Drive-by shooting on set of Ice Cube's new film

Drive-By Shooting Terrifies N.W.A. Movie Cast As Gunmen Shoot Civilian Nearby [Video]

Ice Cube’s controversial N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton began filming this month. But things got a little out of control as real bullets began flying when the cast and crew were setting up just outside the Compton Courthouse in Los Angeles last week, as reported by The Root.

TMZ reports the terror set in as “gunmen in a car opened fire nearby.” It appears as though the gunmen were “aiming at neighborhood residents” who happened to be near the set where the filming was taking place, and were flashing gang signs at the gunmen.

As the bullets whizzed from the passing car, one civilian close to the filming set was shot and collapsed. It was later reported by TMZ that the civilian survived.

This is not something that a movie cast and crew want to experience, and it just happens that they were all at the wrong place at the wrong time.

MTV News reports that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating this drive-by shooting and have not yet determined if it is gang related. As Hollywood always says, “The show must go on,” so the cast and crew will continue filming Straight Outta Compton in yet another location in Compton.

Still shaken up from the close call of the drive-by, there isn’t an exuberance of enthusiasm among the cast and crew of filming in yet another part of Compton that is considered to be a rough neighborhood. TMZ reports they are concerned for their safety, with good reason.

Ice Cube opens up about Straight Outta Compton with MTV News in the video below.

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