‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Claims Nathan Is Keeping Her Away From Jace

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been working on changing her life. A few years ago, she decided to give up custody of her young son Jace, because she was never around. Her mother, Barbara, decided to take custody of him so he could see his mother on occasion. Barbara has since been working on her issues with her daughter with the goal of signing over the rights once again.

But Jenelle doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. She recently gave birth to her second son, Kaiser. Evans decided to have a second child with Nathan Griffith, since they both had children with other people, but didn’t have custody of them. Between them, they now have three children.

Fans of Teen Mom have been telling her to spend lots of time with Jace and get legal custody of him. But it sounds like it isn’t as easy as just signing a couple of legal documents. According to a new report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she isn’t moving back to North Carolina because Nathan doesn’t want to. He is keeping her in South Carolina to be close to his family.

“I want to go there but Nathan doesn’t want to move that far away from his parents,” Jenelle Evans revealed about not moving closer to Jace, who lives in North Carolina. Of course, she is only living a few hours away which makes it easy for Jace to come visit on the weekend. But if Nathan is serious about being a good parent, it is odd that he is keeping Jenelle away from her son.

Despite the distance, Jenelle Evans is doing whatever she can to have a presence in her son’s life. She recently hosted a birthday party for her son and she gladly drives to her mother’s house to see him despite going to school and having a newborn son.

If it is true that Nathan Griffith is keeping Evans from her son, he will surely hear about it on social media networks. He is often sharing his frustrations about being on MTV on Twitter, and fans of the show have no problem sharing their views of him. Jenelle Evans recently revealed that Nathan actually doesn’t like being on the show because of the negative attention he gets.

As long as he is dating Jenelle, he will have to take the good with the bad. He is also the father of Kaiser, so he needs to be close with his son. Jenelle Evans seems happy with him, so it looks like they will get married sooner rather than later. Maybe then, her mother will sign over custody.

What do you think of Griffith keeping Jenelle Evans away from North Carolina and Jace?

[Image via All the Teen Mom News]