The Tragic Death of Jett Travolta (Details and Pics)

As we reported earlier, John Travolta’s only son Jett Travolta has died while the family was holidaying in the Bahamas.

What we know is that Jett Travolta has a long history with illness, and pictures of him taken recently so show him swollen around the neck, suggesting a serious medical condition.

Denial of Autism

John Travolta kept Jett Travolta out of the public eye, with media speculation since his birth that he suffered from Autism. John Travolta has regularly denied Jett suffered from autism. Pictures of Jett Travolta, although not clear, do not show classic signs of autism.

Kawasaki Disease

John Travolta stated that Jett Travolta suffered from Kawasaki Disease. Kawasaki disease affects organs, including the skin and mucous membranes, lymph nodes, blood vessel walls, and the heart. Jett Travolta is claimed to have died from heart failure that would sadly be inline with Kawasaki Disease; cardiac complications are cited as the most important aspect of the disease. His appearance would also suggest lymph node issues; Swollen lymph nodes (frequently only one lymph node is swollen), particularly in the neck area are common in Kawasaki Disease sufferers.

Long Life

80% of Kawasaki Disease sufferers die by the age of 5, so Jett’s survival to 16 while not rare, was fortunate. Reports say he shared his fathers love of flying, and took flying lessons.

Jett Travolta Pictures

There are precious few images available of Jett Travolta, here’s the one we can find: