Beyonce Will File For Divorce In New York, Media Announcement Drafted: Report

Beyonce is set to file for divorce from husband Jay Z according to a new report. The singer is reportedly going to file papers in New York, likely after she and her (soon-to-be ex) husband return from Paris, France in September (they have two tour dates there). According to Hollywood Life, a source says that Beyonce and Jay Z already have a statement for the media ready to go. They will make a formal announcement in the days leading up to or on the day that the papers are filed. Sources say that this split is not surprising and that it was bound to happen.

“They are business partners. They get that together, they are more powerful. It’s totally a business relationship but it can’t last forever.”

Jay Z

Beyonce divorce rumors have been circulating for months. Despite a set of pretty believable PDA moments during Bey and Jay’s On The Run tour, many say that the two are just putting on a show… that it’s all fake. That means that all of those little cheek kisses and sweet smiles are just part of the show. Apparently.

“Beyonce has been going back and forth all tour. It’s really sad. It looked like she was fighting so hard to keep the family together, and it just wasn’t working. Beyonce is caught up because she truly loves him. She doesn’t know what the next step should be.”

As Perez Hilton points out, the speculation surrounding Bey and Jay’s marriage has gotten out of control. Sure, it would be nice if the two put out a statement about their marriage, but at this point, who would even believe them? People seem to thrive on the failure of other people’s relationships, and this is no different. It’s almost as if people won’t be happy until the divorce papers are filed.

Beyonce and Jay Z have given a couple of hints that their relationship is okay. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the couple recently shared a lunch together at San Francisco’s Boulevard restaurant with their daughter Blue Ivy. Supposedly the two were “all smiles” and had a great time… but does that mean that their marriage is fine? Of course not. It means that it’s possible that things are fine — but it’s also possible that the two are getting along for the sake of their little girl.

Do you think Beyonce will file for divorce from Jay Z?

[Photos courtesy of Bing and Entertainment Weekly]