'Mulder Opening Doors' makes this cat video a hit

‘Mulder Opening Doors’: The Star Of This Viral Cat Video Knows No Obstacles [Video]

With “Mulder opening doors,” you’re never safe from prying feline eyes. This cat video from a month ago has gone viral, showing a cat who knows no obstacles, even when a door latch is involved.

YouTube user Kristian Svenson’s cat, Mulder, has figured out how to open lever door handles and isn’t shy about doing it in front of the camera. The furry burglar is shown being locked inside a room, and Kristian makes a point of showing that the door was latched shut.

This usually ends with a cat meowing to be let out, or pawing at the door, but not this kitty.

A few seconds later, you hear the handle jiggling. The second time it drops and the door opens. Mulder makes his way out with a meow as Kristian remarks, “You scare me.”

The furry star of the cat video “Mulder opening doors” obviously has the technique mastered, because Kristian films the same stunt with the cat on the camera side. There is a tub of water in front of the door this time and Mulder seems to analyze the situation before making his move.

This time we actually see Mulder leaping up and grabbing the handle with his paws, using his weight to turn the handle. The first attempt fails, and he leaps off to the side of the tub. The second attempt is successful though. Once again the door unlatches and the curious cat leisurely makes his way through as Kristian gives an audible sigh.

Most cat videos feature cats in scenarios way over their pointy-eared heads, and their reactions are adorable. Some cases include a cat jumping out of the bushes and tackling a baby, a cat facing off with a baby elephant, and one who appeared to get upset over being stumped in a game of Jenga. We don’t usually see a cat open doors.

With over 500,000 views on YouTube, it seems that Mulder is becoming a celebrity a month after his antics went online.

What do you think of “Mulder opening doors”?

[image via YouTube]