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Ali Lohan Reportedly Drops to 95 Lbs., Eating Disorder Feared

ali lohan too thin

Lindsay Lohan’s little sis Ali Lohan alarmed paparazzi and readers when snaps taken of the teen out and about in Beverly Hills revealed what one doctor said may be signs of a dangerous eating disorder.

The younger Lohan “recently signed a modeling contract,” and the trade often relies on women maintaining dangerously thin weights to secure work or continue working. RadarOnline consulted a doctor and medical journal editor about the alarming pictures, and while the snaps were far away, the doc says he spotted the telltale signs of an eating disorder.

Dr. Majid Ali has not treated the aspiring model, but he was able to pinpoint a few factors that could indicate an unhealthy relationship to food. Ali suggests that Ali Lohan is already exhibiting signs of starvation:

“She is very underweight. By looking at her cheekbones you can tell she has muscle wasting going on… I’m unsure how she is losing weight but she has the look of someone who may binge and purge plus calorie restrict.”

Ali, however, didn’t hesitate to say the teen was definitely too thin for her height, and he pointed out the dangers inherent when symptoms such as the ones Lohan appears to be afflicted with manifest:

“When that happens, the body looks for calories by feeding on itself. Muscle is the first to go then fats, hence the loss of bust size and the curves. At her height, I’d put her under 100lbs, maybe 95ish, and that’s way, way too thin.”

The gossip site also speculated that Lohan had undergone injections in her face, a claim Next Model Agency in Los Angeles denies. Estranged dad Michael Lohan spoke to RadarOnline about the pictures of his daughter and said that while Ali has always “been thin,” the changes appear to be “drastic” and “concerning.”


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21 Responses to “Ali Lohan Reportedly Drops to 95 Lbs., Eating Disorder Feared”

  1. Lee Ann Wilson

    Ali Lohan….just another young victim of the unrealistic standards that society has placed on people. It is no wander as to why our country is in such shambles…..reality has been lost and become superficial.

  2. Veronica Randby Laub

    The only thing you can see is her shoulders up, how can you tell if shes too skinny or not?

  3. Jenifer Banda

    there is no way that is even the same girl. The one on the right has larger eyes, thicker brows, and fuller lips. It is probably some look a like they paid to do the article so they could make ANOTHER beautiful young woman face the scrutiny of the public for sake of selling a story.

  4. Debra Lou

    Anything to sell a story about something unimportant, so no one pays attention to the 'real' news.

  5. Heather Read Riley-pedigo

    she was so pretty before, now she just looks old.i hope she gets the help she needs.

  6. Anonymous

    Personally, fashion world hypocrisy aside I’m tempted to go and look for a few quarters in the hope that Ali will take the money and buy herself a twinkie bar (at least 300 calories right?) and a can of chery cola (all that sugar ought to convert to fat) to swish all those calories to the backside of her mouth, and hopefully against hope swallow everything so she can once again look like a human being.

  7. Frances Redden-West

    who are these people trying to fool that is not Ali, shame on you people get some glasses or go to rehab for lying.

  8. Marilou Casio

    Actually, both pictures are Ali. You can search her on Facebook and it shows the 2nd picture–same face, same attire.. It's amazing how weight can change your looks..

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