Drunken Elk

Drunk Moose Rescued From Apple Tree After Suffering Case Of Drunken Munchies

Here’s something you won’t hear ever again, a drunken moose in Sweden recently became entangled in an apple tree while searching for apple’s that had not yet fallen to the ground.

The moose was eating fallen fermented apple’s that had previously dislodged from the fruit tree and when it had eaten what we assume was too many apple’s the animal decided to climb the tree in search of fresh fruit.

Once in the small apple tree the moose was hopelessly tangled in a bunch of limbs and it took an entire group of rescuers several hours to free the drunken and confused wild animal.

Speaking to Swedish paper The Local one observer noted:

“My neighbor recognized it as the animal that almost ran into her car earlier in the day,” while adding,”She was pretty sure the elk [Moose] was already under the influence.”

So there you have it, drunken moose apparently like to climb trees, they just aren’t very good at getting back down.

Believe it or not drunken moose sightings are common in Scandinavia where fermented apple’s are typically the reason for their buzz.