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Indonesian Man Eaten by Starving Pet Dogs

dogs eat owner

A man in Indonesia left his nine dogs without any food or water for two weeks while he vacationed for the Eid al Fitr holidays. When he returned, his dogs were extremely happy to see him. Not because they loved their owner, Andre Lumboga, but because they were starving. Lumboga was attacked and eaten by his pet dogs shortly after returning home.

According to the Jakarta Globe, Lumboga was attacked by 7 dogs when he returned home after the holidays. The dogs, who had not had food or water in two weeks, also ate two of the weaker dogs.

Lumboga’s body was discovered after a neighborhood guard noticed luggage outside the man’s house, days after he had returned home. The guard approached the house and noticed a funny smell. When police arrived they discovered Lumboga’s mutilated body inside.

A local police chief in Batam, said:

“His skull was found in the kitchen, and his body was found in the front of his house. We suspect that the dogs were hungry, so they attacked Andre, because they had not been fed for 14 days.”

Police say that they were attacked by the 7 dogs when they entered the house and that they had to “paralyze them.”

The Vancouver Sun reports that Lumboga was from Sulawesi island, a place where dog is commonly eaten.

Is this the terrible story of a man being attacked by his best friend? Or a story of unbelievable animal cruelty? Should the 7 dogs be put down or should they be taken to a shelter?

[Image Via the Province]

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106 Responses to “Indonesian Man Eaten by Starving Pet Dogs”

  1. Deborah Wiseman Davis

    Heck no they shouldn't be put down. They were starving to death… as evidenced by having attacked and eaten two of their packmates. Cruel bastard got what he deserved. But it's Indonesia, so…. they probably don't stand a chance.

  2. Rey Francis Basa

    It was animal instinct. You can't blame the dogs, even humans will do the same if treated the way the dogs were. Let it serve as a lesson to pet owners. They should NOT be put down.

  3. 'Oppie Cullen

    this is absolutely human's faults…if u can't taking care of your pets well then don't even think to have them…u can't just blame the dogs…there are an animals n human the one who can think it should be wiser…that is animal instinct to survive…this is the lesson to all pet owners don't ever ignore your pets…if u do…don't ever think to have a pets…9 dogs man….r u kidding me..

  4. Theoneanonly DC

    I was told that once a dog taste human blood that they will attack again. Not the dogs fault. I think keep live and observe for awhile but "NOT" be placed in homes with children. Its awful this man could afford a vacation for 2 weeks anywhere and not pay someone to fed n water his dogs, or clean his house by the looks of pictures.

  5. Jennifer Resmond

    Aahhh thank you Karma! I couldn't think of a better way to return the favor of slow starvation than a nice warm meal of the heartless creep who would go on vacation without a care for 9 hungry dogs. GUESS THEY'RE NOT HUNGRY ANYMORE. :) YAY DOGS! LET THEM LIVE. JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED.

  6. Gizzel Washington

    It's the owners fault. He didn't treated them right. He deserved it. They shouldn't put those dogs down, they were hungry for pete sake! How would you feel not being able to eat for two weeks?

  7. Cindy Washington

    Heck. the dogs were hungry AF! the owner deserved it! that was animal cruelty.

  8. Tiffany Van den Eynden

    Nah, that whole "once they taste" it thing is a myth. I mean, think about it – did you ever scrape your knee when you were a kid and have your loyal poochie come up and try to lick it better? Not sanitary, I know, but many loving dogs will try to do that to help out – and lots of them get a "taste" of human blood and continue to be sweet, loving dogs for the rest of their lives.

  9. Marie Morgan

    No doubt the fault lies with the OWNER! Although that is a horrible way to die he deserved it! The poor dogs need to eat and drink and if there not being supplied food or water then they have to fend for themselves….i just feel sorry for the pain they must have went through and the 2 other poor little dogs that were also eaten!

  10. Michael Bale

    The dogs aren't at fault here, but under the circumstances, you can't trust the dogs either.
    If they see their owner as food, what do you think they'll see in other humans?
    I could be completely wrong… I hope so, they shouldn't be put down, but I don't think putting them in a new home, especially with family, is a good idea either.
    I have two dogs myself, they're like family, and what that guy did, was horrible!
    Putting them down isn't right, it isn't the right answer, but I don't know where they should go either…

  11. Michael Bale

    Tiffany Van den Eynden
    That's different situation, if you think about it, did they say that the dog's were happy to see the police walk through the front door? Or did they say that they were attacked?
    Licking a wound is the way a dog responds when it's been treated right and it see's someone hurt.
    These dogs are traumatised to the point that their instinct to survive kicked in, do you think it's gonna be easy for those dogs to trust another person?
    If I was in the same situation, I wouldn't trust for a long time, at least.
    The blood thing is a myth, but the trauma isn't.
    Those dog's aren't gonna man's best friend for a while, if ever.

  12. Tiffany Van den Eynden

    Michael Bale, I thinking you're chewing on a bone that I never even tossed out there. I was responding to the myth in general, not to the situation outlined in the article. My partner worked in an animal shelter for several years, and based on the experiences he has relayed, it doesn't seem likely that the dogs discussed in the article will be successfully rehabilitated. Possible, but not probable. But that has nothing to do with them tasting blood in and of itself, and everything to do with the abuse and trauma they suffered. This myth is prominent around older folks where I live, and I have even heard of people considering putting their puppy down because it play-nipped a child and tasted blood. That's why I pointed out that falsehood of that myth generally. Key word: generally. And do try to read comments more closely before responding to them. It sort of makes you look foolish when you don't.

  13. Michael Bale

    Tiffany Van den Eynden
    Well fair enough.
    So in truth we agree with each other.
    It's probably a good idea to explain the trauma thing next time.
    You don't want people to think that the dogs wont attack because the blood thing is a myth, when there is the trauma side of everything.
    I've had three dogs so far, 2 from the RSPCA, so I know what you're talking about.
    But telling half the story doesn't help as much as saying both sides to give the full picture :)

  14. Suki Dk

    The dogs did what came naturally to survive – reverted to a primordial pack and in so doing attained poetic justice (ironic that the man himself originated from a country where dogs are commonly eaten) Sad that they ate the two weakest dogs in the pack first though… poor creatures… also a bloomin’ good job no other unsuspecting soul attempted to rescue them first tho, eh? Shudder that thought…!

    Having all had our say and unofficially adjudged the man as having deserved it, we have no way of even knowing if he'd taken steps to have the dogs cared for, but the carer didn't fulfil the obligation – the guy's dead, we can't ask him, and it's hardly likely that anyone's going to hold their hand up to it.

    Before a judgement of putting them down is passed on the dogs, I think it is only right that assessment and rehabilitation is attempted. I'm not an expert by any means, but I think that if the pack is separated, the kill instinct of the 'pack attack' would subside, and there'd probably be a good chance that the individuals can be rehabilitated. A great deal would also depend on how these dogs were raised initially though, so it's not a simple matter. If he had kept these dogs to slaughter and eat them, then it's my guess that they haven't been raised as pets with loving human contact.

    Any which way, I feel the only decent and humane thing to do, is give these dogs a chance to live. If it turns out, that after a traumatised life, they are too damaged to live freely as domestic pets, perhaps they could live as a pack in wildlife park enclosure or suchlike. My heart goes out to these dogs.

  15. Ben Gerogosian

    This undoubtedly happened because of the owner but I wouldn't adopt a dog that ate his previous owner regardless of the circumstances. If these animals can be rehabilitated to trust humans once again then maybe I could see somebody wanting to adopt them but it would seem like the risk would be too high to warrant more people being injured by one of these dogs furthering the devastation the owner has already caused. I would like to hear if anybody would adopt one of these dogs yourself and why. (and I promise I'm not being cunty I'm honestly curious).

  16. Christopher Michael Lee

    lol it's def animal cruelty. If you don't take care of your pets for 14 days wtf are they supposed to do? Be grateful to their awesome master? I mean isn't the definition of neglect not taking care of your responsibilities? What would happen if you didn't feed your kids for 14 days? Oh right, we live in a republican nation, so nothing, well unless you're a fetus.

  17. Christopher Michael Lee

    lol it's def animal cruelty. If you don't take care of your pets for 14 days wtf are they supposed to do? Be grateful to their awesome master? I mean isn't the definition of neglect not taking care of your responsibilities? What would happen if you didn't feed your kids for 14 days? Oh right, we live in a republican nation, so nothing, well unless you're a fetus.

  18. Brittany Andrea

    Once these animals taste human blood, though, they are feral. There is no going back. They will continue to be aggressive and violent and can and WILL attack and kill other people in the future. So the dogs need to be put down, regardless of them being innocent.

  19. Brittany Andrea

    Once these animals taste human blood, though, they are feral. There is no going back. They will continue to be aggressive and violent and can and WILL attack and kill other people in the future. So the dogs need to be put down, regardless of them being innocent.

  20. Saif Karigar

    It seems like all the people from reddit here were brought by me 😀

  21. Christopher Michael Lee

    Brittany Andrea Uhm, no, that's actually completely false. I own a dog that was neglected and abused to the extreme degrees. She couldn't be anymore docile and calm now that she has an owner she loves and respects and she's around people all the time. Quit spouting that garbage. You obviously don't know anything about it if you think that.

  22. Brittany Andrea

    You own a dog that was neglected and abused but did your dog kill and eat a human being? If so, then I'm not speaking about dogs like yours. And you can quit being an ass about your retort, as well. Your anger is not going to prove your point any better if you had said it with educated facts- and, may I add, *nicely*.

  23. Tracy Goings

    he got what he deserved. DON'T PUT THE DOGS DOWN! it wasn't their fault.Its the owners for not taking care of them and leaving them to starve. As one person said Karma! will get u in the long run.

  24. Chris Smith

    They'll need putting down now, simply because they've been pushed over the edge and had to go to their very basic primal instincts to survive, I think it'd be impossible to rehabilitate them after this. But, it's entirely the owner's fault. Not saying he 'deserved' to meet such a grizzly end, but what happened could've been easily prevented if not for his own laziness / selfishness.

  25. Randy Gaiero

    This was animal cruelty and that should have been justice for the dogs. I am an animal lover and he got what he deserved SICK.

  26. Anna Mejia

    They need to be put to sleep.. these dogs been through something tramatic and its gonna stick to them.

  27. Rebecca Gonter

    It's definitely animal cruelty. I'm sorry if it's mean to say but that man got what he deserved. I mean, how hard is it to ask someone to stop in and feed your dogs while you're on vacation? Not hard at all. That man is a scumbag who didn't give two shits about those dogs because if he did he would've planned ahead by having someone feed them or taking them somewhere where they'll be watched over while he was gone. if you're going to have pets you have to be responsible enough to make plans to have them taken care of while you're gone or of course they'll turn on you.

  28. Ryan McCafferty

    The dogs should not be put down. They did what they had to do to survive.

  29. Andrei Curelea

    1. You two seem to agree, might want to read her post again.
    2. "anymore" should be "any more" in the context that you're using it. Look up the semantics.
    3. You should watch your tone, Mr. "Chris Lee · Top Commenter · Owner, CEO & Founder at Acct Entertainment".

  30. Saveda Bees

    I love dogs, but in this case, because these dogs, have already tasted human flesh, I think the best idea is to put them down…If they decided to keep the alive, they need special treatment…..And the stupid owner, shouldn't have had, 9 dogs, if he wasn't going to feed them. Then he goes on vacation for two weeks?, what a moron….

  31. Danessa Kay Mize

    nope they shouldn't be put down he left them starving to death for 14 days don't know why he didn't ask a friend to look after them while he was gone.

  32. Nikki Gilbert

    They DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED TO BE PUT DOWN! Take them to a sanctuary where they can be worked with and rehabilitated. These are not rabid beasts people, these are loving dogs who were only doing what is in them to do to survive! Look at The Donner Party! Were they all killed because they had to eat people to stay alive? NO! Stop treating pets as if they were some type of accessory or a piece of property. They are a living being, they feel, bleed, and have emotions. The only thing is they can't talk or rationalize like we can. This man clearly knew what he was doing by leaving them without food or water for 2 weeks. Idiot! I'm not going to say he deserved to get eaten, however I will say "you reap what you sow!" And that he did!

  33. Nikki Gilbert

    True! There was a lot of things he should've done, but he didn't. The man was obviously a sociopathic freak who didn't care about anyone or thing but himself. When the police "paralyzed" them, what they more than likely did was "taze" them unless they used some sort of dart gun with the paralyzing serum in it. Regardless, these dogs still shouldn't have to be put down because of carelessness of some fool!

  34. Urs Weyermann

    its not the dogs fault it's this stupid idiotic man who did not care about his dogs! Karma you done something good, thank you! Let the dogs live!

  35. Wendy Mierbeth

    This man received the appropriate penalty for his negligence. If you don't want to care for animals, then don't keep them in the first place.

  36. Ankit Singh

    Are you fucking kidding me? Even though they were exposed to cruelty but those dogs should be put down now.They ate a human for Christ sake!!!

  37. Shelley Payton

    I think those dogs are traumatized by what's happened to them and unfortunately it may not be safe to have them around human beings anymore. There's a line that was crossed there no matter how justified their actions were. How could you be sure they wouldn't attack again if they felt justified? I think that is the sad part of the story; that these poor dogs may have to be put down now. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the dog owner. What he got was too good for him as far as I'm concerned!

  38. KnightDaren Rukiya

    If he didn't care about his dogs or anyone else; then how he was able to raise 9 FULL GROWN DOGS? I am not saying what he did is right, but we are also unsure what was his real reason leaving his dogs unfed.

  39. Roman Allen Acosta

    Are you stupid? Just.because they were treaten bad doesn't mean they allowed to get away with killing and eating a HUMAN. Those dogs NEED to be put down. They even tried attack the police. Human safety is way more important than a couple dogs.

  40. Younis Eman Belderol Oppus

    Its very impossible for a dog to mannage to separate the head from the body unless the body is already decayed for manny days not a matter of one day only

  41. Colin Hays

    How could you possibly know that? It's not impossible, I would imagine its very difficult though.

  42. Ahmer WeedWall

    Dog lovers are some of the most retarded people in the world, just like religious zealots they fall into blind faith constantly making excuses for every kind of dog behavior every seen. The fact is these dogs ate two of the other dogs while gone, then ate the owner, then attacked the paramedics that came. Even if you want to say it was because of conditions this doesn't change the fact that THEY'RE ANIMALS. We eat animals all the time, we eat pigs and they've been shown to be as smart or smarter than dogs. What is the difference? OF COURSE a dog is property, you pay for it, you buy food and toys and other things for it with your own money. Yes a dog is property, dogs are animals, animals are property. If someone feed a farmer's chicken and then took it and the farmer said hey, you can't take my chicken and the person said "It's an animal it's not YOUR PROPERTY!" What would happen? Same thing with your dog, if someone made your dog love them and was taking it, no shit you're going to say they STOLE your dog. Because THEY DID! Under the law a dog is property and that IS GOOD. Cats are not considered property on the law and look what happens to them. If someone steals your cat no repercussions, kills your cat? Too bad. If they did that with a dog they go to jail.

  43. Ahmer WeedWall

    BTW I have two dogs of my own and love them both a lot but I see them as animals/property, not people and people who mistake them for people are the first kind of people that have their dogs attack people because they baby them into thinking they can do whatever they want simply on the premise that it's cute.

  44. Ahmer WeedWall

    Maybe he thought he did and just forgot, he obviously had been feeding them for quite a while for them to be grown. Lol @ Republican nation while Obama is President on his second term, we live in a retarded nation don't get it twisted.

  45. Brigitte Tibet von Bulow

    A perfect example of Karma: his man deserved what he got. And as for the dogs. OFCOURSE they should NOT be put down! they suffered greatly at the hands of their so-called protector.

  46. Romeo Cisneros

    I think you are biased, seeing as in your picture you have a dog right beside you. The dogs have to be put down, i am sorry but they ATE a man. I don't think they can be rehabilitated after that, true that it was his fault…but who in their right mind is going to adopt a dog who ate a person? Not me, nor anyone who is competent, no offense.

  47. Cayla Neil

    Lumboga’s body was discovered after a neighborhood guard noticed luggage outside the man’s house, DAYS after he had returned home…. he was dead for a while people. Read.

  48. Cayla Neil

    Dogs are descended from wolves. If a wolf kills a man no one freaks out. But if a dog kills a man EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS. If they are so undomesticated then let then live in the wild. They can obviously take care of then selves.

  49. Diane Le Fay

    C normale que le chien a attaqué c a causse du mec qui a pas donner a manger si nous ont n aurai pas eu a manger ni a boire ont serait attaquer entre nous donc essayez d etre a leurs place ce qu ont n aurais fait a leurs place donc ce n ai pas la faute des chiens mais du mec qui etait responsable d eux et non les animaux n ai pas cruelle ses les etres humain qui le sons

  50. Lydia Edwards Adams

    Eva Maria Snyder Well, who knows what we would eat if in their place. I am not judging them to die until I experience that. You and I both don't look as if we've fasted and thirsted for 2 weeks straight, dear. They should be rehabbed for sure tho.

  51. Nikki Gilbert

    Roman Allen Acosta Actually I'm not stupid, but thank you for the compliment. Now, if you'd like to ask me that question again without the immaturity, then maybe I will answer you. Cheers! :)

  52. Yolande Jaskiw

    Roman Allen Acosta you are an idiot, Roman, what makes you so above any other creatures, the dogs were hungry, they ate the bastards, excellent job by those dogs. I would do the same, and more to that subhuman…he got what he deserved 100% and I hope he suffered too.

  53. Yolande Jaskiw

    Eva Maria Snyder human that kills for your meat should be p ut down too, we never know what a butcher can do right?

  54. Yolande Jaskiw

    so????…. they ate a fucken scum of a human….big deal here, I hope the meat tasted good.

  55. Linda Willsie Smith

    Shelter, at least 7 dogs got revenge on a human that eats dogs. YOU GO DOGGIES!

  56. Nandhini Srambical

    Is there even a question here? Send them to a shelter where they will be taken care of. I'm glad there is news all around about how some animals here and there are reclaiming their respect and place in the society.

  57. Ghislaine Truchot

    une crevure de moins !!! quand on a des animaux, on assume !!!!

  58. Laurie Armer

    I am very happy at the results I am very sad for what those dogs endured! Since when do humans think they are the only ones with the right to life? I'm cheering for the animals and Ebola!!!

  59. Judith Anderson

    I'm sure the dogs will be destroyed no matter our opinion. .but what true animal would go on vacation and not leave food and water for his pets or make arrangements to have them fed? Karma baby……..

  60. Biber Boregi

    i think they should be put down. I don't think dogs should eat their owners. I would be really pissed off if my dogs ate me. I would even punish them with a time off or something.

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