­­­­­­­­­ n­­­­­­­­­ew ­­­­­­­­­BM­­­­­­­­­W ­­­­­­­­­since­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­getti­­­­­­­­­ng­­­­­­­­­ a­­­­­­­­­ che­­­­­­­­­ck­­­­­­­­­ for­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­6­­­­­­­­­474­­­­­­­­­ thi­­­­­­­­­s­­­­­­­­­ – ­­­­­­­­­4­­­­­­­­­ wee­­­­­­­­­ks p­­­­­­­­­ast­­­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­ began­­­­­­­­­ this­­­­­­­­­ 8-months­­­­­­­­­ ago­­­­­­­­­ and­­­­­­­­­ immediately­­­­­­­­­ was­­­­­­­­ ­bringing­­­­­­­­­ home­­­­­­­­­ at­­­­­­­­­ least­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­$­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­ pe­­­­­­­­­r ho­­­­­­­­­ur­­­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­ work­­­­­­­­­ through­­­­­­­­­ this­­­­­­ ­­ link­­­­­­­­­, g­­­­­­­­­o? t­­­­­­­­­o tech­­­­­­­­­ tab­­­­­­­­­ for­­­­­­­­­ work­­­­­­­­­ detail,,,,,,,

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  2. Don Nadon

    This is all great when over exposing yourself to the sun without sunscreen. In reality, the sun is critical for absorption of vitamin D. The proper amount of exposure without sunscreen ranges from 10 to perhaps 20 minutes of 3/4 full body exposure. The majority of the North American population is vitamin D deficient. The reason is because we slop on the chemical ridden lotions available in most mainstream markets before any exposure to the sun. Do yourself a favor and expose yourself to the sun, following the above mentioned time limits, with no sunscreen, then slop on a natural sunscreen for the rest of the day. Please avoid chemical ridden sunscreens such as Coppertone.

  3. Mark Jessop

    This is why we get hiden frekles, it's our own body protecting its self from harful uv rays, It's natural not like cancer causing sun screen. Enjoy everything in moderation, don't poison your self.

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